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07–09 Sep 2022
The spirit of the Congress has always been and especially this year will be to ask ourselves a lot of questions. We should not be afraid of questions and we should be not afraid of the answers. The 2012 Esmint congress is going to repeat the success of the previous editions. This year we really want to dedicate much more time to the discussion. Firstly discussion of cases. Cases presented by the participants and discussed by everybody else. The main topics will be the usual: Aneurysms and Flow-diverters. AVMs and their problematic management. Stroke: the technical advancements and the latest results of Randomized Trials. Secondly we will try to approach controversial issues. We will see if there is anything proved in the relationship between venous insufficiency and Multiple Sclerosis. And we will try to understand our role in the field of Science. Science is a big word: are we ready for that? The most important part of the Congress will be the presentation of cases: they must be single case reports (two or three cases when a certain point has to be stressed). They have to possess interesting features: bad outcomes and device failures will be privileged new, provocative, conflicting ideas will be favoured We do not like presentations with case series, numbers, statistics, which show just a few images quickly disappearing. We will make a big effort to accommodate all. We will try to favour the youngest among you and of course the first who will respond. First come, first served: the sooner you send the presentation the higher the probability of showing it. In order to promote discussion there should be somewhere in the presentation, ideally when questions start to rise, a slide that makes a stop and permits the moderators to take charge and involve the floor. That slide can always be added later by the Scientific Committee.
28–30 Sep 2022
CONGRESS hetero-epitaxy - The 7th International Workshop on Zinc Oxide and Related Materials Industry: High Technology Number of visitors: 200 1 KENNEDY PLAZA 06300 NICE Website: The Acropolis convention center has started a wide-ranging modernization and beautification. The edifice, built in 80 years is reviewed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.
07–09 Oct 2022
As part of the show Bionazur a special screening of "Local solutions for global disorder" will be established at the Rialto Cinema in Nice Monday, May 24 at 20h This screening will be followed by a debate with the director Coline Serreau of the film. Advance booking recommended
07–09 Oct 2022
After the success of the sixth edition of the Real Estate NICE MORNING in 2012, the Group will achieve the NICE MORNING sixth edition, in collaboration with NICEXPO as logistics operator, the 23-24 and March 25, 2012. Building on lessons learned, we will make every effort to make this event continues to be the place to be providers of real estate and visitors wishing to conduct operations as part of this show.
01–02 Dec 2022
A condominium well maintained, it is a valued heritage! EXHIBITION CONFERENCES, BUSINESS COUNCIL SOLUTIONS PROPERTY AGENTS allows you to learn about - The operation of the condominium - Maintenance, renovation, innovation in residential buildings - New standards and obligations - Sustainable living and the impact of the Grenelle 2 You are player of the condominium: co chairmen or member of Trade Union Councils ... professional: Trustee, principal of condominium property manager, employee agency, supplier of condominium ... This show is for you!