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01–02 Nov 2023
Pulire España 2010 is to take place in the prestigious Parque Ferial de Ifema in Madrid, from 23 to 25 March, during which time the exhibition will be flanked by workshops, seminars and meetings on current issues of great importance for the sector, presented by qualified speakers and by the most representative sector associations. Pulire España has once more consolidated its role as reference trade fair for the Spanish Professional Cleaning market. Figures from the 2008 edition are clear indicators of the event success and of the growing importance it has acquired since its onset in 2002. With an 8.9% increase in visitors and a 20% increase in exhibitors, Pulire España remains an extremely important event for all Professional Cleaning operators and users, bringing together all the main sectors of the Professional Cleaning industry.
01–02 Nov 2023
Every year ushers in Sindelfingen traditionally a Christmas Bazaar in November, the Christmas season. Some 200 exhibitors present a wide range of Christmas, beautiful and useful. A broad array of offerings, many activities for all ages and, not least the creative Dörfle in which there are lovingly handmade treasures make a visit to the Sindelfingen Christmas Bazaar is an experience for the whole family.
01–13 Nov 2023
With nearly 600 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors, the international fair and gourmet Dijon is the 6th International Fair of France and the first economic event of Burgundy. Main sectors: - Food, wine, local produce - Restaurants specializing in regional and foreign - Furniture, housing, household equipment - Craft World - Health, beauty - Entertainment, games, new technologies, multimedia. Each year, a foreign country is invited as an honored guest. In 2012, this is Argentina. Encounters of Lucullus Gourmet: Cooking demonstrations, tastings multiple contests in public.
We welcome extended abstracts based around the following themes: 1. Emerging Hydrocarbon Provinces a) Global Frontiers b) New Access to Exisiting Provinces 2. Northwest Europe Continental Shelf a) Exploration b) Development and Production Challenges 3. Unconventional Resources a) Unconventional Gas b) Unconventional Oil c) Techniques and Technologies
Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation Conference — это международная серия мероприятий для компаний, которые хотят оставаться защищенными в процессе цифровой трансформации. Мы поможем IT/ИБ-специалистам из бизнеса и госсектора Узбекистана подготовиться к переменчивому диджитальному будущему. В ходе конференции спикеры поделятся опытом в адаптации к постоянно меняющимся вызовам кибербезопасности и построении цифровых инфраструктур для бизнеса. Вы узнаете, какие задачи стоят перед компаниями уже сегодня, почему они возникают и какие способы и инструменты предлагает рынок для их решения.
01 Nov 2023
The Internet has transformed society by enabling global interactions and collaborations, leading to the development of cyber-infrastructure and systems that span geographic boundaries. This has allowed for increased productivity and the creation of products through electronic and Internet-enabled collaboration. Advancements in networking, technology, user interfaces, and cooperation paradigms are necessary for future collaboration and Internet computing solutions.
01 Nov 2023
ANA's Data Hygiene Tools, including the Center for Ethical Marketing and DMAChoice, reduce costs and waste for mailers and prevent legislative action like Do Not Mail bills. ANA members gain access to a knowledge center with best practices, case studies, and research.
Book now for Scotland's fastest growing tech and digital event in Glasgow. Join over 1,000 people from the tech ecosystem in Scotland to explore the future, connect with change-makers, and learn about innovations. Become an ambassador for VIP benefits. Digital DNA brings the tech community together for inspiration.
The Annual Conference by the New England Inns & Resorts Association offers members a chance to learn from experts, network with colleagues, and connect with over 50 hospitality suppliers. NEIRA is a collection of 300 independently owned lodging properties across New England. With over 100 years of experience, NEIRA is known as a trusted and influential hospitality organization. Their goal is to bring more guests to their members' businesses through effective marketing strategies, partnerships, and programs.
The AAHOA North Texas Regional Conference and Tradeshow is a leading platform for hotel owners in the country, with member-owned properties playing a significant role in the U.S. economy. It offers a prime opportunity to network and connect with hoteliers and vendors in your region.
Major Events International is a Management Consultancy with expertise in assisting organizations in the global sports events market. We provide introductions, knowledge sharing, and turn-key solutions to suppliers, supporting sales and marketing functions. We also arrange market visits and missions for staff to meet key decision makers and stakeholders.
Leading brands prioritize customer experience, employee experience, and loyalty program management to deliver superior experiences across all channels. Two-thirds of organizations compete on CX alone, with 87% identifying CX as their top growth engine. A stellar line-up shares insights on how digital experiences are transforming work, communication, and life. The event was well-organized and engaging, with interesting topics and professional arrangements.
CruiseWorld is a live event that connects travel professionals and supplier partners through educational workshops, networking events, and an Exhibitor Showcase for mutual success. Travel Weekly supports professionals to ensure industry growth.
01 Nov 2023
Advancements in computing and information technologies have led to the development of intelligent systems and applications with transformative potential. Ensuring trust, privacy, and security in these digital environments is vital for individual and societal well-being. IEEE TPS-ISA provides a platform for experts to discuss these issues.
ISA, the leading association for the Industrial MROP industry, provides actionable data, strategies, education, and networks to help businesses adapt and succeed. Their Channel 2.0 initiative sets new standards and creates value for all stakeholders. Brendan leads initiatives to ensure ISA's success.