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Our annual Maritime Hybrid, Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cells Conference will be held in Bergen. The event brings together industry leaders for debate, knowledge sharing, and networking. Experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the hydrogen sector for maritime operations. We are also working on two projects to enable hydrogen as a maritime fuel, including the Ship-aH2oy project funded by the EU-Horizon. This project aims to develop a megawatt-scale Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) and fuel cell power system. The conference will provide a platform to explore hydrogen projects and their potential for sustainable shipping.
Nor-Fishing will be a three-day trade fair held from August 20th to August 22nd. Moving forward, both Nor-Fishing and its sister exhibition, Aqua Nor, will become three-day exhibitions. We're excited to share the news with the exhibitors, who we know will welcome the change. We look forward to three energetic days and arranging what we believe will be the best version of Nor-Fishing so far.