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International Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry More than 300 national and international exhibitors - The introduction of agricultural machine manufacturers on 10000 sq meter - Wide range of seed-corns - The newest plant protection technologies - Public animal judgement, species show and consultation 25-30000 visitors, arriving because of business and professional reasons Professional conferences - Plants for animal keeping in the 21st century - Corn as bioenergy source - The extreme effects of the climatic changes on the agriculture - Potato specie exhibition and forum - Businessmen meetings National exhibition of animal breeding - Professional meetings according to species - Public animal judgement, species show and consultation 
Exhibitors on the following thematics seed grains, propagation matters, cultural equipments fresh and processed fruits and vegetables classifiers and sorter machines, cold-storage plants machines of horticultural cultivation Professional presence of fruit and vegetable growers Growing and specie exhibitions Professional programs - Horticultural conference on fruit-vegetable sector - Paprika growing consultation - Melon growing forum - Plum growing consultation - Walnut growing forum
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