30,000+ engagements in digital for large-scale cleaning and hygiene trade show

Meet cleaning and hygiene platform digitalising trade show experience in China to address the COVID-19 restrictions

The trade show was pursuing two main goals – learning about industry innovations from industry leaders and networking between professionals from China and beyond.

The platform was created to meet the new Coronavirus pandemic reality when international buyers couldn’t participate on-site but didn’t want to miss a chance to find new contacts. The platform was introduced as a safe online yet highly interactive space for suppliers and buyers to meet.

Platform design

The expo space hosted more than 70 companies with their reps. Each company booth contained short business descriptions, product listings, presentations, proposals, videos, and much more – everything in one place. More than 10,000 views happened to the trade show exhibitors.

Buying became easier with comprehensive product catalogs published by suppliers in their online booths. It provided buyers with a clear picture of the services one’s providing.

Platform’s messaging system allowed buyers to get in touch with every exhibitor privately, book a meeting and conduct negotiations without leaving the platform. More than 3,500 pre-negotiations private messages were sent during the time of the event.

Suppliers and buyers had a chance to conduct online meetings through the platform to network, discuss products and services, and negotiate contracts.

To increase engagement, the virtual main stage hosted a series of educational live streams on cleaning business trends and innovations in China. More than 650 attendees watched live performances on the platform and contributed to Q&A sessions from all around the world.

Despite COVID-19, the trade show’s networking was a big success – more than 18,000 attendees' profiles and views led to new connections and successful cooperation.

COVID-19 had a huge influence on the economy, business, and world well-being. While the trade show was originally planned to be conducted onsite, the use of EventsWallet’s digital technology supported the continuity of services to businesses during the global health crisis. The platform has given an opportunity to find new clients without leaving their homes.

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