Millions of investments opportunities at UA Ecosystem Day

Meet UA Ecosystem Day by Ukrainian Startup Fund, a pitching opportunity for the most fabulous Ukrainian startups and investment opportunities for local and international venture funds. The invitation-only event matched companies with investors to have real conversations and, hopefully, deals coming after that. 22 Ukrainian startups had an opportunity to introduce their innovations. 13 Investors companies were there to hear them out and make decision about possible investments. 1,500+ company views!

The Innovation Development Fund (Ukrainian Startup Fund) is the one-of-a-kind state institution that helps innovative projects and technology startups raise funds at the early stages and launch their projects. The Fund is the driver of the startup ecosystem development, provides conditions for the growth of the sector, creates a positive investment image of the Ukrainian tech industry abroad, and represents Ukrainian innovative solutions around the world.

To achieve this purpose the USF team is organizing different types of events such as webinars, conferences, online training, meetings, demo days and Pitch & Match online events.

UA Ecosystem Day: Pitch & Match is a virtual event. That’s why the USF team decided to use EventsWallet platform to create investors and startups catalog that will be accessible both in web version and mobile apps.

Here are some of the EventsWallet features used during the UA Ecosystem Day: Pitch & Match online event:

  • the custom Investor hall was set up to are displayed the funds and create opportunity for the attendees to check their info (team, website, companies and nishes they invest in etc.) and prepare for the personalized pitch;
  • the custom Startup hall displayed 23 Ukrainian companies with their reps. Here the potential investors could check team, companies pitch decks, discover current rounds info and view the pitch recording;
  • for this invitation-only event the extended user information was available on the platform. The attendees can save contacts they might be interested to their phones and continue communication after the event;
  • investors and startups could conduct online meetings through the platform, share their ideas, network and make connections;
  • the platform was customized to meet a special format of the event and create a competitive atmosphere of the startup battles.

UA Ecosystem Day: Pitch & Match had a resounding success, giving participants access to a unique platform to pitch their ideas and network. The event received positive feedback from venture funds and startups, in particular:

🎙СЕО Cases Anatoly Popel:
It was incredibly nice to participate in this event. It gave us a feeling that despite the war, the startup industry is alive, and Ukrainian teams are not only keeping up, but even finding an opportunity to develop and move forward. We are sincerely grateful to the USF for organizing the event.
🎙CEO GIOS Nataliya Limonova:
Participation in the UA Ecosystem Day online event once again showed us that there are many innovative startups in Ukraine that are scaling the world and attracting investors. I’m very grateful to USF for the incredible energy, atmosphere of creativity and the organization of the event. I am proud to be a part of the Ukrainian startups ecosystem!
🎙CEO SolarPlex Alex Riabtsev:
On Wednesday SolarPlex had the opportunity to participate in the Pitch & Match online event, the event with investors from all over the world where we successfully presented our hybrid solar panel project, and the very next day our team received a grant from GIST in the amount of 5 thousand US dollars for the further development of the project. Many thanks to USF for organizing the event!

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