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Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials, Advanced Graphene Materials, Hydrogen Energy, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Magnetic and Spintronics Materials, Advanced Polymer Materials and Nanocomposites, Solar Energy Materials, Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED).
The 2024 ICCC is a gathering of top experts in coordination chemistry discussing advancements in health, energy, catalysis, the environment, and fundamental science. It embraces diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives within the global coordination chemistry community.
09 Aug
After successful completion of Second Edition at Visakhapatnam, now we are coming with 3rd Edition at Hyderabad on August 9-12, at Hitex Exhibition Centre. Hyderabad 2024. We are covering all segments of plastics packaging and printing expo.
The upcoming Gordon Research Conference on Additive Manufacturing of Soft Materials in Smithfield, RI is a leading international scientific conference promoting cutting-edge research and fostering collaboration among scientists of all career stages. The program includes diverse speakers from global institutions and organizations, focusing on the latest developments in the field. The five-day conference, held in a remote location, aims to enhance camaraderie and encourage lasting collaborations and friendships. Along with premier talks, there will be designated time for poster sessions and opportunities for informal networking with field leaders during afternoon free time and communal meals. The conference will consist of nine sessions, details of which will be included in the preliminary program developed by the conference chair.
The conference series provides a prestigious global platform for presenting and discussing new discoveries, exchanging ideas on advanced synthesis, structure-property relationship, and applications of unique aromatic compounds. It originated as the International Symposium on Nonbenzenoid Aromatic Compounds.
Everything for the Plastic Chain"Interplast is a trade show that showcases the entire plastic article production chain, attracting a diverse audience and resulting in high-volume business. The Southern Region is a major player, with Santa Catarina responsible for 16% of Brazil's volume. Visitors from 24 states and 12 countries attended the previous edition.
The Cambodia International Machinery Industrial Fair is a four-day event held at the Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center in Phnom Penh. The event showcases a comprehensive range of exhibits from various industrial sectors.
21 Aug
International Plastic Products, Raw Materials and Plastic equipment & accessories Exhibition"Expo Plast Peru serves as the entry point for the Plastic Industry and related sectors in Peru, a rapidly growing economy in Latin America. It attracts national and foreign visitors and is a major meeting for the Plastic Industry in the South Pacific and Latin America.
This seminar provides an introduction to Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), including their characteristics, processing techniques, and applications in various industries. Participants will gain knowledge in material selection and be able to assess potential uses for their products. Led by Professor Lorenz, an expert in polymer technology and biomaterials.