Upcoming Events Bourges, France

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18–23 Apr 2023
Then they will see in Bourges, from Wednesday 24 to Monday, April 29, artists sharp and big hits of the year, legends and meteors, strong youth and seniors still fragile, feelings all fresh and effective rogues ... A large majority of one hundred artists from the official program for the first time come, besides the thirty Discoveries. But many return - the best, the most pugnacious, the most sustained creative. And, as every year, the adventure of the spectators will be beautiful, between reunion with loved artists, unexpected revelations and checks buzz of the season. There will be many grumpy growl for it is too easy to pass a festival by programming the best concerts. But this is not the only reason the Printemps de Bourges is as important to its audience and artists. Moderation in ticket prices, the welcome festival goers, the quality of the relationship between the festival and his city, his commitment to the environment, this is all a singular event and - say it! - Copy.