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International Conference on Aeronautical Sciences, Engineering and Technology .Aviation and aeronautical engineering play a key role in an ever-increasingly technological society. Innovation in aviation and emerging technologies help shape the future of air travel. Air transportation, renewable energies, and more efficient aircraft design are some of the areas in the reduction of carbon footprint.The scope of the ICASET is to get together under one roof world renowned experts who are currently working on aeronautical and aviation engineering and to provide a forum for presenting and discussing new results, and to review the current trends and the future of air travel taking into account emerging technologies.
OFSEC will bring together local and international participants who will showcase their avant-garde solutions, specific transverse and latest technologies, cutting edge innovations, cost-effective products and services to meet the requirements of governments, businesses, industrial & commercial entities, aviation, construction, infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas and utilities sectors.
Plastics, Rubber, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Printing & Packaging Industry Exhibition"OMAN PLAST is an exclusive international exhibition and conference focused on the plastics, rubber, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics recycling, printing, and packaging industries. The objective of this prestigious event is to showcase products and services related to these industries to the fast-developing market of the Sultanate of Oman and GCC countries, while also encouraging trade links between Oman and the rest of the world. OMAN PLAST is expected to set new records in terms of exhibitors, visitors, industrialists, professionals, technocrats, traders, and businessmen.
Complete Solutions Under One Roof For Your Home & Building Construction"Architecture and Urban Planning Expo - Oman’s first and only dedicated event focusing on Architecture and urban planning will showcase the latest technologies, products and services. Architecture Section is an exclusive event where architects, designers, specifiers and property developers from the Sultanate of Oman and the Middle East region explore carefully selected innovative and inspiring products, materials and services for their projects. Some of the most revolutionary solutions will be presented in the Expo which will generate high interest among the architects and designers’ community. The Urban Planning section will provide an unmatched platform for the urban and landscape design industry to secure new business in the Sultanate of Oman and the region. Key decision makers will meet local and international suppliers to explore business opportunities, and to source the latest landscaping, infrastructure & urban development solutions and technological advancements.
Global Action Towards Net-Zero Future"The ISWA World Congress is a gathering of over 1,000 professionals in solid waste management, government officials, industry leaders, policy makers, scientists, and young professionals. The event will cover topics such as socioeconomic impacts of waste recycling, health and safety, policy regulation, and achieving sustainable development goals.
Enjoy full access to all meeting facilities, knowledge sharing sessions and leisure activities"Carrier Community (CC), a global telecom club established in 2008, is organizing its 9th annual global carrier community meeting (GCCM) on the 05-07th of November 2023 in Muscat. More than 600 Club Members representing decision makers from 300 Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 operators in 50 countries will meet and network during the hybrid Middle East 2023 GCCM – OMAN.During the event Carrier Members representing Voice, Data, SMS, Mobile, VAS, Cable, Satellite, Data Centers and other related sectors will enjoy full access to all meeting facilities, executive panels and knowledge sharing sessions, leisure activities as well as evening networking receptions.The Submarine, Digital Cloud and Women in Tech Executive Panel & Knowledges Sharing Sessions are designed to help CC members address current industry challenges and come up with comprehensive solutions suitable for today’s rapidly evolving and agile environment. o register for the event please login to your member account or registe