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23 Oct
The Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) is a yearly gathering for energy professionals and policymakers to discuss global energy solutions. Organized by the Singapore Energy Market Authority, its aims are to ensure a reliable energy supply and develop a dynamic energy sector.
The UNC Water and Health Conference promotes universal access to safe WaSH services. Policymakers, practitioners, and researchers gather to review evidence and improve approaches. Discounted hotel rooms are available for attendees. The event shares experiences to improve sanitation policies and increase political support for universal access.
International trade fair for hotels, bars and restaurants.""The Fair for the Hotel Industry and Gastronomy: Sustainability, Quality, and Innovation. Successful Solutions: Why the Guest Will Decide the Industry's Success or Failure Tomorrow.
23 Oct
The upcoming IFFO Annual Conference is scheduled to be held in Cape Town.
Qatar's new & international construction event"The Big 5 Construct Qatar connects construction professionals to exhibit and compare products, attend workshops for career growth, and utilize networking tools to build connections and source new products.
Access Qatar's multi-billion dollar interiors market"INDEX Qatar is a yearly event that brings together Qatar's interior design, architecture, and construction industry. With over 200 suppliers and 5,000 buyers, it's endorsed by Qatar Tourism Authority.
24–27 Oct 2023
<div><div>ComVac ASIA 2023-Intelligent Manufacturing: With the progress of national Industry 4.0 strategy and the integration of “Industrialization and Informatization” development, intellectualization and personalization will be an inevitable trend for the R&D and manufacturing of compressors. Highlighting the intellectualization positioning and accelerating the technological innovation development, enterprises will gather together to exchange thoughts on specific intelligent manufacturing solutions in line with their industrial characteristics, corporate strategic goals and their respective development.</div><div></div><div>Energy-saving and e!ciency: Nowadays, compressor manufacturers are giving extra attention to highly e!cient and energy saving products as well as eliminating backward production capacity. It is more important to use energy e"ects by making the best of modern control technology. ComVac ASIA 2023 will continuously discuss highly e!cient energy-saving solutions for compressors from multiple aspects and dimensions, covering the optimization of the complete machine, air system assessment and system energy-saving, and pushing the compressors to stride towards the era of “Smart Manufacturing”.</div></div><div></div><div><b>ComVac ASIA 2023 facts and figures </b></div><div>140,000 visitorsNearly 300 exhibitorsOver 25,000 sq. meters of expo space</div><div></div><div><b>Key products to be presented at the trade show:</b></div><div>Compressor parts and components of compressorsPost-processing equipment for compressed airLubricants and related equipment Vacuum technology</div><div></div><div><div><b>Exhibition Time:</b></div><div><b>Oct.24-26 2023                     9:00-17:00</b><b>Oct.27 2023  9:00-14:00</b></div></div>
24–27 Oct 2023
<div><b>CeMAT ASIA 2023</b> showcases the world’s most advanced logistics technology, traffic engineering, mechanical building, and packaging equipment.</div><div>Last year, the exhibition has gathered over 140,000 visitors and over 800 exhibitors in 80,000 sq. meters of expo space!</div><div></div><div><b>CeMAT ASIA 2023 facts and figures </b></div><div>140,000 visitorsOver 800 exhibitors80,000 sq. meters of expo space<div></div></div><div><b>Key products to be presented at the trade show:</b></div><div>Mechanical handlingWarehousing technology and workshop equipmentPackaging and ordering picking equipmentLogistics services and outsourcingEntire systems for material handling technology, warehouse technology, logisticsTraffic engineeringIntralogistics – systems and softwareLoading technology<div></div></div><div><b>CeMAT ASIA 2023 – an exhibition for those who are engaged in these industries: </b></div><div>Food manufacturingAuto manufacturingTobacco manufacturingPharmaceutical and medical clothing industryNew energyMedical apparatus and instruments Airport / port Packaging / printing IT & electronic equipmentHome appliances manufacturingPetrochemicalMetallurgy & castingMechanical machinery engineeringEnergy / electrical power industry Aerospace & aviation manufacturing ShipbuildingNational defence industry Shoes & clothing industryDaily chemicalsE-commerceWarehousing servicesExpress Logistics Real EstateForwarding agenciesInformation software & solutionsBanksInsuranceConsultingCold chain logistics<div><div><b></b></div><div><b>Exhibition Time:</b></div><div><b>Oct.24-26 2023<span>    </span>9:00-17:00</b><b>Oct.27 2023    9:00-14:00</b></div></div></div>
24–27 Oct 2023
