2,000+ psychological consultations to support the victims of war

Meet the Foundation for Adaptation to Peaceful Life, the NGO using EventsWallet to provide psychological help to the victims of war. 600+ people have received mental health assistance through the platform.

The platform is working and helping more and more people who are in need of psychological support. EventsWallet is providing its service free of charge, willing to be a part of a bigger idea.

“We are very grateful for this opportunity to help people. With such partners as EventsWallet by our side we believe that our nation can overcome this horror and create a brighter future.” - Bogdan Minenko, the founder of Foundation for Adaptation to Peaceful Life.

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24th, 2022 has been a huge shock not only for Ukrainian people but for the whole world. Ukraine’s government said that more than 60% of its soldiers are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and about half of the population needs psychological help to cope with the war.

As a response to this challenge the charity Foundation for Adaptation to Peaceful Life was created in May 2022. Its main mission is to provide people who have returned from the war zone and who have survived the horrors of the war with a new lease on life and to ensure that their mental health problems do not prevent them from continuing to live.

The first barrier for providing any psychological help is getting people to ask for it and speak out. With those challenges in play, Foundation for Adaptation to Peaceful Life was looking for an easy-to-use platform that is safe, anonymous and working 24/7. After considering different options, Foundation for Adaptation to Peaceful Life chose EventsWallet to meet their objectives.

Here are some of the EventsWallet features that helped Foundation for Adaptation to Peaceful Life open a successful charity platform Psychological Assistance to Ukrainians:

  • psychologists from different countries can easily join this volunteer initiative and open their online office using the expo area, with photo and video materials, description of the experience, professional credentials and certificates;
  • users can ask for help any time just by sending a personal message to the specialist through the platform’s messenger;
  • through the online meetings, users can check a specialist's schedule, choose a convenient time and day and join the consultation through the platform.
  • convenient app version of the platform is ensuring the inclusion of those living under occupation or have fled to other countries because of Russian aggression, and don’t have the opportunity to join via a laptop;
  • the platform is equipped with a workshop module for the psychologists to grow their expertise by participate at closed training sessions and supervisory lessons;
  • to address the anonymity requests, the participants can get a mental health assistance without indicating their personal information;
  • EventsWallet provided customisation to a number of modules of the Psychological Assistance to Ukrainians platform to ensure the users feel safe and cozy, as it was at home in Ukraine.

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