Upcoming Events Munster, Germany

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01–02 Feb 2023
For 36 years, the art and antiques-day are continuously in Munster on the road to success: the fair with their exclusive special shows - every year new and unique in its kind - provides artistic delights and moves to an increasing number of collectors, art lovers and dealers, as increasing exhibitor and visitor attendance. Enhance the high level of this show continues, is a major challenge that we relish. At over 6,000 square meters of exhibition space, stylishly designed more than 75 hand-picked exhibitors to 8,000 visitors to its exclusive selection of exhibits and treasures from four centuries and from all continents. Again expected to be international dealers from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and France. Even debutants will have the opportunity to show themselves in an attractive environment for knowledgeable audience.
On 25 and 26 February 2012 it is again: The <b>Horizon</b> opens its doors in Munster - and for the fourth time Students and young professionals can perform the comprehensive information and advice offered by the <b>horizon</b> again: universities in the region, the whole of Germany and the Netherlands will present their programs, talk to an expert to answer the specific questions of the visitors. Also present companies with their training program for high school graduates, special attention is paid to the dual degree programs. The combination of practical and theoretical phases for the future graduates and more interesting. Both of the stands and in the framework program, there are also valuable background information on foreign visits, financial support, volunteer services, etc.
24–26 Mar 2023
Building exhibition.  Previous show edition saw 35 000 visitors and 300 exhibitors.Mit einem bisschen Show, Präsentationen, Vorträgen und vielen Fachinformationen rund um Haus, Garten, Einrichtung und Energiesparen erreichen die über 300 Aussteller der Bauen & Wohnen in Münster zukünftige Bauherren, Hausbesitzer und Renovierer. 
29–30 Apr 2023
Teddy Bear Total - the largest teddy bear show in the world   The exclusive for Bear TEDDY BEAR TOTAL 2012 produced entirely by hand from the factory Hildegard Guenzel. The polar bear girl is about 40 inches tall, made of mohair and has a filling made of cotton and granules. She is hand embroidered, 5-way jointed and has glass eyes with eyes (hence not for children under three years suitable). It stands on stilts, which are mounted on a base plate, with a gold ribbon around the neck and is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.
03–04 May 2023
The job fair münsterland in the fifth round! As a re-location is the BMW dealership Haakvort. A whole weekend long get (young) professionals, career changers, returners, students, representatives of the Generation 50plus and training those interested the opportunity to learn about career opportunities, and thousands come directly in contact with the exhibiting companies. 60 exhibitors and 10,300 visitors were to fall this year, the forecast for 2011 as positive: "Our approach shows for all ages and all skills to organize, comes in Münster on well," says project manager Susanne Badij of the organizing trade fair agency Barlag. For entrepreneurs, the job fair provides an ideal opportunity for motivated people for their team to win.