Майбутні заходи Лейпциг, Німеччина

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11 жовт. 2022 — 13 жовт. 2023
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Beauty Forum has successfully established over many years in Munich as the most important autumn cosmetics trade fair in Germany and Europe. The time has come: BEAUTY FORUM is coming to Leipzig! The first organized cosmetics trade fair Beauty Forum LEIPZIG presented and offers visitors from all over Central and East Germany, the best business platform! At the heart of the industry - here are the latest beauty trends, innovative product ideas and treatment approaches as well as forward-looking industry innovations from all areas of professional cosmetics are presented.
The Leipzig Book Fair is the most important spring meeting place for the publishing and media sector and has evolved into an attractive hallmark both in Germany and across Europe. In a nutshell, the aim of the Leipzig Book Fair is to drum up more publicity for books. Held every March, it's a massive draw for publishers, writers, readers and journalists. An ideal communication platform, the Leipzig Book Fair provides extensive information about new publications as well as current and future trends in the German-speaking and European markets.  BooksElectronic MediaNewspapersMagazinesCalendars
The DAC 2011 will meet together under the banner, Vitale borderline situations are. " These four words are the following four key messages to be placed at the center: Our work touches more directly the life, for life and survival of important - vital - features that we watch with awe, protect, maintain and even restore to. Patients are always our actions while at the limit, between hope and fear, between wakefulness and anesthesia, between autonomy and loss of autonomy, between medically feasible and reasonable, and often between life and death. It is important to limit these situations with the highest professional competence and humanity - accompany - often to their own limits as possible. To success for our patients will only ever use together in trusting collaboration with other health care representatives, especially our operative and interventional partners but also with the partners of conservative medicine. The capacity for good interdisciplinary teamwork - and we, with other related professions such as nurses or emergency medical personnel - is essential.
ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK is the sector's leading event worldwide. The event takes place every two years and combines the presentation of innovations and new products at the trade fair with further professional training of the highest international quality. Visitors drawn from all over the world with the support of the member associations of ISPO and INTERBOR. Orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedic shoe technicians, rehabilitation technicians, wholesalers and retailers, doctors, and staff involved in health funding meet in Leipzig. One in three visitors to the show is either solely or jointly responsible for purchasing and procurement decisions. Speakers from around the world offer a top-class congress programme. The topics at the scientific congress of ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK cover orthopaedic technology, orthopaedic shoe technology, rehabilitation technology, compression therapy, sports medicine, food research, care and general therapy. The aim is to be pro-active in involving in the congress programme all professionals working in rehabilitation. The inclusion of topics from biological and neurological sciences identify future trends for target groups represented by doctors, engineers and scientists. Orthopaedic technologyOrthopaedic shoe technologyRehabilitation technologySurgical supplies and medical technologyMedical and technical informationWorkshop and shop fittings 
Top Thinkers and business leaders will drive debate at global summit of transport ministers in May. A first group of top-notch speakers for the International Transport Forum 2011 are now official. Among them are Jeffrey Sachs, the world-renowned economist and special advisor to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Peter Voser, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, and sustainable urban planning legend Jaime Lerner, former Governor of Brazil's Paraná state. Also among the prominent thinkers and decision makers addressing the global summit of transport policy makers in Leipzig (Germany) on 25-27 Mays will be Jeremy Rifkin, author of "The Empathic Civilization" as well as Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogotá (Colombia) and a key advocate of "liveable communities". With Airbus CEO Thomas Enders and Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of carmaker Daimler AG, two of the leading voices of the transport industry will speak and engage in debate at the summit. "We are proud that so many high-calibre intellectuals and business leaders will again join transport ministers at their summit in Leipzig to debate the future of transport", said Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum, in Paris. "Their participation is testimony to the relevance and attractiveness of the International Transport Forum's annual summit as unique platform for a global conversation on mobility for the 21st Century. The quality and the diversity of the speakers will make an inspiring and productive debate on this years theme, Transport for Society", added Short.
