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02 Aug — 02 Oct 2022
An efficient accelerator for the sector100% exhibitors from ZOOM by Fatex gather production capacities in short term production runs, quality services, Financial solidity and proximity services.The exhibitors that you will find there are Manufacturers, Confectionors from the Euromed Zone (Occidental, Central and Eastern Europe, Northern African Countries, Madagascar and Mauritius) working in sub-contracting medium and up market garment, home textile and fashion accessories' sectors.
22 Sep — 04 Oct 2022
Friends members, a BLOG is at your disposal. He is there to talk, to get to know and recognize. The SNBA you communicate its plans and achievements. In return you will share all your thoughts and events. MYSPACE FACEBOOK and with friends and lovers of painting, sculpture, and printmaking confronterez you your dreams, your hopes, your difficulties, your efforts, your thoughts, your projects. On this page you will find the news of exhibitions Art en Capital at the Grand Palais, the Salon de la Nationale des Beaux-Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre, exhibitions Chateau Turrets, the Moulin de la Bièvre the Hay-les- Roses.
23 Sep — 03 Oct 2022
FROM 21 SEPTEMBER TO 1 October 2012! More news ... always, always more imagination, discovery and entertainment and the opportunity to exhibitors, providing a springboard for your expertise! Find complete information about the 2012 Fair by clicking the "Become an exhibitor" Discover formulas to suit your needs: - Direct sales: the most successful formula for quantities less than 100 tickets, - The consignment shop, ideal for maximizing your budget and satisfy the greatest number of employees (in 100 tickets) - The customized solution: if you abound (eg, a ticket purchased for 5 euros, 3.50 euros sold your nationals), we handle some of this contribution. (Contact us)
27–29 Sep 2022
Present 760 exhibitors this season, and pay Greet Meeting the Expectations of Visitors 18826 HYGIENE / CLEANING / DEPOLLUTION Signature On A Charter of Partnership pour Prevention of Musculo-Skeletal IN the trades of the 18 conferences proposed Clean Processing air of industrial premises, quartering and hygiene Building, precautions "standard" hygiene, ventilation solutions ... Innovation Award hygiene / cleaning
27–28 Sep 2022
The big event of regional councils, associations, staff and communities. A rich and varied shopping and conferences in the heart of social news. Joint procurement Many brands can satisfy the needs and desires of employees.
All the products available in EC grouped in one place! Prepare the outings, holidays or sports activities, organizing Christmas celebrations, choose a venue, choosing a mutual or provident organization, meet the experts in the service of EC ... by visiting a trade fair for the EC you will meet many suppliers to meet your needs in all areas of activity. A unique opportunity to discover the proposed rates do not forget to compare benefits and related services. Find all the offers of our exhibitors, suppliers specialists for works councils, DédiShopCE your space.
28–30 Sep 2022
The French Society of Radiation Oncology was created in 1990. It followed the Radiotherapy Section of the French Society of Medical Radiology; this group already structured and dynamic wished, after the success of the Congress of Radiation in the World Congress of Radiology in Paris in 1989, become independent. This fulfilled a need to group therapy professionals including education, qualifications, interests and conditions of practice were very different from those of their colleagues radiologists.  SFRO open to doctors, physicists, biologists, whose main business is oncology and radiotherapy, in 2000 includes almost all therapists practicing French. An annual conference has been organized since 1990, its audience has grown, it is followed by an increasing number of French-speaking physicians or not.
28–30 Sep 2022
CONGRESS hetero-epitaxy - The 7th International Workshop on Zinc Oxide and Related Materials Industry: High Technology Number of visitors: 200 1 KENNEDY PLAZA 06300 NICE Website: http://www.crhea.cnrs.fr/iwzno2012/ The Acropolis convention center has started a wide-ranging modernization and beautification. The edifice, built in 80 years is reviewed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.
28–30 Sep 2022
Some figures to get an idea: Nice International Airport Côte d'Azur (the first in 75 after Paris) is less than fifteen minutes from downtown and directly serves 100 destinations in over 30 countries. The Acropolis congress center is located 7 km from the international airport. It is the same for thirty hotels specializing in meetings, seminars, incentives also at the heart of the city. • Line 98: Airport / Train Station Riquier by the Promenade des Anglais (serving some hotels). Departure of the two terminals every day, every 20 minutes, between 11:37 p.m. 5:52 a.m. ET. Back: the beginning of the station Riquier, every day, every 20 minutes, between 5:20 a.m. ET 21h. • Line 99: Airport / Railway station / Airport (direct line) Departures every 30 minutes from two terminals, each day from 7:50 to 21:00. Back: departing from the railway station every 30 minutes, from 8h to 21h. Namely: 1 Day Pass: unlimited day. To borrow the lines 98 and 99 which serve to express the airport must be equipped with a "1-day pass" sold on buses and agencies Lines Azur (4 €). This title allows unlimited travel across the network for the day.
