20,000+ verified buyers to find a match with food&beverage suppliers

Meet Food&Beverage Networking Platform for Chinese suppliers to expand their international buyer network

Food&Beverage: Buyers-Suppliers Networking Platform was created in 2022 and operated for 3 months as a long-term online event. Suppliers showcased their products on the platform through virtual booths and weekly live presentations. More than 20,000 verified buyers from 100+ countries joined the platform for convenient, time-saving, and precise supplier matchmaking.

Platform design

The expo space displayed suppliers’ booths (including company descriptions, links, products showcase, presentations, and contacts).

Once buyers shortlisted desired suppliers, they had an opportunity to schedule online meetings through the platform. EventsWallet’s virtual meeting rooms guarantee safe and private real-time negotiations on the platform without the usage of external third-party services. Once the supplier is online, the potential buyers could join his virtual presentation in the booth and ask questions.

The conference space was customized to stream the pitches of the suppliers. The live streams were available both through the web version and apps.

Productive meetings, held during these 3 months, lead to the creation of new connections and potential cooperation – while both buyers and suppliers joined online, with no trips required. The organizer of the Buyers-Suppliers Networking Platform was very satisfied with the results and continued using the platform for the next matchmaking events.

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