At the COMFORTEX you can discover the current trands for the coming season. All those things that make the small - yet vital - difference in day-to-day business! There is nowhere where you can discover what your customers want as early or easily as at the COMFORTEX. Trade fair premieres and top innovations from leading manufacturers, wholesalers and importers will boost your sales.
Discover an exciting new relationship with a future. Or rediscover an old love! Because in its very own way, MIDORA Leipzig is back in the limelight! Experience the outstanding performance of the watch and jewellery sector in Leipzig. The trend for more and more quality collections at the MIDORA Leipzig is already unmistakeable. Very soon after last year’s event, many exhibitors were already making sure of their place in 2012 and a large number of visitors were saying they would be back next time. The "Finnish Jewellery - from the Past to the Present" exhibition is also in preparation. Come and see it - you'll be surprised!
Welcome to CADEAUX Leipzig - Central Germany's most important industry get-together. This is where you will be able to find everything you need for a successful business year in 2010! Whether you're an exhibitor looking for new customers or a dealer wanting to add new trends and attractive products to your business, this is your marketplace. We look forward to seeing you!
Juergen Thiele, spokesman of the organizing dental depots, can the success of the professional dental Leipzig, no doubt: "This industry event is our premier event to showcase the capabilities of the organizing dental depots and their partners from industry. The fact that 50 percent of the visitors do not visit any other event in the industry to gather information on new products, talks about the importance of professional dental Leipzig. The dentists, technicians and office personnel will find all new products and presentations for professional training. " Popular and Top Picks Prevention and prophylaxis Equipment and equipment for dental practices and laboratories Computer hardware and software Modern dental instruments: lasers and intraoral diagnostic cameras, digital X-ray equipment Materials for dental purposes: plastics, ceramics, alloys, plaster, wax, duplicating Einbettund Materials for dental purposes: fill, underfill, molding, fixtures and other materials Teeth and facing members, restorative, prosthodontic and orthodontic auxiliaries Pharmaceuticals: cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and other means for hygiene purposes Information and Services: Banking, Incorporation, insurance, environmental protection, TUV, etc. Literature
16–20 листоп. 2023
Touristik and Caravaning — the exhibition number 1 in East Germany, number of participants of an exhibition is exceeded by 1000 person. Visitors can find all necessary whether they wish to make a usual trip for city, or round-the-world travel. Besides, Touristik and Caravaning is a magnificent place of meeting branch experts. Annually the exhibition is visited nearby 10000 person. Participation in this prestigious exhibition lets all companies to expand their activity all over the world, and come into new business contacts.   Tourism  Caravanning  Camping  Travels
The Leipzig Veterinarians’ Congress is the only congress in Germany which offers a comprehensive range of further professional training: for practicing vets working with farm animals and pets and for all segments of public veterinary services as well as veterinary scientists. Medicinesdiagnosticsmedical technologyinstrumentsITsurgery fittings and equipment / expendable suppliesanimal foods / diateticsspecialist literatureinitial and further professional traininginsurance  
Die Messe GPEC Leipzig, General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference ist eine internationale Fachmesse und Konferenz für Polizei- und Spezialausrüstung.Mehr als 500 Aussteller aus über 20 Ländern präsentieren auf der GPEC Messe Leipzig ein umfassendes Produktspektrum an aktueller Ausrüstung und Zukunftstechnologie für die Zielgruppen Polizei, Grenzschutz, Zoll, Strafvollzug, staatliche Sicherheitsdienste sowie Spezialeinheiten, Feldjäger und Infanterie. Zum Angebot der General Police Equipment Exhibition Leipzig gehören dabei unter anderem Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme, Überwachungs-, Kriminal-, Labor- und Fahrzeugtechnik, sowie Bekleidung, persönliche Ausrüstung, Körperschutz, Waffen, Munition, Sanitätsausrüstung und Rettungsmittel.Ein breites Rahmenprogramm mit internationaler Konferenz, Fachtagungen und Spezialmeetings zur inneren und äußeren Sicherheit rundet die GPEC Leipzig Messe ab.
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