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23–26 1月 2022
The show's two wheels Lyon opened the 2 to 4 March 2012 at Eurexpo. For bargains, all players in the world of motorcycle, scooter and quad will be represented: dealers, manufacturers, accessory suppliers, ... Innovations? Road, Scooter, Enduro, Sports, Trials, Quad, ... all the trends will be presented. The show's two wheels Lyon is also three days of continuous entertainment with the return of program testing, demonstrations of stunt, freestyle, BMX made by the best drivers ... The lounge is also full of exhibitions with a first look in the mirror: "70 motorcycles of the 70" and an exhibition steeped in American culture: More than 30 custom bikes!
03–05 3月 2022
Mahana Lyon is a comprehensive exhibition for tour and travel industry in 75. The event will attract many visitors from 75 and neighboring countries. Visitor profile includes - Corporate and Business Travel Decision Makers, Leisure and Holiday Travellers (FIT & Groups), Travel Trade Members, National and International Representatives from Hospitality Industry, Travel Planners etc.
11–14 3月 2022
Exhibitions Wine and Gastronomy: The appointment with the soils of 75 Despite the standardization and globalization, the pleasures of the table remains one of the favorite hobbies of the French. Every year they find themselves more likely to come get drunk flavors and aromas of wine fairs and food organized by GL events * Exhibitions Performance. Quality, authenticity and 233bility: by joining us, this is the motto that you partner!
Still living in Toulouse, a creation BIO ETC in the heart of the pink city will host three days during which exhibitors and entertainment in mind Live Nature of exhibitions, BIO and the natural products in the spotlight in the southwest . The logical follow-LIVE NATURE, living Organic Farming Environment and Natural Products in South West Toulouse / Exhibition Dates: Friday 9th to Sunday, March 11, 2012 Hours: 10 am to 20 pm Admission: 5 euros. Children under 12: Free Free admission with a specific invitation to ask us by email: vivrenaturetoulouse@yahoo.fr
24–26 3月 2022
"Re-Living" redirect, revamp, re-arrange, renovate, re-raise, rehabilitate ... to meet the growing needs of visitors to the renovation market growing: 66 billion euros in sales in a market of 55% of houses of which 80% are homeowners. Wood & Eco-housing construction wood from eco-energy, development of eco-design, innovative products to those more respectful of the planet ... Passion & Renovation House serves a real commitment to eco-consumerism, and more responsible citizen. The Contemporary Home Decoration, design, shop fitters, architects, kitchens, baths, fireplaces, stereo-video, new technologies ...
The real estate fair organized by EXPO SAEML MULHOUSE, with support from the Regional Council of Real Estate and Homes of the Union of French Alsace, chaired by Mr. R. MUNIER. Some 50 representatives of private homes, collective housing, banking, insurance and services will be present. Numerous conferences, including the schedule is under development, will take place on site. In continuation of the first edition, an animation on the theme of building low energy will be presented by the industrial partners of house builders, members of the Union of French Houses.
07–09 4月 2022
La 10ème édition du salon Bio & style de vie aura lieu au Parc des expositions Chorus de Vannes du 28 au 30 janvier 2011. Pendant 3 jours, le salon accueillera plus de 200 spécialistes des secteurs de l'alimentation et des vins bio, de l'habitat naturel, des énergies renouvelables, de la santé, de la forme et bien-être, du commerce équitable. Un pôle tourisme durable permettra de trouver des solutions pour voyager de façon plus équitable et solidaire.
28 7月 — 06 8月 2022
Exhibition is dedicated to wines. Enjoy five days of music, gastronomy, shopping and new discovery in a brilliant atmosphere! The Alsace Wine Festival has gone through two centuries and six decades. Popular event, it is both a general economic Frequently, a coveted Festival, a rendezvous for the general public and for professionals and an exceptional showcase for wines of Alsace. All of which give the Alsace Wine Festival a unique identity and character undeniably festive. The 370 exhibitors each year to visit, as are many growers who come to discover their delicious grapes.
