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04 Dec
Adapting to the changing legislative environment"Animal nutrition businesses face challenges in meeting regulatory requirements for feed and feed additives in key markets such as EU, USA and China. Harmonized food safety regulations have been introduced in EU, while the US FDA regulates animal feed products as either drugs or feed ingredients depending on their intended use. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has adopted some aspects of EU/EFSA and USA FDA regulations along with some unique approaches. Companies aim to address regulatory requirements of all three authorities in a single project.
04 Dec
Get Ready to Experience the Future of Technology"The All about Electronics India expo is a trade show focusing on IOT, Electric Vehicles, Embedded System and Smart India .It is an opportunity for companies to showcase their latest products and technologies and for attendees to learn about new developments in the industry and network with other professionals. It is an Exhibition of the Latest Electronics Component and Solutions. The expo typically features a range of exhibits, including displays of electronics products and components, and manufacturing equipment and materials. It may also include presentations, demonstrations by industry experts, Conference, and seminars. It Connects you with the Best in the Business at the All about Electronics India expo
Egypt's first tri-service defence exhibition"The Egypt Defence Expo is a major defense and security event that will display the newest technology, equipment, and systems in land, sea, and air. Attendees can connect with global manufacturers and suppliers and network with other industry professionals.
04 Dec
IEEE Global Communications Conference is one of the IEEE Communications Society's two flagship conferences dedicated to driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications.
Veri Merkezi SektA¶rA¼nA¼n BuluAYma NoktasA±"Veri merkezi sektörünün buluştuğu etkinlik olan Data Center İstanbul 6 yaşında! Her sene olduğu gibi bu sene de katılımcıları birbirleriyle buluşturuyoruz. Etkinliğe katılarak sektör uzmanlarının sunumlarını dinleyebilir, yuvarlak masa toplantılarına katılabilir, birebir görüşmeler yapabilir ve buna benzer farklı birçok interaktif aktivite ile meslektaşlarınızla bir araya gelebilirsiniz.
International tri-service defense Exhibition"Gulf Defense and Aerospace - Kuwait is a trade show that focuses on defense, aerospace, homeland security, and safety and security, held under the official patronage of Kuwait.
05 Dec
Come and explore the newest developments in audit committees, corporate governance matters, and other related topics with us.
The Telecom Review Leaders' Summit is a significant event that unites ICT industry leaders and government officials from across the globe, making it one of the largest C-level industry gatherings.
06 Dec
FutureCon Events brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce. Join us as we talk with a panel of C-level executives who have effectively mitigated the risk of Cyber Attacks. Educating C-suite executives and CISOs (chief information security officers) on the global cybercrime epidemic, and how to build Cyber Resilient organizations. "Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem" Gain the latest knowledge you need to enable applications while keeping your computing environment secure from advanced Cyber Threats. Demo the newest technology, and interact with the world's security leaders and gain other pressing topics of interest to the information security community. The FutureCon community will keep you updated on the future of the Cyberworld and allow you to interact with your peers and the world's security leaders.
06 Dec
ScienceLogic Symposium is an immersive event that brings together the ScienceLogic Community worldwide for learning and networking. It welcomes all ScienceLogic practitioners, offers insights and predictions, hands-on experience, and empowers IT professionals to drive high-value change in their organization. The event also provides a fun and interactive environment where attendees can connect with industry peers, ScienceLogic enthusiasts, partners, and product experts. ScienceLogic is creating a virtual conference with new experiences, engaging session content, and one-on-one interaction with experts.
The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, armed conflicts, and refugee numbers hinder the achievement of the SDGs. The OMEP conference allows reflection on progress in the Asia-Pacific region and the necessary actions to realize these goals. Joining OMEP Australia supports and promotes the UNCRC, advocating for the rights of young children globally. By endorsing early childhood education and care, you prioritize it on the world agenda. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Wallumattagal Clan of the Dharug Nation, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Macquarie University stands.
German Young Poultry Show includes a large number of stalls with interesting suppliers of feed, equipment, and stable equipment. Technical literature is also offered, and features ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, bantams, laying quail, pigeons, and ornamental fowl.
The African Birding Expo is a gathering for bird enthusiasts from Africa and beyond, aiming to connect individuals and organizations in the tourism industry for the purpose of sharing experiences and finding solutions to birding in Africa.
08 Dec
Rehabilitating Aging Utility Infrastructure"No Dig India Show is the premier exhibition & conference of the Indian Subcontinent, dedicated to the water, sewerage, telecom, power, and oil & gas pipeline industry. Having been well-received by the industry over the years, the expo will feature leading manufacturers, suppliers, utility owners and service providers, across the entire subsurface utility network value chain on its exhibition floor.
Anything & Everything for your Lifestyle"Home & You Lifestyle Fair is the largest interior and lifestyle fair that visitors may engage in if they are interested in upgrading, redecorating, or improving their lifestyles by adding glamour and class to their households. Our goal is to give our visitors the highest satisfaction by bringing in only the very best to the exhibition. From consumer electronics, automobiles and accessories to home interior, furniture items household appliances and garden equipment, we look forward to giving our visitors the very best all under one roof.
Exotic Bird Mart Edison is a platform to experience a show like no other and socialize with hundreds of animal enthusiasts. We aim to create a fresh and unique experience for long-time pet lovers while attracting the new interest of clientele through education, fun & pet therapy. Shop hundreds of accessories socialize, buy, sell, advertise, and market, create contacts and make friends, grow, build and strengthen your business, get educated, and meet with the Influential Individuals in the industry.
11 Dec
The conference on Frontiers of Information Technology is a leading platform for sharing innovative ideas and experiences in the field of ICT, with a focus on modern trends in computer science, engineering, and related fields.
Extending the Perimeter"Main sessions will cover manageability aspects, 5G FWA and AI/ML impacts, customer experiences, multi-cloud components, open source and standard updates.
12 Dec
Carrier Community (CC), a global telecom club, is organizing its annual Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Miami. The event aims to bring together members and Telco Eco-Partners from various segments, allowing them to network, explore new business opportunities, discuss market trends, and showcase their products. Members can schedule individual meetings through the online meeting portal.