Майбутні заходи Оффенбург, Німеччина

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31 берез. — 02 квіт. 2023
Here you find all the information leading to the Demo show for forestry technology, wood energy and biomass in southwestern Germany. Around 250 exhibitors were waiting with a broad spectrum of current offer on the 35,000 m2 large open spaces and in the 6,000 m2 swimming arena. The experience of World Forestry fascinated with live practical machine and equipment demonstrations, it was sawed, chopped, divided, chopped and shredded. In addition to the field of forest machine technology formed the Renewable Energy is another key issue. Renowned exhibitors provided information on wood heaters, photovoltaic solar systems and on.
31 берез. — 02 квіт. 2023
biogas - expo & congressAm 24th + 25 October 2012 refers to biogas - expo & congrss already fourth place in Offenburg. The Congress and Exhibition is devoted to exclusively to the subject of biogas and convinces through its tri-national Alignment to the target markets of Germany, France and Switzerland.
The Messe Offenburg BIM Berufsinfomesse is a communication platform for all areas around the topic of career. Around 240 exhibitors presenting at the fair in Offenburg BIM LOW cave studying and training, a wide range of diverse female education and employment possibilities of communicating cavity. Various Other issues As an application form check rounds die current range of careers information fair in Offenburg.
The Mass Balance Offenburg is the show for health and quality of life. Many exhibitors offer visitors a wide range of offers in the areas of health, fitness, wellness, relaxation, to the themes of ecology. The classic stand-presentations of the exhibiting companies, institutions and practices will be accompanied on the balance through a variety of Offenburg informative lectures, work shops, taster sessions, health checks and screenings, and support. The balance of Offenburg is presented as an exhibition to touch and participate, and takes into account the need for health and quality of life.
RESIDENTIAL BUILDING + is the new, exclusive and demanding fair for interested builders, interior designers and the creative lifestyle-oriented visitors. The focus of quality products and services are available around the issues of building, housing and food. In a beautiful atmosphere - in the newly renovated Exhibition Hall 1 - to present exquisite exhibition partners who share ideas with exclusive trend-setting new benchmarks for their own four walls.
Since 1976 horses have been the centre of attention of everey eurocheval event. The unique setting in Offenburg is what gives the European Horse Fair its very distinctive character. Indeed it is the central meeting point for breeders, riders and horse lovers from all over Europe.This top Eropean event offers traditional features of well-proven quality in special combination with new, modern an unusual highlights.The extensive event programme with talks and presentations given by well-known experts, consultancy sessions in the equine clinic, specatcular shows as well as interesting end exciting competitions, provides a high-quality framework for the event. 
Індустрії Реклама, маркетинг, поліграфія Сільське господарство Архітектура Краса, мода, одяг, косметика Бізнес, фінанси, банки Культура, мистецтво Дизайн, подарунки, меблі Електроніка, електротовари Їжа, напої, пакування Охорона здоров'я, фармацевтика Хобі, ремесла Готелі, ресторани, кейтерінг IT, е-комерція Ювелірні вироби, предмети розкоші Діти, іграшки Кіно, театр, ТБ Музика, танці Інше Персональне зростання, психологія Нерухомість, інвестиції Безпека Наука, освіта, винахідництво Суспільство, політика Транспорт, логістика Мандри, розваги, відпочинок, спорт Хімія, пластик, резина Ярмарки для споживачів Енергозбереження, екологія, очищення, утилізація Івент-індустрія Промислове устаткування, інструменти, електроніка Машинобудівництво, металургія, обробка металу, зварювання Крос-тематичні події Нафта, газ, копалини Онлайн-виставки Енергія, енергетика Топ-події