Предстои cъбития Chemnitz, Германия

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Confirm that, the two master plasterer André Ermisch and Falko Hellner, who presented the first time at the construction fair in Chemnitz. "We are positively surprised by the great interest of visitors. We had many very specific requests. Even for this, the trade fair has been worthwhile. Next year We will be back here, "summed up Andrew Irmscher. Holger Nuremberg, who presented his construction company at the special exhibition "Nature Materials", saw a similar view: "The interest of visitors to this subject was very large. Natural materials are more and more a trend and I was able to show what possibilities lie just on the clay. I will come back next year. " Jürgen Kirsten, Master of the Guild SHK Chemnitz region "We are completely satisfied. The quality of the show is true, as reflected also in the competence of the visitors. We had our fair area in the three days hardly a quiet moment. As a guild we see also that the skills of the region very well presented here and the kids have been involved. The exhibition also makes the important and interesting. " The "living workshop" of the Chemnitz guilds and the education and technology center, the Chamber of Chemnitz traditionally attracted the interest of many exhibition visitors. Here teachers were with their apprentices, as much skill and stamina Maurer, mosaic and tile or a carpenter and carpenters need for their craft. The next construction fair takes place from 3 Chemnitz to 5 February 2012 instead.
The ninth now already been Edition of the Early Lung Chemnitz comes up with a lot of green and blooming, a wide range of garden furniture, and technology, many beautifully designed and lots of interesting facts on Accessiores. Get inspiration for your green oasis, your small or large spa area. Chimneys and tips on the right sun protection, helping the gardening equipment, proper plant selection, feel-good garden furniture - about these and other issues to inform our exhibitors and show you on-site facilities directly to try and take away.
The exhibition opens on 30 Chemnitz March to 01 April 2012, the doors to the 9th Chemnitz Motor Show. In our indoor and outdoor areas are also numerous car dealerships 2012 a place for your vehicles and the necessary accessories before presenting audience. Experience on 10,000 square meters, the latest models of all brands. The program will be published in advance of the event.
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