<div><b>PTC ASIA 2023</b> is the top exhibition in Asia, which creates an all-encompassing platform for trade, networking, and learning more about the  power energetics and resources conservation industry trends. </div><div>Since it was first held in 1991, PTC ASIA has been deeply involved in the power transmission and control industry for more than 30 years. It has provided an excellent platform for brand display, trade cooperation and technical exchanges in the industry, and has deeply promoted the industry developing. The exhibits at PTC ASIA covers 11 categories such as hydraulics, pneumatics, seals, gears, motors, chains, belts, springs, bearings, couplings & brakes and industrial subcontracting, providing one stop procurement platform for core components for the landing of smart factories in future.</div><div></div><div><b>PTC ASIA 2023 facts and figures </b></div><div>140,000+ VisitorsOver 1,500 ExhibitorsNearly 100,000 sq. meters of expo space</div><div></div><div><b>Key products to be presented at the trade show:</b></div><div>Fluid powerMechanical transmission, parts and equipmentBearingsElectrical power transmissionServices</div><div></div><div><b>PTC ASIA 2023 – an exhibition for those who are engaged in these industries: </b></div><div>Construction / Building / Mining machineryMachine tool / Metal-working machineryPetroleum / ChemicalMetallurgyEnergy / Electrical powerRailway / Metro / Ship / Aerospace & aviationFood & beverage Pharmaceutical / Medical Textile and related machineryAgriculture and related machineryElectronic / Home appliances / ITPrinting / PackagingLogistic and related machineryAutomobile / MotorcycleGeneral-purpose equipment manufacturingIntelligent equipments, robots<div></div><div><b>Exhibition Time:</b></div><div><b>Oct.24-26 2023          9:00-17:00</b><b>Oct.27 2023           9:00-14:00</b></div></div>
CONNECT.TECH is a top-tier, affordable conference for web, mobile, and design professionals. It covers a range of topics from React, Angular, Vue, and Node to UX/UI, HTML/CSS, and mobile practices. All levels of expertise are welcome to present.
For the last 7 years, Intelligent Cities Summit has made its mark as the leading global forum where public sector leaders get together to deliberate creating an Intelligent and efficient public sector of tomorrow.
24 Oct
The Must-attend Event for Cyber Security Experts Across Latin America"CS4CA LATAM is a platform where IT & OT security leaders in critical industries can collaborate on digital resilience. The LatAm Cyber Summit and CS4CA LatAm events offer top-notch cybersecurity knowledge to leaders and experts. Attendees can connect, learn, and collaborate on building cyber resilience. CS4CA LatAm focuses on addressing challenges in Latin America's cybersecurity, particularly in critical infrastructure. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity game and learn from experts in the field. It's an excellent event to meet and learn about best practices in ICS cybersecurity.
ASEAN Bangkok Vending Machine & Self-service Facilities Expo, the global vending machine market size was valued at USD 30.30 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a CAGR of 9.4% from 2019 to 2025. From the TRA report: The retail & Wholesale sector is directly responsible for 15.6% of Thailand's GDP, second after the industry sector. The retail market has been expand from 7.6 Billion baht in 1993 to 3.6 Trillion baht in 2018, which is more than 5 folds of the market. Thailand is one of the fastest-growing retail industries in Southeast Asia. The booming tourism industry is driving the rapid development of the retail and vending market.
Network X is merging 5G World, Broadband World Forum, and Telco Cloud to unite fixed and mobile markets. This event will provide extensive coverage of 5G opportunities, featuring insights, case studies, and experts.
World Leading Trade Fair for Intralogistics & Supply Chain Management"Dematic highly values participating in CeMAT ASIA and joined forces with Kion's Linde and Baoli this year. They made valuable connections with quality customers and deepened their service and innovation. SCHAEFER also had success showcasing logistics technology and connecting with industry professionals.
5G World combines fixed and mobile markets, offering service providers various revenue opportunities in the enterprise sector. With 5G, enterprises can utilize analytics, machine learning, and edge-based cloud services to enhance productivity, launch new products, and deliver immersive experiences. 5G World provides comprehensive coverage of these opportunities, offering insights, case studies, standards, and access to experts involved in new business models and approaches.
24 Oct
This year's summit is about KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING and CONFIDENCE. Join us as we recognize the areas of focus that are impacting our industry, our decisions, and how our industry is embracing the need to embrace change, try new, and have confidence in the opportunities that this provides.