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08–12 Feb 2023
For this fourth edition of Brussels, the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) has more than 90 Belgian and international galleries 9 to 12 February 2012 on the site of Tour & Taxis. The AAF is THE unmissable for anyone wishing to enjoy a work of art. Its atmosphere, its dynamism and boldness are all arguments to be tempted ... Every visitor's favorite! Diversity is still the watchword of the AAF where the more traditional mediums (painting, photography, sculpture) alongside lesser-known techniques of the public (lithographs, etchings, ...). Visitors will find works of both established artists as promising young artists. Artwork for every taste and therefore without breaking the bank! The prices of all works being between 50 € and 5000 €, each visitor will crack without complex and leave with his work under his arm. Since 1999, it is this diversity that makes the AAF a different concept, which has established itself worldwide, from London to 199 via Amsterdam, Milan, New York or Melbourne.
18–19 Feb 2023
The "Fiets en Wandelbeurs Flanders" is the largest event in 22 for cycling and rambling tourism and recreation. Because of the great succes of the "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" in the 156 a second Fair has been started in 22. The event is primarily intended to be a platform for information and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The relaxed informal atmosphere on the exhibition floor is characteristic for the Fair and is an important factor for many of the visitors in their decision to attend. A comprehensive programme of contents with more than a hundred presentations and workshops are an important part of the Fair's offering. The café terraces and the numerous picnic benches provide abundant opportunity to meet fellow cyclists and ramblers.
Value for money & face-to-face zakendoen Hoe meer onze zakelijke communicatie multimediaal en gedigitaliseerd wordt en hoe meer onze mobiliteit daalt, hoe meer aandacht er is voor schaarse momenten waarop een face-to-face gesprek kan gebeuren in een gezellig kader. Het creëren van het juiste kader en de juiste infrastructuur om commercieel en gericht te “netwerken” wordt de missie van het team van Invent Media, organisatoren van o.a. en Metapro 2013.
08–10 Mar 2023
The People Development Summit offers UK L&D professionals a unique opportunity for focused business networking. The Summit will take place for the 12th successive year. The People Development Summit is an apportunity for senior L&D professionals with control of a budget of around £250k to improve their contact and knowledge base.Key benefits for L&D Directors: 1. Identify and meet in just 3 days a range of solutions providers who might be of value to your business, now or in the future. This is a great way of surveying the market place, on neutral ground and of course, with no obligation.2. Participate in the Strategy Group programme of discussion-based seminar sessions, offering you the chance to pick up tips and compare notes with your peers in a confidential environment. Choose which sessions to attend before the event.Why solutions providers should attend:You are guaranteed a minimum number of 1:1 business meetings with buyers. The buyers also participate in the meeting selection process so, in most cases, the meetings that occur will have been selected by both sides. This tends to produce the most effective and open discussions and is most likely to bring results of benefit to both parties.All buyers are carefully pre-qualified to ensure that they have the budget, the authority and the need.
12–15 Mar 2023
Tout le monde y va parce que tout le monde y est... ! HORECATEL s'adresse exclusivement aux professionnels du secteur HORECA : hôteliers, restaurateurs, cafetiers, cuisiniers, gérants de collectivités et les nombreux autres professionnels des métiers de bouche ! HORECATEL est le salon de référence avec 350 exposants sur une surface d'exposition de 19.000 m2. Un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer !
Habitat & Brico look forward to seeing you on 20 and 21 June 2012 at the Grand Palais in Lille The choice of Lille is strategic for you! The annual meeting of the Distribution of Supplies and Housing, is geographically closer to major retailers such as Castorama, Adeo Group, the mail order companies and mass distribution of our European neighbors Located downtown, the Grand Palais in Lille is easily accessible regardless of the mode of transport for both manufacturers and buyers Lille is part of the circle of 15 clusters with worldwide!
24–27 Sep 2023
Broodway is the ideal platform for world of bakery and Confectioneries. The Broodway exhibition will be held between 09-12 September 2010 at Kortrijk Xpo. The exhibition is being organized by Kortrijk Xpo. Professionals from Bakeries - Craft, Bakeries, Plant,Industrial, Confectioneries, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe & Patisseries, Airlines & Cruise Lines, Institutional Food service are the target visitors.
21–22 Mar 2024
Industrial pumps(Control) valvesSealsFilters & filtrationProcessing equipment, e.g. mixers and stirrersPiping & pipelines Services for industry, governmental agencies & pipeline operators
20–24 Oct 2024
Trade fair for the woodworking industry. The international meeting point for the wood-working industry and related sectors in 22 At Prowood®, you can expect to meet everyone who is a manufacturer, importer or supplier of the following product categories in the first-level and second-level woodworking: air treatment automation - and handling drying installations fastening systems Federations - Promotion and Training bodies hardware for building and furniture sector massive wood types (mechanical) goods handling, storage and packaging systems products for interior fittings (parquets, laminates) safety systems specialised services software systems structural and decorative plate material trade journals and literature