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01–02 Sep 2023
The coin and Collectors Fair takes place twice a year - in Dortmund - - once in February and once in September, a traditional event that can be missed by any collector. As the largest exchange of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is both for wholesalers as well as for private collectors, a popular meeting place for informing, talk shop, swap, buy and sell. Around 100 dealers from all over Germany and neighboring countries to provide exhibits for the above-mentioned areas. About 1,500 collectors and interested parties to use the Westphalian coin collectors and exchange to exchange with other collectors and sell to the corresponding exhibits to each other.
Fine quality and artisan chocolate features heavily in the foodie press as consumer demand grows; but do you know enough to service this demand effectively?Speciality Chocolate Fair is the only event in the UK dedicated to fine quality chocolate and a unique opportunity to taste and source the very best suppliers and chocolate products from a wide range of chocolatiers and producers.
01–02 Sep 2023
The BADEN MESSE 2012 convinces with an interesting and well-balanced mix of special topics and points program, tailored to the interests of our visitors, and on a modern and attractive exhibition center with perfect infrastructure. With the continuation of the discussion of "leben.aktiv.gestalten" the BADEN MESSE opens also new target groups. With its unrivaled diversity is the BADEN MESSE for over 50 years, the biggest consumer fair in South Baden. The BADEN MESSE 2012 offers optimal conditions for a successful presentation.
01–02 Sep 2023
Traditionally, the Hanseatic Rostock exhibition in the autumn turns to the biggest information platform for thousands of visitors. The extensive range of exhibits ensures a maximum level of competence in the construction and property industry, the crafts, the insurance and financial services and the education and training. Convince the exhibitor to over 10.500m ² of its products and services. The fair offers many forum talks about building the perfect starting point for inquisitive visitors. The exhibition complex presentations, such as special wood surface, point to the latest solutions for all aspects of construction and Modernisierens. Whether new construction, expansion or remodeling - whether safety equipment or garden design - whether civil engineering or DIY tools, which provides answers to your questions Robau.
01–02 Sep 2023
The fair BioSüd Augsburg is the trade fair for organic retailers. On the BioSüd Messe Augsburg there will be over 200 regional and national producers and their products around the natural food, especially with new products. On a day provides the BioSüd Augsburg a meeting and information forum of the industry for the industry, with a maximum overlap between the interests of exhibitors and visitors.
01–10 Sep 2023
After the big anniversary show last year under the motto "D'OHA moved" it is also at the 51st Edition of the fair tradition Thun refreshing to and fro: "The OHA refreshes" - this year's OHA-topic will not let anyone cool. The main attraction is the special "Ice World": On 250 square meters, ice and light together in perfection. For this show to give the Dutch sand artist making a comeback: 2006 inspired the builders van de Sand Sculpture Vlag at the OHA with the Thun Castle Hill in XXL format, the audience. This year, set the "Oranje" not on sand but on ice - and pimples for ten days together, the largest city of ice exhibition in Switzerland. At temperatures around minus four degrees is a small town with a village square and village well - built, including bakery, hairdresser and butcher. About 35 tons of ice will be used by Jeroen van de Vlag and his team. So everything is energy efficient as possible on the OHA-stage, the basement of Hall 1 is converted into a cold room. The specially built for the special exhibition room is cooled with water and solar energy. With the cooling water is then also the pool area at the OHA Beach heated.
01–02 Sep 2023
Once again, the glasses & Co offers a framework program. The Summer Academy is a platform for education and training on the glasses & Co in the second round. The theme of this year's summer event under the auspices of Prof. Joachim Koehler is "The New Old - between reading glasses and I-profiling -. Or why optometry has great prospects." Participation is free again.
01–11 Sep 2023
78th Fair Expostion Chalon-sur-Saone u September 28 to October 7, 2012. Reduced price (EC, CEZAM, 12/18ans, unemployed group of 10 + Pers, Student) 2 € Every day from 10h30 to 13h and 20h after Children under 12 accompanied AREA RESTAURANTS "GILBERT MONVOISIN" (Hall 3) OPEN Week 10:30 to 0:30 on weekdays weekend 10:30 to 1:30
01–02 Sep 2023
IFA in Berlin, the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. Only IFA offers such a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracts the attention of trade visitors each year from more than 100 countries. IFA is the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from industry, trade and the media. IFA is your personal chance to get the latest information first-hand. Don‘t miss the opportunity to explore emerging trends in the IFA iZone and IFA eLibrary and celebrate the premieres of new technologies and products.
