200+ companies opening to the world with Brave Business matchmaking platform

Meet Ukrainian Brave Business - B2B platform that aims to connect Ukrainian manufacturers with reliable overseas partners to support Ukrainian business and raise awareness . This empowers more buyers to visit Ukrainian factories onsite when the war is over to see that Ukrainian business is about quality and is very welcoming to foreign investment.

The Ukrainian business is facing difficulties surviving, but despite the war, it continues to work, unite into clusters, produce quality products, export, participate in joint stands at professional international exhibitions, and take part in trade missions. Ukrainian bold entrepreneurs are using every opportunity not only to maintain their business but also to develop it. The furniture export volume in 2022 was $806.6 million, which is $56.2 million more than the COVID year of 2020. "Yes, this is less than in peaceful times when we worked in 120 countries, but it also shows that the world needs Ukrainian furniture and is ready to support the economy of our country by buying Furniture of Ukraine," says Oksana Donska, a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, and CEO of the "Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo" exhibition. One of the important mechanisms for development in difficult times is the use of innovation, and this is where EventsWallet comes in handy.

UBB (Ukrainian Brave Business) is the first Ukrainian platform for professional B2B deals. The platform was created as part of the Swiss-Ukrainian Project "Strengthening Member Business Associations of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Ukraine", which is implemented by the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine UNDP Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and with the support of Switzerland.

Here are some of the EventsWallet features being used on the Ukrainian Brave Business platform:

  • the expo area is divided into 3 different halls - Ukrainian platform “Women in business”; Furniture of Ukraine and Engineering/ Automation/ Machinery. By choosing the specific hall a buyer can discover relevant companies and can check each company description, website, team, documents and the most important - products and services that it has to offer. The negotiations start right here as easy as sending a personal message to one of the team members;
  • EventsWallet matchmaking software helps event attendees to derive value from networking and connecting with the right people. Tags usage gives attendees an opportunity to connect and schedule one-on-one meetings with those people who are truly relevant to them;
  • manufacturers and buyers can book online meetings by sending a request to meet using the embedded calendar. Once the meeting is confirmed, the user can easily join it and invite colleagues to participate in negotiations and help with closing the deal;
  • using announcements could manufacturers promote their business getting the immediate attention from buyers who might be interested in their products;
  • the platform combines multiple technologies to measure event performance and users’ engagement through analytics. Different types of analytics (personal for buyers, company’s for manufacturers and event’s for org) provide specific data insightful for the particular type of participant.

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