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International Exhibition for Food Processing and Packaging Industry"Food Pack Asia is a sourcing platform for food processing & packaging machinery, drink technology, hotel & restaurant technology, and bakery innovation for Thai food and beverage industrialists. It offers a chance to explore new technology, machinery, and business solutions from Thailand and overseas.
Thailand's Biggest Printing and Equipment Exhibition"Print Tech & Signage Expo is the gathering of operators in groups of Printing business such as inkjet printers, digital Printers, Packaging Printing, and Services-related Business -billboard, Business printing work, equipment's for printing and the Led business for example. The activity of organizing the exhibition this time will allow all operators to receive up-to-date information that represents the high-tech innovation from a variety of participating organizations in this event. Such information is intended for being applied to help in achieving more effective operations, reducing costs, saving time, and diminishing the expenditure on management within the organization in an efficient manner.
Thailand's Specialized Exhibition on Plastic and Rubber Technology, Machinery, Service and Raw Materials provide solutions for sustainable development goals (SDGs) and carbon reduction road map collaborate with government, private sectors, expertise, and alliances in plastics and rubber industries. This is a major platform to present edge of productivities, material of tomorrow, and sustainable products. The show is outstanding business opportunities for participants to establish themselves in Thailand and ASEAN plastics & rubber markets.
ProPak Asia, a prominent trade event, focuses on showcasing advanced automation and technology in food, drink, and pharmaceutical processing and packaging. It is part of a global exhibition series across various countries.
ASEANs Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Technologies for Plastics Manufacturing"InterPlas Thailand is the leading plastics manufacturing exhibition in ASEAN. It will feature a wide range of participants from various industries, offering machinery, technology, chemicals, and raw materials to promote sustainability and productivity.
More than 9,000 logistics service providers and users from both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses will enhance their warehousing and logistics services. with the latest technology and services in transportation warehouse management Product handling, packaging, as well as the most complete logistics management system and technology. from leading service providers both in Thailand and abroad in the event Tylog-Logistics Ready to adapt to manage logistics in an environmentally friendly manner with both technology and new knowledge at the event.