Trực tuyến Hội chợ thương mại tiêu dùng Werkstatten Messe

19 Tháng Tư 2023 - 22 Tháng Tư 2023
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The 30th Garages: Fair 2011 filled with 235 exhibitors and over 6,600 square meters of net exhibition area of ​​Hall 12 NürnbergMesse almost complete. The four-day exhibition inspired more than 18,500 visitors with disabilities about the benefits of workshops for people (sheltered workshops) informed (2010 it was 17,200) and bought their quality products. In addition to the large exhibition many visitors also took advantage of the rich lecture program. Among the more than 90 lectures were about 4,800 participants. "There we are particularly pleased that the exhibition is also used as a marketplace for education, training and rehabilitation offerings," said Berg, Martin said the Board of the BAG: sheltered workshops. "Workshops continue to evolve, to show it is important to us. We could not make it clear that repairers have to contribute something to say and when it comes to the future of social policy issues in Germany. "
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