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30 sep 2022 — 10 oct 2023
For eleven days, the Parc des Expositions de Metz Métropole brings together 750 exhibitors and 1450, becoming the references of excitement that brings together all the institutions and businesses of the Greater Region. But even beyond this regional dimension, the Fair is exceptional in that it concentrates Metz products and know-how from 26 countries giving the whole event's international status. Ideally positioned in the heart of a catchment area of ​​nearly 3 million people living within 40 minutes from the Exhibition, The International Fair of Metz is both an appointment and shopping a social phenomenon that n has no equivalent in any one quarter north-east of France.
29 mar — 02 abr 2023
Since the parking is limited to the KEBA site and the surrounding neighborhoods much, we recommend you travel by public transport. From the train station to the fairground Aarau daily free fair bus travels directly to the AMA. From Zurich via Highway: A1 direction Bern Exit Aarau Ost Indication AMA Aargau Aarau Fair (during the fair) to follow outside of the fair Kantonsspital Aarau and Brügglifeld Coming from Bern via Highway: A1 direction Zurich Aarau West exit Indication AMA Aargau Aarau Fair (during the fair) to follow outside of the fair Kantonsspital Aarau and Brügglifeld
31 mar — 02 abr 2023
About 150 companies from eastern Germany will present their products and services. Specialties from the former East Germany Food-u. Beverage Clothing Cosmetics Books, Videos, CDs Porcelain, ceramics, glassware, candles U watch. Jewellery Toys Kitchen-u. Upholstered furniture, furniture Industry-u. Household goods Holiday-u. Spa Deals Housing-u. House deals rehabilitation Specialties from the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Armenia
31 mar — 10 abr 2023
La Foire Internationale de Lyon, une des plus anciennes de 75, est un vrai pilier économique pour la région Rhône-Alpes. Année après année, elle a su s’adapter aux attentes et aux changements de comportement des visiteurs pour rester toujours attractive.94ème éditionHoraires d’ouverture :           Tous les jours de 9h30 à 19h30           Trois nocturnes jusqu’à 22h :           1er samedi, jeudi et 2ème vendredi 88 000 m2 d’expositionTemps de visite moyen des visiteurs : 4h03213 000 visiteurs en 2011
01–02 abr 2023
Building and ConstructionLivingInterior ConstructionHousekeepingNourishmentLeisureAgricultureMotor VehiclesPersonal SuppliesGarmentDie größte Verbraucherausstellung in Rheinland-Pfalz und im gesamten Rhein-Main-Gebiet. 80.000 Besucher und über 780 Aussteller auf mehr als 30.000 m² Hallenfläche und einem großen Freigelände, bieten Ihnen eine optimale Informations-, Beratungs-, Entscheidungs- , Einkaufs- und Unterhaltungsplattform.
14–23 abr 2023
While the International Fair of Toulouse was fenced only two months ago, it is already time to think about the new edition. And just talk about it! ... and offers more and more discoveries & novelties, all in friendliness and good humor. To discover effective March 31 and until April 9, 2012!
18–23 abr 2023
Then they will see in Bourges, from Wednesday 24 to Monday, April 29, artists sharp and big hits of the year, legends and meteors, strong youth and seniors still fragile, feelings all fresh and effective rogues ... A large majority of one hundred artists from the official program for the first time come, besides the thirty Discoveries. But many return - the best, the most pugnacious, the most sustained creative. And, as every year, the adventure of the spectators will be beautiful, between reunion with loved artists, unexpected revelations and checks buzz of the season. There will be many grumpy growl for it is too easy to pass a festival by programming the best concerts. But this is not the only reason the Printemps de Bourges is as important to its audience and artists. Moderation in ticket prices, the welcome festival goers, the quality of the relationship between the festival and his city, his commitment to the environment, this is all a singular event and - say it! - Copy.