29 Sep — 02 Oct 2022
An exhibition is devoted for creative activities in your leisure time. Creativa Rouen proposes the original concept of shop, workshop & exhibition fair, combining products sales, explanations and demonstration of techniques, introduction or improvement within workshops, as well as a know-how gallery in numerous creative handicrafts.Trade Visitors - Professional associations, schools, training courses in creative leisure & General Public
29–30 Sep 2022
PATRIMONIA IS THE ANNUAL MEETINGS OF THE BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT. Nearly 4,000 participants, advisors independent financial, banking networks and employees insurance, accountants, lawyers, notaries, brokers specializing in life insurance, general agents, financial intermediaries ... go there making this agreement a center of trade and the "high point" year of the profession. Unique in its concept and its reputation, Patrimonia is supported by leading professional associations and recognized under the education requirements. Patrimonia allows the different actors of the financial exchange experiences, establish new partnerships and update their knowledge on legal, fiscal, financial and property benefiting from lighting experts and personalities renown.
29 Sep
All offers Proposed EC AU grouped in lieu of the UN Only! Prepare the outings of ERP, e stays the sports activities, organizing the Christmas holidays, choose a theater, the ou Choose a Mutual Provident UN body, the AU Experts Meet EC services ... by visiting a trade fair you can pour the EC Meet many suppliers Adapted to Your Needs The IN ALL Business Units. Discover a unique opportunity to offer tariffs without Forgetting to compare benefits and services Associates. Find All offers from our exhibitors, specialists Suppliers pour Works, DédiShopCE in Your Area.
29–30 Sep 2022
September 25 to September 26, 2012 in Nantes, Exhibition of Beaujoire The big event of the regional committees, associations, staff and communities. A rich and varied shopping and conferences in the heart of social news. Joint procurement Many brands can satisfy the needs and desires of employees.
30 Sep — 02 Oct 2022
Real Estate Expo 2012. Developers - Builders Homebuilders - developers Realtors and property managers Funding agencies Wealth Management Tax exemption Agencies information and advice Professional bodies Leisure property
30 Sep — 02 Oct 2022
DECO HOUSE, the key event of the fall: 300 exhibitors show the trend around the habitat and eco-construction, decoration, real estate, timber house, nature and the garden, crafts ..., a showcase of the latest fashions and innovations in the design of your living space. Building sustainable, economic and ecological control resources, respect the environment, consumer choice is now shifting to more efficient materials that limit their environmental impact while emphasizing comfort and aesthetics.
30 Sep — 02 Oct 2022
 Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie. In an exhibition of sea, vineyard products and delicatessen real manufacturers (fishers, enologists, cattle breeders) participate. They present excellent gifts of the nature for visitors' tastes satisfaction. Oysters Fish Wine products Delicatessen Sauces
01–02 Oct 2022
Pet Expo is the event dedicated to the world of pet and meets each year for 18 years more than 10,000 animals. The program includes many niches animation, contests and conferences, and a digest of beauty and elegance presented by professionals from the world of pets. Turtles, boas, pythons, snakes, iguanas ... are animals that require special care and sound scientific knowledge, and yet these animals are very successful with the French.
02–06 Oct 2022
TFWA WORLD EXHIBITION is the annual international forum for the duty free and tax free industry. It is the key event for this sector. TFWA WORLD EXHIBITION also offers a conference and workshop programme, to discuss new ideas, share experiences and do business.TFWA’s flagship event of the year is TFWA World Exhibition held in Cannes every October at the Palais des Festivals, where over 500 companies, representing 3000 premium brands attracts tho233nds of key buyers, airport authorities, agents, distributors and journalists worldwide.
Exhibition for Works Councils and Local Authorities. It helps to solve all the problems concerning the relationships between employers and employees, to rise their standard living level, average wage and to create maximum favourable conditions of work. Economical role, management and equipment of works councils Social service Holidays and festivals Active leisure Services for workers, group purchases and discounts Cultural activities
06–09 Oct 2022
Consumer Salon Themes of the exhibition Interests <hr /> Full price: 11 € Reduced price: 6 € From 08/11/2012 to 12/11/2012 Paris expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, 75 Synopsis The appointment in 75 everything that makes photography for all those who do!
06–07 Oct 2022
September 27 to September 28, 2012 in Montpellier, Exhibition The great event of regional councils, associations, staff and communities. A rich and varied shopping and conferences in the heart of social news. Joint procurement Many brands can satisfy the needs and desires of employees.
06–09 Oct 2022
CREATIVE ID, the show of all your creative desires! This year, find CREATIVE ID in six cities in 75 (Reims, Lille, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Nancy) and abroad (in 214: Geneva). Enter the world of creation and walk, alone, with family or friend, through eight distinct new universe to guide you according to your wishes: to ID Pierce, ID to Decorate Tinkering with ID, ID to Cook, ID to Cut / Paste, ID to Customize, and Play ID for ID to cultivate. On the program: sales, workshops, exhibitions ... but we will learn above all tailor-made for self-realization, without complexes, all his desires to create.
06–07 Oct 2022
The big event of regional councils, associations, staff and communities. A rich and varied shopping and conferences in the heart of social news. Joint procurement Many brands can satisfy the needs and desires of employees.
07–09 Oct 2022
After the success of the sixth edition of the Real Estate NICE MORNING in 2012, the Group will achieve the NICE MORNING sixth edition, in collaboration with NICEXPO as logistics operator, the 23-24 and March 25, 2012. Building on lessons learned, we will make every effort to make this event continues to be the place to be providers of real estate and visitors wishing to conduct operations as part of this show.