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Every year in autumn a small town in the Hunsrück turns into a worldwide renowned fair metropolis of the gemstone industry. The 28th INTERGEM (28th Sept. – 2nd Oct. 2012), the trade fair for gemstones and jewelry in Idar-Oberstein is one of the most important events in the industry, because the fair takes place in the heart of the gemstone region. Purchaser and jeweler from around the world await this year’s Intergem with full tension. With the recovery of the market for luxury goods, the prices for diamonds and gemstone have strongly increased within the last 12 months. Especially high-quality gemstones are in demand and most rarities can certainly be found only at the fair. The impulses sent off by Idar-Oberstein and it’s gemstone experts are sure to determine the market’s development in the future.The high-class offer as well as the fascinating creativity and skill of the exhibitors paired with the unique flair of the INTERGEM and the region will assure visitors this year again.