I ardhshëm ngjarjet Interlaken, Zvicra

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11–13 Maj 2023
How do senior decision makers within the financial industry and product and service suppliers meet to discuss business opportunities?   By attending The Financial Industry Strategy Forum, held at the luxurious Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Resort, Interlaken, Switzerland.   If you are a senior decision maker within the financial industry:   Join us and we’ll give you a: world-class conference programmeunrivalled networkingaccess to product and service providers who can deliver your clients outstanding opportunities Read more about the conference programme or why you should attend.   If you provide products and services for the financial industry:   Gain access to senior decision makers though pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings and outstanding networking opportunities.   With these decision makers becoming increasingly difficult to meet through regular channels, The Financial Industry Strategy Forum in the heart of the European financial district, will afford you a potentially lucrative opportunity.