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PLASTIC JAPAN is a global expo showcasing high-performance plastics and composites, offering business expansion opportunities in Japan/Asia. It takes place twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka. Highly-functional Material Week is a leading materials show featuring 6 specialized fairs for advanced technologies. It brings together a variety of materials and processing equipment, testing/analysis equipment, and recycling technologies.
International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition"FOOMA JAPAN aims to showcase exhibitors' products and values, promote food manufacturing ideals, and offer solutions to the industry's evolving demands. Success in visitors' business is the ultimate goal.
M-Tech is an annual exhibition that presents mechanical components like motors, bearings, screws, and springs, as well as cutting, pressing, and surface treatment technologies. Attendees include professionals from design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, production engineering, and purchasing departments, who engage in business discussions with exhibitors.
International Frontier Industry Messe will be focusing on introducing cutting-edge technologies by companies, universities, and research institutes, and exhibiting products that serve as the basis for creating new businesses, we will develop a variety of programs including keynote lectures, special lectures, various seminars, and networking events, and promote technology exchange and business matching.
Join us at our gathering place for individuals seeking to revolutionize the global capital markets. Discover our website to participate in events and gain market insights.
Japan Marketing Week [Osaka] is a comprehensive event organized by RX Japan Ltd., featuring expos like Promotional Goods, Web & Social Media Marketing, Sales Support, Advertising Media, and Customer Experience Management. It offers a wide range of marketing, advertising, and customer experience products and services.