19–23 abr 2023
Trend                                                     Leisure Health Fashion               Cosmetics Sports Lifestyles                       Table culture                  Gardening Household Media                            Communications Int. wines fair Horses                     Articles for equestrian sport Care for horses                                   Feeding
19–22 abr 2023
The 30th Garages: Fair 2011 filled with 235 exhibitors and over 6,600 square meters of net exhibition area of ​​Hall 12 NürnbergMesse almost complete. The four-day exhibition inspired more than 18,500 visitors with disabilities about the benefits of workshops for people (sheltered workshops) informed (2010 it was 17,200) and bought their quality products. In addition to the large exhibition many visitors also took advantage of the rich lecture program. Among the more than 90 lectures were about 4,800 participants. "There we are particularly pleased that the exhibition is also used as a marketplace for education, training and rehabilitation offerings," said Berg, Martin said the Board of the BAG: sheltered workshops. "Workshops continue to evolve, to show it is important to us. We could not make it clear that repairers have to contribute something to say and when it comes to the future of social policy issues in Germany. "
21–25 abr 2023
HOMES & GARDENS, GREED, HOBBIES, SHOPPING. Frequently, it is 9 days to discover new, compare and do business, nine days to travel, have fun and be surprised with the entertainment and exhibition event. 9 DAYS TO DISCOVER NEW, compare and do business with 500 exhibitors in all areas of actiivités: housing, furniture and decoration, outdoor, wine and gastronomy, wellness and practical life, outdoor recreation. .. 9 DAYS for entertainment and to be surprised by the events and activities.
27 abr — 08 may 2023
The Paris Trade Fair is a formidable area of discovery. A vast city dedicated to consumerism, to leisure and entertainment for some; a launching pad, a commercial springboard for others. It will allow you to and meet interesting prospective customers, to welcome existing customers, to renew contact with former customers, to launch new products or services, to present and promote a line of goods or services, to accelerate the process of sale and generate sales, to develop the company image attract new customers and its brand name.
28 abr — 07 may 2023
This year is the Bernese Oberland as a guest at the BEA. The beautiful region is shown to us in all its beauty. You will be surprised by the diversity of its well-known and lesser-known sites! Shown for example in the special show in the countryside where the center is, how creative and innovative the mountain farmers. In the "Pleasure & tradition" experience the Bernese Oberland and gastronomically. Enjoy this unique ambience in fine wines and delicious cooking shows and watch inspiring. Everywhere will be offered only the best of the region. The BEA is of course much more: a shopping experience with over 900 exhibiting artists, sports and fun at the BEActive, attractive special shows, daily animal demonstrations, a petting zoo with more than 600 animals and a Fair with Luna Park. Additional entertainment offer the Bärner Volksfescht, musical numbers and varied evening programs. The day's program and all events is available from April.
28 abr — 07 may 2023
450 exhibitors fulfill long-cherished heart's desire, the pleasure paradise invites you to discover its delights, a large special exhibition focuses on "Sports and heart," the charming host region of Romandie makes your heart beat faster, kids can romp to their hearts content, special shows to check on everyday topics heart and kidneys, and a thousand experiences for every taste make for heart palpitations. In short, the Luga is a labor of love - for all is something. And what strikes your heart? We look forward to meeting you and welcome You are welcome!
28 abr — 08 may 2023
For its 84th edition from 28 April to 6 May 2012, the Foirexpo Niort, will guide us "On the Spice Route." Already in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, the spices were used in food, medicine and perfumery. This "Spice Route" opened by the daring navigators (Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus ...) which you can rediscover the adventures through portraits, nautical charts, exhibits of amazing objects.
