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The SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference And Exhibition is the largest international trade show in Asia, showcasing a diverse range of high-quality coffee beans from various producing countries and regions. Attendees can directly engage with producers and importers, and also enjoy tasting and cupping experiences.
The premier display industry event, Finetech Japan, features the latest in LCD, OLED, and Micro-LED technologies for electronic displays, solid-state lighting, and IoT devices.
Japan's Largest Trade Show for Functional & Health Ingredients"Health Ingredients Japan is a specialized exhibition that brings together new and notable materials for food, beverages, supplements, and more from around the world. It is a hub for efficient marketing and business expansion, and the largest of its kind in Asia.
iOFT is the leading eyewear trade show in Japan, featuring the newest collections, technologies, and sourcing partners for eyewear, sunglasses, and accessories worldwide.
The Textile Tokyo Expo is a trade show that focuses on textiles, leather, accessories, and materials for clothing and fashion items. It draws visitors from Japan and Asia, making it an ideal opportunity to expand businesses in these markets.
Leading edge solution providers"The CMO Japan Summit is an exclusive event that connects top buyers and sellers. It provides a private setting for marketing executives, agencies, and solution providers to have a concentrated conversation about marketing effectiveness.