01–02 Sep 2023
Needle and thread Osnabrueck - Exhibition of textile art and craft One of the earliest tools of human history is the needle. Since ancient times, has not changed its form, only the materials from which they are made, are in course of time other eworden g. For three days, then show the OsnabrückHalle 120 internationally renowned textile artist, designer, book author and specialist shops all over Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, the whole range of textiles with the latest trends and developments in the textile market. Special events, workshops and fashion shows complete the wide range and have the show taken on the annual "pilgrimage" for all kinds of handicrafts and textiles enthusiastic visitors from Germany and neighboring countries.
01–05 Sep 2023
World of Consumer Electronics.Exhibition IFA is the largest in the world exhibition of household electronics. In the center of attention of exhibition actions there will be various exhibits from area of digital technologies and ways of their practical application. IFA will show, that household electronics bring pleasure, opening additional functionalities at use of computers and on-line systems. All palette of household electronics within six days will be presented by leading world manufacturers.   Radio/TV/entertainment and leisure (IFA Television and Entertainment) Computers and computer games (IFA Personal Computing and Games)Mobile phones and on-line services (IFA Personal Communication) Digital photo/digital music (IFA Digital Imaging and Digital Music) Cable and satellite equipmentHouse networks (IFA SNC Satellite, Networks and Cable) Sound equipment HiFi/HighEnd/automobile HiFi systems (IFA Sound and CarMedia)
01–02 Sep 2023
The topics Marketplace BremenButen & Inland Wellness & Health Fashion & Jewellery House & Home Technology & WissenKьche & HaushaltFreigelдndeKunsthandwerkerBaby & child & Hobby BastelnSenioraHochzeitsWelt Opening times from Saturday 10 September to Sunday 18 September 2011 daily from 10.00 bis 18.00 Clock Clock
01–02 Sep 2023
Construction, Housing, Interior Design - three Begriffedie Everyone knows that Everyone uses and which anyone can start something - in any situation. Everyone wants to have a comfortable home - Whether or rent property. The interest is to build on allenDas own home to buy or rent it and then set up functional and comfortable. This is part of the basic desire of all people. The only question is: How? Certain ideas are there, more or less mature. It needed the concrete suggestion that the pictorial view, to the personal claim to meet each individual.
Every year in autumn a small town in the Hunsrück turns into a worldwide renowned fair metropolis of the gemstone industry. The 28th INTERGEM (28th Sept. – 2nd Oct. 2012), the trade fair for gemstones and jewelry in Idar-Oberstein is one of the most important events in the industry, because the fair takes place in the heart of the gemstone region. Purchaser and jeweler from around the world await this year’s Intergem with full tension. With the recovery of the market for luxury goods, the prices for diamonds and gemstone have strongly increased within the last 12 months. Especially high-quality gemstones are in demand and most rarities can certainly be found only at the fair. The impulses sent off by Idar-Oberstein and it’s gemstone experts are sure to determine the market’s development in the future.The high-class offer as well as the fascinating creativity and skill of the exhibitors paired with the unique flair of the INTERGEM and the region will assure visitors this year again.
02–04 Sep 2023
At the COMFORTEX you can discover the current trands for the coming season. All those things that make the small - yet vital - difference in day-to-day business! There is nowhere where you can discover what your customers want as early or easily as at the COMFORTEX. Trade fair premieres and top innovations from leading manufacturers, wholesalers and importers will boost your sales.
02–04 Sep 2023
Discover an exciting new relationship with a future. Or rediscover an old love! Because in its very own way, MIDORA Leipzig is back in the limelight! Experience the outstanding performance of the watch and jewellery sector in Leipzig. The trend for more and more quality collections at the MIDORA Leipzig is already unmistakeable. Very soon after last year’s event, many exhibitors were already making sure of their place in 2012 and a large number of visitors were saying they would be back next time. The "Finnish Jewellery - from the Past to the Present" exhibition is also in preparation. Come and see it - you'll be surprised!
02–04 Sep 2023
Welcome to CADEAUX Leipzig - Central Germany's most important industry get-together. This is where you will be able to find everything you need for a successful business year in 2010! Whether you're an exhibitor looking for new customers or a dealer wanting to add new trends and attractive products to your business, this is your marketplace. We look forward to seeing you!
03–05 Sep 2023
The 4th international Exhibition the first specialized and dedicated event exploring all paper industries " paper, Cardboard, Tissue, Printing and packaging industries. PAPER-ME is your gateway for vital and direct meetings to enable the international and Egyptian exhibitors to penetrate new alternative markets. Where you find the leading manufacturers and distributors from all sectors under one roof to benefit from the Middle Eastern and African's unique and prosperous market. The event provides an opportunity for prominent international and local exhibitors to meet face to face with paper makers and professional leaders concerned in Paper industry in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.
