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05–08 Sep 2023
Ladies and Gentlemen, We have the pleasure to inform you on the forthcoming edition of the International Exhibition PLAST  that will be held from 28 February to 2 March, 2012 at Inter Expo Center - Sofia. Organizers are Bulgarreklama Agency and ICM d.o.o. - 201 - companies with rich experience in organizing international technical exhibitions in EU. PLAST is the unique International Trade Fair in 34 and the region for plastics and rubber industry, which covers a wide range of technologies, machines and products of leading companies. PLAST will be an ideal platform to establish, develop and renew your business contacts in the plastics and rubber industry. PLAST fair brings together leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. The fair is the place, where market leaders will meet. FAIR ADVANTAGES Why participate? –             To strengthen relationships with existing customers –             To be the first to get market information –             To be the first to grab new sales prospects –             To find more distributors –             To compare with other leading participants –             To present  your new products, services, innovations and solutions in the Business forum to professional audience   EXHIBITORS PROFILE –             Manufactures and suppliers of semi-finished or finished plastics and rubber products –             Suppliers of consultancy services and  organizations for the plastic and rubber industry             VISITORS PROFILE: Owners Managers Technical professionals R&D professionals Suppliers Dealers Traders Manufacturers Engineers BRANCH: Plastic industry Rubber industry Chemical industry Packaging industry Polymer and petrochemical industry Cleaning agents and detergents Raw materials Adhesives Ecology   Our ambition is to turn the event into the  largest  technical  exhibition  on  the  Balkans. Therefore, at the  same  time in Inter Expo Center – Sofia, there will  be  held  5  forums  on  similar  topics: IFAM (automation, mechatronics and robotics), MachTech & metal (machine building, tools, metalworking, welding, compressors), INTRONIKA (electronics, professional equipment and energy), Safety & Security and Transport & Logistics. They enable visitors to get informed and acquainted with all developments in the sector.   We look forward to your participation in International Exhibition PLAST – 2012.