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The conference series provides a prestigious global platform for presenting and discussing new discoveries, exchanging ideas on advanced synthesis, structure-property relationship, and applications of unique aromatic compounds. It originated as the International Symposium on Nonbenzenoid Aromatic Compounds.
CITT/ICTS Rendez-Vous Annual Conference and Trade Show is a national arts service platform that actively promotes the professional development of its members and works 
for the betterment of the Canadian Live Performance Community. It provides unique opportunities to its members to communicate, network, and expand their knowledge and skills through online roundtables, workshops, conferences, trade shows, the Callboard electronic forum, and various publications in the areas of technology, management, design, architecture, and education for live performance in Canada.
Join us for a discussion on the most recent developments regarding audit committees, corporate governance issues, and other related topics.
09 сеп
The International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Advanced Air Mobility Symposium (AAM) will be held in Montréal, Canada. The symposium will focus on AAM concepts, eVTOL aircraft, vertiports, automation, trust framework, and airspace integration. It aims to bring together stakeholders from various sectors to exchange research and address challenges related to AAM and UAS integration.
13 ное
Quebec's new, comprehensive resource for packaging and processing."PACKEX Montreal is a packaging event in Canada that showcases packaging design, materials, automation, and turnkey packaging lines. It is an opportunity for suppliers and buyers to discover innovation, engineer new technology, and build a better future.