02 8月 — 02 10月 2022
An efficient accelerator for the sector100% exhibitors from ZOOM by Fatex gather production capacities in short term production runs, quality services, Financial solidity and proximity services.The exhibitors that you will find there are Manufacturers, Confectionors from the Euromed Zone (Occidental, Central and Eastern Europe, Northern African Countries, Madagascar and Mauritius) working in sub-contracting medium and up market garment, home textile and fashion accessories' sectors.
27 8月 — 14 9月 2022
The first appointment of the Back for your orientation or reorientation, your further study or even a last-minute registration. Looking for a place? You are looking for a job or internship? Come to the Fair: you will find all the useful and practical information to prepare this new school year. You will meet leaders of business schools or engineering centers linked training, specialized schools that enroll again in September, with or without the tray. Spaces run by the Student librarians will complete your information in terms of choice of studies, last-minute registration, etc.. And for all your other questions, general or more personal, attend conferences that are offered. Prompted by a reporter from the student, they will help you get useful tips in your pursuit of studies.
He then spent ... The parade Thai: traditional parade combining dance, music, percussion and colorful traditional costumes Musical Celebrations Balkan rhythms with Fanfare Couche Tard, atmosphere-Latin Jazz with Fanfare Tut'et, bickering with rock, pop-folk with SF and The Ladyboys and popular song with Roberbam! Hall K - Scene of Trades: Up to 22h show the Corporation's mandatory Crafts Plaster Bas-Rhin Full Earth-9 - Agricultural Area: Agriculture Nighter! Back to sports: 19:30 Round World Capoeira - choreographed demonstrations, dancing and fighting with over 100 capoeiristas
OR SIGN IN SEPTEMBER? Many public and private higher education offering 500 Bac Bac +3 will await you: business schools and management, engineering schools, trade schools, private and public BTS ... These organizations, regional and national, will present their programs and careers related to it. Meet the schools who have not completed their registration in September MOST OF LIVING A Point Orientation Guide will allow everyone to obtain the thematic guide of their choice to refine his research: guides devoted to business or the pursuit of studies. Offers of jobs and internships will be freely available on site.
06–11 9月 2022
Two exceptional sites of French Riviera, located on one end to the other of the Croisette, "Old Port" and "The Port Pierre Canto" Cannes is not too much to host the first European exhibition in streams , with 583 boats set afloat and ashore, including 173 pieces presented in world premiere. First visit of the season, the Festival brings together players from the marina and the international yachting whether exhibitors or visitors, already owners or prospective buyers. The first exhibit to showcase their products and new units to the latter, passionate and eager to enjoy the unique opportunity offered by the Festival, sea trials! What better way to take the helm of a magnificent and luxurious unit, to feel the pleasure of sailing, before making the purchase. Between the wharves and quays, the informed visitor will discover, with enthusiasm and a unique atmosphere, the best in the international supply, jewels floating together in the same casket. Lovers of yachting from all continents will enjoy this magical atmosphere of a true living freely.
07–09 9月 2022
The regional union will be alongside the National Federation of French Mutual to host this national event that brings together between 3500 and 4000 delegates mutual. This is a major event for the mutual movement and especially this year marked by the presidential elections this spring. Held every three years, this event aims to define the strategic orientations of French Mutual and express its proposals on the necessary changes in the health system and social protection.
