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Can you fit into the FRIDGE?"The original vision of Founder Eric Ginsburg was that of a fair that is both Art and Soul, replete with whimsical and kitschy fun. The Fridge may have met its most fitting challenge as the world continues to step out of the pandemic's shadow. It is a time of renewed passion for the arts, and the colors of the rainbow best represent healing and ardor.
The seminar series led by Dipl.-Fw. Friedbert Lang (StB) provides quarterly updates on tax law changes, including new laws, court decisions, and administrative instructions. The content is presented clearly with real-life examples. Topics covered include detailed analysis of important developments, brief summaries of relevant decisions, legislative updates, news from the administration, current practical information, updates on legal remedies, and retrospective analysis. Participants benefit from practical preparation, including advice and design tips. A comprehensive manuscript is provided for follow-up work and practical application. Our service package includes documentation in print and digital formats, attendance at in-person seminars (not available for web seminars), and access to video recordings of the seminars.
Don't miss the annual event organised by the French Printed Electronics Association and meet us. This year's theme will be: Scale-up of printed electronics in Europe and France for mass production.
Get ready, comic book fans, for an even bigger Madison Comic Con at Monona Terrace. More space, vendors, artists, and guests. Attendees get a free comic book. The Studios, founded in 2015, offers a world of cute and colorful artwork. Find stationary, prints, stickers, and custom art.
The only art fair with quality audience for works of art"India Art Festival is a new model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designers, architects, and art connoisseurs who come together every year under a roof. India Art Festival along with mid-level and major art galleries also provides the opportunity to emerge, independent artists, to get discovered and enjoy the attention of the established artists.
This symposium provides a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as to network with leading experts in the field. We are excited to bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners from around the world to share their latest findings, discuss emerging trends, and explore new directions.
28 Dec
Indo Food Show is an opportunity for producers, processors and packers to present their products & brands to exporters, importers, distributors and buyers all around the globe and meet with new opportunities to grow their business in private labeling or their own branded packed food products.
This session by Hogan Lovells is designed for legal leaders in the retail and wholesale food industries. It will cover food regulatory developments, FDA inspectional trends, FSMA updates, and regulatory changes related to allergens, heavy metals, and colors. The panel will also discuss nutrition and labeling priorities, including topics like sodium, added sugars, and front-of-pack labeling requirements. Additionally, the panel will explore crisis management in areas such as food labeling and plant-based products.
The Wide-format Summit is a comprehensive event for senior managers and executives interested in the impact of wide-format printing technology on their business decisions. Attendees will gain insights into improving and optimizing their business through strategic-level discussions and explore innovative solutions in various application segments. Industry authorities and advisors provide in-depth knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of printing professionals. The agenda covers current issues, trends, technologies, software, supplies, and successful inkjet solution implementations. This event aims to advance technology strategies.
International Printing, Paper, Packaging Machinery Exhibition plays the role of a platform for the advertising and printing trade, gaining greater heights, welcoming wider markets, and accepting greater challenges while providing superior service to various industries. Advertising and printing trade leaders from all over the world gather in Kuala Lumpur for IPMEX Malaysia, creating endless opportunities, possibilities, and excitement. IPMEX Malaysia is featuring Print, Paper, Label, Package, Corrugated printing, Signage, and Advertisement industries. All are in one place! As new technologies have widened the scope of printing applications, there have been new blue oceans emerging in various fields including industrial and special printing.
Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia is being organized at the most opportune time when the government is looking forward to expanding the Plastic industry of the Country, which has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia would showcase the emerging capabilities of Pakistan in the chemical and polythene industry and aims to focus on the immense potential of Pakistan in International markets.
03 Aug 2024
The event is held at Hainan International Convention & Exhibition Center in Haikou City, China. It is organized by Guangzhou DPES Exhibition Co., Ltd. The event focuses on the sign and digital printing industry.
LabelEXPO Shanghai will create a leading one-stop trading and procurement platform for labeling equipment and consumables in the Asia-Pacific region. It will be covering all types of label printing equipment, substrates, inks and ribbons, other consumables, supporting and infrastructure, services, and software, allowing you to Contact a large number of high-quality suppliers to make your purchasing reference more professional and valuable.
25 Sep 2024
Japan Marketing Week [Osaka] is a comprehensive event organized by RX Japan Ltd., featuring expos like Promotional Goods, Web & Social Media Marketing, Sales Support, Advertising Media, and Customer Experience Management. It offers a wide range of marketing, advertising, and customer experience products and services.