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17 трав. 2022 — 31 груд. 2023
На цій платформі ви зможете отримати психологічну консультацію від досвідчених спеціалістів і за потреби пройти курс з реабілітації та соціальної адаптації. Психологи надають свої послуги безкоштовно, або за рахунок зібраних благодійних пожертвувань. On this platform you will be able to get psychological advice from experienced professionals and, if it is necessary, take a course on rehabilitation and social adaptation. Psychologists provide their services for free or at the expense of collected charitable contributions.
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The exhibition and conference for medical tourism in Ukraine is the largest and most effective specialized event in the field. It is a must-visit for those in the health or health tourism industry. The event includes the International Congress of Medical Tourism, B2B program, and educational seminars. The Congress covers various topics such as international accreditation, health insurance, marketing, and innovative treatment methods. It is beneficial for practitioners, medical institution managers, travel agents, and medical tourism providers to attend and gain knowledge about the latest medical innovations, international partnerships, accreditation, and treatment trends.
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International Wine and Spirits Exhibirion in Ukraine"Wine & Spirits Ukraine is the leading professional event for wine, spirits, beer, and low-alcohol drinks in Eastern Europe, connecting producers with distributors and representatives of the retail and restaurant industries. It's the perfect opportunity to establish your presence and products, and expand your company's portfolio.
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The main event of Ukrainian hospitality industry"The International Expoforum of Restaurant and Hotel Business and Cleaning FoReCH invites you to enjoy three memorable days of coffee and pleasant communication. We appreciate all exhibitors, partners, and visitors for joining us in these eventful days. Join us at FORECH and IFFIP! It's the last day of the exhibitions!