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31 груд. 2021 — 22 груд. 2023
EventsWallet is an innovative platform for event organisers that allows them to host in-person, virtual and hybrid events, and provide event audiences with tools for effective communication and work. ✓ Event program with online broadcasting ✓ Exhibition halls with virtual booths and sponsors catalogues ✓ Matchmaking system for in-person and virtual meetings ✓ Video chat rooms, discussions, and other networking tools ✓ Built-in service for virtual meetings ✓ Unlimited streaming options ✓ Unlimited amount of visitors
17 трав. 2022 — 31 груд. 2023
На цій платформі ви зможете отримати психологічну консультацію від досвідчених спеціалістів і за потреби пройти курс з реабілітації та соціальної адаптації. Психологи надають свої послуги безкоштовно, або за рахунок зібраних благодійних пожертвувань. On this platform you will be able to get psychological advice from experienced professionals and, if it is necessary, take a course on rehabilitation and social adaptation. Psychologists provide their services for free or at the expense of collected charitable contributions.
24 лют. 2023 — 27 лют. 2024
Trade lecture from the jeweller’s point of view: Price dumping in the wedding ring sector Nowadays jewellers in the retail sector are up against competition from department stores, specialist wedding ring shops and internet suppliers. Have these developments led to a price decline? What role remains for the jeweller? Representatives from the wedding ring sector will discuss these issues. Presenter: Alexander Meth, Meth Media, Vienna Guests: Wolfgang Fischer (J. Fischer & Sohn), Eberhard Auerbach-Fröhling (August Gerstner Ringfabrik GmbH & Co. KG), Robert Balser (Juwelier Balser), together with other participants
24 квіт. 2023 — 24 квіт. 2024
Discover Vintage is managed by Keeley Harris. Having a passion for everything "Vintage" since the age of 10. Now in her thirties she has decided to start her own company buying & selling Vintage Goods & Organising Vintage Fairs. Discover Vintage is focused on showcasing high-quality vintage fashion for you and retro items for your home, why not visit one of our Vintage Home & Fashion Fairs in 2012
23 трав. 2023 — 25 трав. 2025
The E-world presents itself as a comprehensive and, above all, qualitatively sophisticated communication platform "on the topic of energy & water", in Essen. High-ranking representatives from industry and politics, decision makers and investors made the most of the opportunity, within the scope of the trade fair in Essen, to gather information on current market developments in the field of energy and water and to establish business contacts with promising future prospects. The interaction of leading trade fair and high-ranking congress bilds up synergies that turn the E-world energy & water into an inchpin for the International Energy Sector. Energy Generation Energy Supply Energy Management Trade Energy Engineering Research and Development Renewable energies Water Management Sewage Water Technology
11–15 груд. 2023
В рамках школы вы создадите систему мотивации для своей компании и промоделируете идеальный вариант, чтобы оптимально использовать ФОТ своей компании. Присоединиться к Школе можно в любой момент. Длительность обучения 40 часов. Стоимость обучения за первого участника от компании: 25 000 руб.— при оплате до 31 октября (скидка 50%) 50 000 руб. — при оплате до 11 декабря Стоимость обучения за дополнительного участника от компании: 5 000 руб.— при оплате до 31 октября (скидка 50%) 10 000 руб. — при оплате до 11 декабря
12 груд.
Carrier Community (CC), a global telecom club, is organizing its annual Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Miami. The event aims to bring together members and Telco Eco-Partners from various segments, allowing them to network, explore new business opportunities, discuss market trends, and showcase their products. Members can schedule individual meetings through the online meeting portal.
Extending the Perimeter"Main sessions will cover manageability aspects, 5G FWA and AI/ML impacts, customer experiences, multi-cloud components, open source and standard updates.
12 груд.
Carrier Community (CC), a global telecom club, is organizing its annual Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Miami, USA. The event will bring together members and Telco Eco-Partners from various segments to network, explore business opportunities, discuss market trends, and showcase new products. Attendees can schedule individual meetings through the online meeting portal.
12 груд.
APAC's most senior connectivity conference"APAC's most senior connectivity conference, delivering holistic insight into digital infrastructure developments and trends. Reunite with decision-makers from the entirety of Asiaa€™s subsea, terrestrial, data centre, satellite, cloud and content ecosystem, and your international counterparts, to shape the future of our industry.
13–14 груд. 2023
The XXXIII. International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Impacts aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Environmental Pollution and Impacts, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. All submitted papers will have opportunities for consideration for this Special Journal Issue. The selection will be carried out during the review process as well as at the conference presentation stage. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication. The final decision will be made based on peer review reports by the guest editors and the Editor-in-Chief jointly.
13–14 груд. 2023
The XXXIII. International Conference on Applied Economics and Financial Management aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Applied Economics and Financial Management, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The International Refereed Conference Proceedings will be blind peer reviewed by three competent reviewers and indexed by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), Google Scholar, Scopus, Compendex, Thomson Reuters, WorldCat, EBSCO, GALE,  Embase, Reaxys, Engineering Village / Engineering Index (EI), Library of Congress, British Library, Electronic Journals Library will be internationally distributed both in Electronic CD-ROM Format  and  Proceedings Book.