04–06 Sep 2023
The eighth TourNatur, which took place from 3 to 5 September in Düsseldorf, confirmed the results of current hiking studies and research: The interest in hiking and the demand for relevant offers remains consistently high. "With 41,300 visitors (41,100 in 2009), TourNatur completely fulfilled our expectations," stated TourNatur Director Helmut Winkler. "Hiking is the German's favourite recreational pursuit, and TourNatur is the only trade fair in Germany that combines a perfectly fitting selection of destinations, equipment and advice. That's what makes this young trade fair such a success. It is also becoming an increasingly important platform for industry experts. The continuing education programme provided by our partners that meanwhile runs on two days contributes significantly to this," Winkler continued. 275 exhibitors showed their current hiking and trekking equipment and approximately 5,000 hiking-friendly travel destinations at TourNatur 2010. The TourNatur partners also displayed extreme satisfaction with the run of events, the wide range of offerings and the makeup of visitors. Ute Dicks, Managing Director of the German Hiking Association, explained, "The trade fair shows that hiking is a topic for the masses and that all age groups are addressed with offerings. The German Hiking Association and its partners realise that the visitors have enormous interest in various aspects of hiking." Michael Sänger, Editor-in-Chief of Wandermagazin (Hiking Magazine) concurs: "TourNatur is a pedigree theme trade fair with absolutely no divergence loss. That applies equally to visitors and exhibitors. It's great that notably more Bavarian destinations are being presented. The trend in hiking tourism to differentiate in the mounting competition between destinations and trails through identifiable benefits is also easily recognizable. For the second time at TourNatur, the TourParcours stood in the centre of the equipment consulting area. Here independent hiking experts answer all of the visitors' questions regarding equipment. Information on hiking sticks, backpacks, shoes, water repellence and breathability is also available at various stations and on a lecture stage. Organiser Ralf Stefan Beppler noticed that the popularity was noticeably higher than in last years and that the visitors were clearly thrilled about the free advice. "The response to the lectures is also great and we're noticing that there is always a lot of action after the lectures at the corresponding information stands. That is really great – the interplay between the stations and the stage worked brilliantly." There was also a great crowd at the GPS consultation from Garmin, who was represented at TourNatur for the first time. "We were literally overrun and are pleasantly surprised. People were standing out in the aisles waiting for the consultation. We really didn't expect that. The lectures at the "Rastplatz" stage were also jam-packed," Stefan Dischl of Project SD for Garmin, exclaimed happily. Moreover, the visitors were very knowledgeable and showed up with extremely clear questions. Other exhibitors also applauded the high level of competency among the visitors. Sascha van den Broek, Managing Director of Terrific, Hiro sports store in Düsseldorf, was somewhat reserved in his comments regarding visitor frequency at his stand, did attest however to the high level of interest the visitors displayed. Susanne Gonswa, Press Spokesperson and Event Manager for Globetrotter Ausrüstung in Cologne, delivered an all-round positive summary: "There is a lot of action. Already on the first day we had more customers than in the past few years. There are many newcomers to the hiking scene here, so we're well positioned with our selection of beginner's equipment. On Friday there were more elderly people here, and on the weekend we had lots of families at the stand." Happy faces also among the touristic exhibitors. Tina Lang, Managing Director of the Finland organiser fintouring, was able to greet many Finland fans and newly interested people at their stand. "Most of the people who spoke to us know Finland, and many of them were already there," she commented. "A majority of our visitors were winter sports enthusiasts who are interested in cross-country skiing or want to experience activities such as our reindeer safari. The real reindeer at our stand were of course especially popular." Although the majority of hiking destinations represented at TourNatur are in Europe, there were also several exotic destinations. Udaya Lal Shrestha from the National Tourism Foundation Nepal stand explained that, "We had lots of interested people at the stand and some visitors booked right there. Most of them don't yet know very much about hiking and trekking in Nepal, but they are very interested and Nepal is known as a trekking land." Planning the next holiday was not the only topic at TourNatur, however – day tours were also a very popular subject regarding domestic destinations. Kirsten Wobbe from the Sauerland Wanderwerkstatt (hiking workshop) was clearly delighted by the interest shown by the visitors: "The audience is really knowledgeable. Many come very intentionally and speak to us because they have already heard something about Sauerland or the offerings and would like more detailed information. There are also a lot of families here. We are very pleased, just like we were last year." The German Hiking Association designated a total of ten trails as "Quality Trails in Hikeable Germany" during TourNatur. The newly designated trails are: Rheinburgenweg (Rhine Castle Trail), Veldenzwanderweg (Veldenz Hiking Trail), Wiedweg (Wied Trail), Burgenwanderweg (Castle Hiking Trail) and Schlösserwanderweg (Palace Hiking Trail). The recertified trails are: Eggeweg (Egge Trail), Erzweg (Ore Trail), Zeugenbergrunde (Butte Trail), Goldsteig (Gold Steep Road; at 600 km the longest quality trail), Rodalber Felsenwanderweg (Rodalber Cliffs Hiking Trail), and Goldpfad (Golden Trail). In addition a jury from Wandermagazin (Hiking Magazine) selected the Hochrhöner between Bad Salzungen in Thuringia and Bad Kissingen in Bavaria, as well as the Mittelalterpfad (Middle Ages Trail) in Herrstein in Naheland as "Germany's Most Beautiful Hiking Trails". The Wandermagazin Award for Innovative Touristic Services 2010 went to the Mullerthal Trail project in Luxembourg.