07–09 9月 2022
The spirit of the Congress has always been and especially this year will be to ask ourselves a lot of questions. We should not be afraid of questions and we should be not afraid of the answers. The 2012 Esmint congress is going to repeat the success of the previous editions. This year we really want to dedicate much more time to the discussion. Firstly discussion of cases. Cases presented by the participants and discussed by everybody else. The main topics will be the usual: Aneurysms and Flow-diverters. AVMs and their problematic management. Stroke: the technical advancements and the latest results of Randomized Trials. Secondly we will try to approach controversial issues. We will see if there is anything proved in the relationship between venous insufficiency and Multiple Sclerosis. And we will try to understand our role in the field of Science. Science is a big word: are we ready for that? The most important part of the Congress will be the presentation of cases: they must be single case reports (two or three cases when a certain point has to be stressed). They have to possess interesting features: bad outcomes and device failures will be privileged new, provocative, conflicting ideas will be favoured We do not like presentations with case series, numbers, statistics, which show just a few images quickly disappearing. We will make a big effort to accommodate all. We will try to favour the youngest among you and of course the first who will respond. First come, first served: the sooner you send the presentation the higher the probability of showing it. In order to promote discussion there should be somewhere in the presentation, ideally when questions start to rise, a slide that makes a stop and permits the moderators to take charge and involve the floor. That slide can always be added later by the Scientific Committee.
08 9月 2022
All the products available in EC grouped in one place! Prepare the outings, holidays or sports activities, organizing Christmas celebrations, choose a venue, choosing a mutual or provident organization, meet the experts in the service of EC ... by visiting a trade fair for the EC you will meet many suppliers to meet your needs in all areas of activity. A unique opportunity to discover the proposed rates do not forget to compare benefits and related services. Find all the offers of our exhibitors, suppliers specialists for works councils, DédiShopCE your space.
09–12 9月 2022
Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie.  In an exhibition of sea, vineyard products and delicatessen real manufacturers (fishers, enologists, cattle breeders) participate. They present excellent gifts of the nature for visitors' tastes satisfaction. Oysters Fish Wine products Delicatessen Sauces
Discovered among the 600 cats expected each day, the rarest breeds presented by their owners, breeders or individuals Attend several Beauty Contest conducted each day before the public by 12 International Judges Follow the podium with the awards presentations and explanations of Book races possibly among many kittens available from 3 months that you have cracked
10–12 9月 2022
An international exhibition of materials, production and equipment for hairdresser's art. 9 sectors are presented: Lay-out and furniture Enterprise organization Equipment and materials Editions - press - magazines Wigs, hair escalating Cosmetics for hair Make-up - manicure Training Computer science
13–14 9月 2022
Congress Centre The big event of regional councils, associations, staff and communities. A rich and varied shopping and conferences in the heart of social news. Joint procurement Many brands can satisfy the needs and desires of employees.
13–15 9月 2022
Go to all supply chain actors bovine, porcine, rabbit and sheep. The program for these three days consists of 40 lectures and symposia, a platform for R & D. The SPACE 2011 welcomed 107,327 visitors, including 9,336 international. A very good attendance for the show exhibitors who have noted signs of recovery in investment. Your online registration If you received a login and password, If you wish to subscribe to SPACE 2012 as co-exhibitor, If you wish to subscribe to SPACE 2012 as a company represented,
280,000 inhabitants, 30,000 students, 1,200 researchers, Angers has all the advantages of a major city in a privileged environment 90 minutes from Paris by TGV. The economic dynamism of Angers is based on networks of excellence combining research and business. European Pole Plant, Angers houses a nursery and gathers leading player in the plant sector. Seeds, plants, flowers, fruits, vines ... Anjou has a green thumb and expert.
15–16 9月 2022
Grand Palace The big event of regional councils, associations, staff and communities. A rich and varied shopping and conferences in the heart of social news. Joint procurement Many brands can satisfy the needs and desires of employees.
1999 - 2012, 13 years ago, we had previously met in Strasbourg. Since then, many advances have emerged in the Cardiac Rehabilitation. It seemed appropriate to repeat this year an update on the new Rehabilitation and Sport Cardiology, think about how best to implement the patient education, to develop our practice towards more rehabilitation and outpatient organize a short follow-up throughout. We will also discuss the role of MRI in the exploration of our patients and cardiac problems in the workplace. It is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome you again in Strasbourg, Heart of Europe, for our 16th National Day.