India's Largest Agri Show"The KISAN Agri Show aims to unite the Indian agriculture community by providing a forum for professionals, policymakers, officials, and media to meet. Its goal is to strengthen the future of agriculture in India.
13 груд.
International Fair for Children's Fashion"Istanbul Kids Fashion is a global exhibition that fosters new business opportunities and international collaborations. It provides a platform to access new markets and collaborate in launching Spring-Summer collections for baby & kids clothing and accessories in the 0-16 age group.
The International Packing & Printing Machinery Exhibition"The Iran Pack and Print Show is a leading trade fair for packaging and printing machinery in Iran. It provides a platform for industry professionals to share information and advancements, attracting numerous exhibitors every year.
International Trade Show for Plastics, Petrochemical, Packaging & Rubber Industry"ArabPlast is the largest trade expo for the plastics, petrochemicals, and rubber industries in the MENA region. It is designed to bring together key players and experts in the sector from around the world in Dubai. The trade expo will showcase innovative ideas, technologies, and new products in the widespread sectors of plastics, petrochemicals, and rubber, including plastic machinery, plastic/rubber processing technology, pre- and post-processing systems, plastic packaging technology, injection molding, blow molding, wrapping technology, extrusions, chemicals and additives, semi-finished goods, engineering plastics, plastic products, and more.
14–16 груд. 2023
14–16 груд. 2023
Healthplex Expo, Natural & Nutraceutical Products Shenzhen 2023 has been successfully held in Shanghai for 13 years, portraying products such as: functional foods, dietary supplements, vitamins, natural cosmetics, Chinese medicine, Ginseng products, fungus products, bee products, maternity and baby care products, personal care products, health equipment, beauty products, rehabilitation training machines and more! Last year the exhibition has gathered over 200,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors in 200,000 sq. meters of expo space! Healthplex Expo, Natural & Nutraceutical Products Shenzhen 2023 by the numbers: 200 000 visitors 2 000 exhibitors 200 000 sq. meters of expo space Key products to be presented at the trade show: Nutritional & healthy food: Functional foods, dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, health supplements, vitamins, protein powder, fish oil products, grape seed capsules, Spiro spirulina, health care wine/teas, OEM/ODM, etc. Healthy beauty products: Natural, organic, green and plant-derived cosmetics and raw materials, anti-aging, soothing, nourishing, repairing, sun protection, freckle removing, whitening, anti-hair loss and other functional raw materials and cosmetics, mild, non-irritating and safe cosmetic raw materials and finished products, corresponding efficacy and safety testing techniques, etc. Diet therapy & TCM therapeutic and medicinal products: OTC Chinese medicine, Ginseng products, Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, Antrodia cinnamomea, donkey-hide gelatin, special medical food, green algae products, bee products, aloe vera products, fungus products, etc. Maternity & baby care products: Baby and children’s health products, nutrition products, postpartum rehabilitation institutions, medical maternity centers, maternity health-related management systems and designs, beauty and skin care, etc. Health equipment & home medical instruments: Massage apparatus, Chinese medicine physical therapy equipment, moxa products and moxibustion equipment, foot therapy, personal care products, family first aid products, health check-ups, rehabilitation training machines, sports and recreation equipment, intelligent medical products, third-party testing, etc. Healthplex Expo, Natural & Nutraceutical Products Shenzhen 2023 – an exhibition for those who are engaged in these industries: Distributors Agencies Importers & exporters Health food manufacturers WeChat / e-commerce Wholesale & retail Pharmacy chains Health food stores Supermarket chains Joint ventures & investment Health-care product manufacturers Health management Wellness Schools / governments / associations Beauty salons & clubs PR & 3rd-party services Machinery / packaging
Індустрії Реклама, маркетинг, поліграфія Сільське господарство Архітектура Краса, мода, одяг, косметика Бізнес, фінанси, банки Культура, мистецтво Дизайн, подарунки, меблі Електроніка, електротовари Їжа, напої, пакування Охорона здоров'я, фармацевтика Хобі, ремесла Готелі, ресторани, кейтерінг IT, е-комерція Ювелірні вироби, предмети розкоші Діти, іграшки Кіно, театр, ТБ Музика, танці Інше Персональне зростання, психологія Нерухомість, інвестиції Безпека Наука, освіта, винахідництво Суспільство, політика Транспорт, логістика Мандри, розваги, відпочинок, спорт Хімія, пластик, резина Ярмарки для споживачів Енергозбереження, екологія, очищення, утилізація Івент-індустрія Промислове устаткування, інструменти, електроніка Машинобудівництво, металургія, обробка металу, зварювання Крос-тематичні події Нафта, газ, копалини Онлайн-виставки Енергія, енергетика Топ-події