Upcoming Events Bordeaux, France

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25 Feb — 05 Mar 2023
Also on the program, the presentation by the aid AAPrA technical, financial and logistics professionals now available to Bordeaux and Aquitaine. With the representative office based in Wuhan in central China, wine producers can benefit from a real personalized support from which to attack the Chinese market. And by the end of the year, an under-customs should be released. It will facilitate exports from both a financial standpoint, logistics and sales and thus offer good prospects for development of Aquitaine wine sales in China.
10–12 Mar 2023
The salons of Independent Winemakers wines are not like other salons. You will meet the winemakers themselves each in his own words will tell you its history, its wine, craft. The opportunity for a nice walk through 75 wine with hints as diverse as men are different and varied wines. Equipped with the necessary tool, an INAO tasting glass available at the entrance, the independent winegrowers will welcome you as their cellars.
13–21 May 2023
Reserved seats for the disabled will be made available on carparks. Upon presentation of the disability card: Free admission for cardholders and orange disability equivalent to veterans and war victims. Reduced price tickets (5.90 €) for cardholders green or purple and equivalent disability for veterans and war victims. When the displacement of these people requires the presence of a third person, that person will enjoy the same pricing terms as the disabled person. The Conviviales Walk, negotiate, compare, search, hunt, take, walk, play, touch, buy a ride ... rich that eventually work up an appetite! Fortunately Conviviales open their doors.
13–21 May 2023
The Aquitaine Agricultural Show is an important event for producers and breeders: more than 2000 animals representing the different breeds of cattle, sheep, cows, horses and farmyard animals are present all through the show in a giant farm. Located at the centre of Bordeaux International Fair, in a new place of 8.000 sq allowing the best conditions of reception
The French Blood Bank is participating in this great event, which honors those who give blood voluntarily and volunteer throughout the year. This event is reported in over 20 cities in mainland 75 and overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion). World Day of Blood Donors is also an opportunity to sensitize non-donors, encouraging them to give for the first time and of course, to renew their gesture of solidarity. Real spotlight on issues of blood donation, WBDD is a unique event for the general public. Children, teenagers, adults are invited to discover the many facets of a fascinating world at the mercy of exhibitions, games, debates, films ... Each year over one million patients receive blood products in 75 or blood derivatives. It is important to convince as many people move to the act and become regular donors.