05–07 Sep 2023
Europe’s most succesful event in terms of orders for promotional and trend-led products is now taking place for the 13. time. Launched just four years ago, the fair’s amazing diversity quickly made it the no. 1 event for top buyers from Germany and across Europe. Its success is charted by the continued growth in the number of exhibitors and visitors.     The IAW is strictly for professionals – it’s like a summit of the retail trade. Buyers welcome the fact that they can find, plan and order – on the spot – complete ranges and products for themed retail promotions. More than 200 exhibitors and importers from numerous countries will be staging an outstanding display covering 22,000 m² in Hall 6! Understandably, this is where the top buyers from the big retail chains can be found.
This biennial exhibition brings together companies who supply products and services specific to the offshore industry plus others who represent processing, power generation, paper, distilling, water and waste, and marine engineering in north east Scotland. This is a successful event, bringing the Industry together enabling useful networking and sharing of new technologies
05–08 Sep 2023
Ladies and Gentlemen, We have the pleasure to inform you on the forthcoming edition of the International Exhibition PLAST  that will be held from 28 February to 2 March, 2012 at Inter Expo Center - Sofia. Organizers are Bulgarreklama Agency and ICM d.o.o. - 201 - companies with rich experience in organizing international technical exhibitions in EU. PLAST is the unique International Trade Fair in 34 and the region for plastics and rubber industry, which covers a wide range of technologies, machines and products of leading companies. PLAST will be an ideal platform to establish, develop and renew your business contacts in the plastics and rubber industry. PLAST fair brings together leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. The fair is the place, where market leaders will meet. FAIR ADVANTAGES Why participate? –             To strengthen relationships with existing customers –             To be the first to get market information –             To be the first to grab new sales prospects –             To find more distributors –             To compare with other leading participants –             To present  your new products, services, innovations and solutions in the Business forum to professional audience   EXHIBITORS PROFILE –             Manufactures and suppliers of semi-finished or finished plastics and rubber products –             Suppliers of consultancy services and  organizations for the plastic and rubber industry             VISITORS PROFILE: Owners Managers Technical professionals R&D professionals Suppliers Dealers Traders Manufacturers Engineers BRANCH: Plastic industry Rubber industry Chemical industry Packaging industry Polymer and petrochemical industry Cleaning agents and detergents Raw materials Adhesives Ecology   Our ambition is to turn the event into the  largest  technical  exhibition  on  the  Balkans. Therefore, at the  same  time in Inter Expo Center – Sofia, there will  be  held  5  forums  on  similar  topics: IFAM (automation, mechatronics and robotics), MachTech & metal (machine building, tools, metalworking, welding, compressors), INTRONIKA (electronics, professional equipment and energy), Safety & Security and Transport & Logistics. They enable visitors to get informed and acquainted with all developments in the sector.   We look forward to your participation in International Exhibition PLAST – 2012.
06–10 Sep 2023
Neumünster north building - the construction fair in the north The latest from the construction industry, current information about building, products and services - the most since 1956 NordBau a platform for trade visitors and public and private Bauinteressierte alike. This is where trade and industry, construction companies and architects, building trade, housing companies, as well as chambers and associations, planning authorities and communities. Here we maintain contacts and win new customers. Here we talk together!
07–09 Sep 2023
As the leading global fair for the sector, Kind + Jugend is - for more than 40 years - the most important platform for encountering trends and placing orders. No other global fair offers a product range of such depth and scope. Toys and games for babies and toddlers are becoming increasingly important. Kind and Jugend is an important platform for manufacturers of maternity wear and toddlers' clothing to make instant or follow-up orders, especially for the export business. Prams Сar/bicycle seatsСhildrens`furnitureHygiene articlesElectric appliances TextilesBaby cosmeticsToys and games for babies, toddlersFashion for babies and toddlersMaternity wear Shop equipment Publications Organizations