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22–25 May 2023
SIPSA is the trade show must for all players in the world of breeding. This is a unique event for everyone involved in lous animal products in all their diversity: poultry, milk, beef production, or sheep and fish.SIPSA-AGRI’SIME, the unique exhibition covering all the agricultural sectors (equipment, breeding, machinery…) will be held from 19th to 22th May 2012 in Algiers- Palais des Expositions des Pins Maritimes- SIPSA-AGRI’SIME in brief : - 20 000  visitors*   -  400 exhibitors* - 175  international  exhibitors* from 20 countries* : Allemagne,  Argentine, Autriche, Belgique, Canada, Chine, Chypre, Danemark, Egypte,  Espagne, France, Hollande,  Hongrie, Italie, Jordanie, Tunisie, Royaume Uni, Etats-Unis….  - International exhibitors*: 30% increase  The unique showcase to highlight your products                                                                                            *SISPA 2010 figures                                                        THE BEST PLATFORM FOR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS !   Thank you for noting that there are fiew available stands.  A high level of satisfaction to exhibitors and visitors:(Source: adquate investigation during the SIPSA 2011) For 92% of the exhibitors, the SIPSA is a high quality trade showFor 89%, the SIPSA to establish useful business contactsFor 96% of visitors, the advantage of SIPSA is to gather in one room all the exhibitors that interest71% of them have discovered techniques, products or equipment they did not know  The cost of the invitation (fair access 4 days fair, conferences ...) and the official letter to obtain your visa for  payable here : .  
04–06 Mar 2024
<span><div>plast alger 2012…… builds on the success of plast expo 2011 in Casablanca, Morocco and plast alger 2010 in Algiers.With 2,881 trade visitors (+40%!) discussing business with 137 exhibitors from 18 countries (+34% compared to 2009), plast expo 2011 in Morocco confirmed its status as the Maghreb’s major and highly efficient business-to-business event with a clear focus on quality attendees.The first plast alger in Algiers in 2010 was a promising kick-off towards a future with great opportunities in the Algerian plast market with valuable contributions to the conference “Technological challenges for the plast industry on the way to a sustainable development”. For interviews with exhibitors, please see the plast alger 2010-daily. For photos of the trade fair and the conference, please view the gallery.plast alger 2012 focuses on a B2B-audience of professionals from all over Algeria. With up to 70% c-level attendees (CEOs and GMs; commercial, purchasing and technical directors; engineers), the event provides best possible opportunities for business!Participating at the event is your opportunity to extend business contacts, highlight and introduce new technologies and services, build your customer base, generate new business leads and cultivate existing customer relationships.The Algerian plastics industry…… is one of the fastest growing and most important sectors in Algeria. The sector’s annual growth rate amounts to 4 to 5% in these past few years. Its growth is driven manifold: by huge governmental projects and infrastructural investments (hydraulics, building and construction, energy, agriculture, gas tubes for Sonelgaz, etc.), as well as by industrial sub-contracting and the demand for packaging materials.The Algerian plastics industry consists of some 2 200 enterprises, among them subsidiaries of heavyweights such as Sonatrach, Enip, Iap, Enpc, but mostly of small and medium sized private enterprises. Around 40% of them are active in injection, 20 % in extrusion, the rest in the fast-growing packaging and plasticulture sectors. The workforce stands at around 20,000.With an annual consumption of 1 million tons, half of which being imported from Asia and Europe, the Algerian plastics market has an enormous potential. The per capita consumption is between 8 to 10 kg.</div></span>
04–06 Mar 2025
Printpack alger goes bi-annualAlgeria’s 3rd International Printing and Packaging Technology Trade Fair … … will now be designed as a bi-annual event taking place in the even years (2010, 2012, 2014, …), leaving the odd years for similar events in the region such as “Gulf Print+Pack” in Dubai in April 2011, 2013, 2015, … and “Siagra” in Casablanca, May/June 2011, 2013, 2015, … Another value added: Algeria’s 3rd International Printing and Packaging Technology Trade Fair will be held in conjunction with plast alger 2012, Algeria’s 2nd International Plastics, Rubber, Composites and Conditioning Trade Fair.printpack alger 2012 will be organised by the German trade fair specialists fairtrade and its German-Algerian team. fairtrade operates a daughter company in Algiers already since 2003. ISO 9001:2008 certified, and being a member of UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, fairtrade organises events according to the UFI quality norms.