2,500+ vape industry suppliers to find their match with buyers in China

Meet Vape Show, the hybrid exhibition platform, to help IECIE with gaining global influence in the vertical area of electronic cigarettes

IECIE Vape Show China has been uniting the vape industry since 2015. IECIE Vape Show has been creating an unprecedented large-scale vape expo in China and gained the support of the Informa group. Now the show reaches new audiences from Indonesia.

As the world’s leading professional B2B and B2C industry event, IECIE Vape Show has grown up to be a successful brand and professional business platform for the vape industry. Addressing the COVID-related, challenges, IECIE has chosen EventsWallet to create its unique digital experience.

Platform design

The platform empowered the event with the AI buyer recommendation system, analyzing the registration info together with buyers' selected interests to recommend them the most relevant product. Once visitors entered the virtual expo, they were asked to choose their range of interests from products like Mods, and Pods systems to fields like vape business, and vape magazine.

With the expo space filters, visitors could narrow the search to relevant producers and save more time for negotiations with the targeted exhibitor.

With the cloud system support, IECIE virtual platform enabled visitors to text and voice chat, conduct video calls and even watch the on-site broadcasting at the venue. Multi-platform live broadcasting ensured smooth and clear video during the exhibition.

The business matching system helped exhibitors arrange private product presentations and start their negotiations in advance.

In the Notes section, attendees could review all the notes by exhibitors. The posts included detailed product descriptions and special pricing. Visitors could also post their product demands and wait for offers.

Mobile apps and the web platform allowed visitors to the event from different devices making communication easier.

IECIE International eCig Virtual Expo China attracted 10,000 buyers worldwide and brought together 2,500 exhibitors for both online and offline businesses. The expo was a big success!

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