29 abr — 09 may 2023
Exhibition for Industry, Trade, Craftmenship and Agriculture.Building and Construction           Living         Interior Construction            Housekeeping          NourishmentLeisure         AgricultureMotor Vehicles          Personal SuppliesGarment          HealthTravel           Garden EquipmentAgriculture            Office Communication       
05–14 may 2023
> 50,000 m2 EXPOSURE All business sectors are represented with over 700 exhibitors (indoor and outdoor housing, health, beauty, entertainment, vehicles ...). > A VILLAGE GOURMET MISSED The Village Gourmet, unique and friendly, offers a wide range of gastronomic specialties from various countries. > AUDIENCE OF ALL HORIZONS Over 200,000 visitors from throughout the Region are expected each year.
05–08 may 2023
* Festiculture you to experience an unforgettable weekend on the theme: "Meeting with Turkey." * A single cultural event that will make you discover the riches of Turkey through numerous events and products of the craft. * The Turkish cuisine you will also appreciate new flavors through various traditional specialties ... * Many activities will be offered to younger: theater, bouncy castles, circus, zoo ... * Do not miss the May 5,6,7,8, Turkey rewarding meeting!
05–06 may 2023
The fair LIFE AND DEATH Bremen is a fair & Congress on the topics of prevention, care, support, and bereavement leave. Many exhibitors at the LIFE AND DEATH Messe Bremen their products and services around the issues of prevention, care, monitoring, the farewell, grief and dying in dignity and is aimed at both primary and volunteers from the hospice and elderly care, the funeral services, chaplains, from the cemetery area, and to all interested parties. The lectures, seminars and workshops of the congress of the LIFE AND DEATH Bremen round exhibition on issues such as living wills, funeral and burial options addressing the wide product range.
Expat-Expo is a one day event designed for the English-speaking people of Switzerland. We showcase a wide variety of businesses, organisations, сlubs and churches from all over Switzerland and Europe. Participation is open to all nationalities, races and religions and space is awarded on a first-сome-first-served basis. You may sell your products directly to the visitors, however Expat-Expo is primarily designed to demonstrate your business or organisation and develop contacts with potential customers.
13–21 may 2023
Consumer Goods Exhibition.Building and ConstructionLivingInterior ConstructionHousekeepingNourishmentHealthPersonal SuppliesGarmentCosmeticsLeisureTravelAgriculture
13–21 may 2023
Reserved seats for the disabled will be made available on carparks. Upon presentation of the disability card: Free admission for cardholders and orange disability equivalent to veterans and war victims. Reduced price tickets (5.90 €) for cardholders green or purple and equivalent disability for veterans and war victims. When the displacement of these people requires the presence of a third person, that person will enjoy the same pricing terms as the disabled person. The Conviviales Walk, negotiate, compare, search, hunt, take, walk, play, touch, buy a ride ... rich that eventually work up an appetite! Fortunately Conviviales open their doors.
13–21 may 2023
MulhouseDu International Fair Saturday, May 12, 2012 to Sunday, May 20, 2012 The appointment unavoidable trading Great Eastern to discover products from sectors as varied as the decor, home, garden, wine, culinary arts and household goods, fashion, wellness services, recreation, restaurants, entertainment and escape ...
18–20 may 2023
The International Franchising Trade Fair, EXPOFRANQUICIA, has been awarded the category of "UFI event" by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. This is one of the most prestigious categories within the international trade fair circuit, as it is associated with excellence and is recognition that the trade fair is experiencing growing international projection. EXPOFRANQUICIA gives support to the sector in its focus on the global market.The increase in the number of Spanish flags with presence in other countries has risen from 234 to 242, a 3.4% increase.The 112 host countries with Spanish concepts currently have 11,178 establishments, which represents a significant increase with respect to figures from the previous year. This trend favours the continuity of the Spanish franchise in international markets. EXPOFRANQUICIA will contribute to this development with its contribution to The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
27 may — 04 jun 2023
Fair Expo Nancy invites Peru in the Exhibition of Nancy Vandoeuvre with an exceptional exhibition "Gold of the Incas Sacred"! It is also 650 exhibitors on the house, garden, welfare, tourism, gastronomy, crafts ... and entertainment for all. Rates and schedules.