I ardhshëm ngjarjet Hamburgu, Gjermania

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14–16 Pri 2023
The cradle of vitality Since 1987 is Germany's first and largest trade fair for health, ecology and spirituality in Hamburg statt.Mit its international reputation is enjoying the show such a high reputation and popularity that it zusätzlichzu gives taking place for over 22 years of spring fairs since 1996, also a Fall Fair . The spring fairs make each year in Hamburg CCH station. A perfect location in the heart of Hamburg - situated in the city.
14–16 Pri 2023
Germany's largest forum for health, ecology and spirituality The interest in alternative health services and products of the industry is growing at topics such as ecology and spirituality. More and more people take responsibility - for themselves and their well-being. The autumn fairs are held annually in the exhibition hall of Hamburg-Schnelsen. She thanks to their convenient location in the north of Hamburg and the more than 2,000 free parking spaces a promising large catchment area.
21–25 Maj 2023
Over the last few years, the ISC Exhibition has grown steadily and it has strengthened its position as a core platform for comparing services of different HPC suppliers.This year's exhibition showcases the most comprehensive range of services and solutions from world’s leading vendors and research organizations in one place and in just three days.Please have a look at the Exhibition Fact Sheet and the current Exhibitor List for a general idea of the ISC'11 exhibition. 
01–02 Qer 2023
The Home & Garden Fair in Hamburg, is the showcase for exclusive enjoyment of life, home and garden culture. A variety of reputable, carefully selected exhibitors will present classic as extravagant, the highest standards to withstand. On the Home & Garden Fair in Hamburg, one finds not only the finest and most unusual creations, but also the latest trends for the home and garden. For the 15th HOME & GARDEN time opens the doors to their traditional base of the Hamburg Derby Park. Where else take the best horses to victory in the German Derby and international stars give their concerts, the kidnapped HOME & GARDEN-team in the world of civilized life. For four days, turning in the exclusive atmosphere of the Elbchaussee all about the things that make life more beautiful. About 200 selected exhibitors displaying the latest trends for the home and garden. Among many suggestions for the garden, offering at the Derby area known companies in the areas of indoor and outdoor furniture, home entertainment, home decor, art, lifestyle and Fine Food superior products dar. An entertaining program of special exhibitions, live music, depot service and professional customer service round off your stay at the HOME & GARDEN Hamburg.
06–08 Qer 2023
Aircraft Interiors Expo is a unique exhibition solely dedicated to Aircraft Interiors Design and Airline Cabin Systems engineering.Design Seating IFE Textiles Finishes Lighting Flooring Galleys and Galley Equipment Waste Management Safety Equipment Emergency Equipment Power Supply Lavatory products Laminates Food Service Equipment UpgradesReplacement Parts Cabin Systems Integration Touchscreens Seat Interfaces Food Products Comfort Products Amenity Kits Refrigeration Completion Centres Security Products Biometrics Cockpit Doors Medical EquipmentAir Quality Products
14–15 Qer 2023
Welcome to Hamburg, on the logistics fair in the north of Germany! <!-- Header: [end] --><!-- Text: [begin] --> 2011 offers the easyFairs ® LOGISTICS visitors to the 3rd Times a compact information platform for logistics solutions and services: from transportation and logistics services to warehousing & logistics to IT solutions and identification systems and consulting services and contract logistics. Profit for the third time, easyFairs ® LOGISTICS and the easyFairs ® PACKAGING north 2011 from the synergy of the parallel event.
16–18 Qer 2023
BABYWELT has more than 45.000 visitors in three major cities and has become Germany's leading consumer trade fair geared towards children. It brings together international and national players, regional children dealers and individual suppliers from all industries dealing with issues of pregnancy, birth and. Offers a unique opportunity BABYWELT to present products to live a sophisticated and demanding audience with great purchasing power. An exceptionally high number of interested visitors who are on the lookout for current trends and innovative products and who therefore have a high need for specialized information will be reached. The aim of BABYWELT is to accompany expectant parents and young families with children ranging from 0 to 6 years on their journey towards family happiness.
27–28 Qer 2023
The Hamburg Fair is an exhibition for Vocatium + training course on the Qualified contacts between students and exhibitors is the goal. Even before the start of the exhibition in Hamburg Vocatium Will die for students tailored, organized their vocational interests Corresponding individual appointments. The dates for the students communicated Werden 14 days before the start of SO, prepare yourself with this Can Targeted One short application on your Gespäch. The goal of the Hamburg Fair Vocatium it is not, as many visitors durchzuschleusen, But die for the men and boys do and universities as possible to achieve a high quality of the counseling sessions.
11–16 Sht 2023
The core of the visceral form of the 2012 medical intensive scientific exchange and the exchange of current research findings and important advances in technology, especially its practice-relevant consequences. Covers all areas of Gastroenterology and Visceral Surgery is interdisciplinary with the inclusion of numerous joint meetings. As in clinical practice and specialists in proctology, nutritional medicine, pediatrics, radiology, pathology are included. The Congress hereby offer to you the opportunity to get in a comprehensive and concise information about state of the clinical practice to inform clinical research and basic science in our common area of ​​expertise.
23–26 Jan 2024
Trade Fair for Metal-Working and Plastics Processing. The Nortec is the marketplace for technology in the North. Its motto «make and buy» assembles under one roof manufacturer of production facilities, suppliers and sub-contractors. An extensive accompanying programme completes the event.This is the meeting point of R&D engineers, users, production specialists, measurement and testing engineers as well as purchasers from mechanical engineering focused on the main industries in the north like aircraft production, shipbuilding, medical technology and vehicle manufacturing. The new fair grounds are giving additional attractiveness to NORTEC. In the centre of the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg it is providing an adequate context to NORTEC.With more then 400 exhibitors NORTEC is an exhibition with profile: established as the only information and communication platform for manufacturing technology in Northern Germany; Convincing by its unique Make-and-Buy concept; Innovative and promising: machine tools and equipment for metal and plastics machining. MetalworkingPlastics ProcessingMachine ToolsToolsEquipmentAccessoriesMeasuring SystemsSensor TechnologyManipulation EngineeringConveying EquipmentC-TechnologiesSemi-Finished ProductsFlexible ProductionMouldsPlasticsSheet Metal  
19–21 Pri 2024
Every two years HansePferd Hamburg offers an attractive forum for horse lovers and equestrian sportsmen and women. In 10 halls and in the outside areas exhibitors have a wide range of opportunities to present new products, the latest trends and reliable information on all aspects of equestrianism.Some 55,000 equestrians come to HansePferd to keep themselves up to date on developments, to forge contacts and to initiate business deals, while approximately 450 exhibitors make the most of the opportunity to present themselves to an audience with an interest in the field and with purchasing power.Visitors appreciate the exceptional variety and high degree of expertise they encounter at the international exhibition. And the comprehensive supporting programme pulls in new target groups every year. HansePferd is an exhibition for suppliers of equestrian products and services, for horsekeeping specialists and for breeders.
01–02 Sht 2024
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is high on the agenda in the global shipping community and never before has the environmental profile come under more intense scrutiny. Regulations, market requirements and economics are driving environmental developments. Compliance is not simple or cheap, and the impact differs greatly depending on operating areas. Following on from the successful launch of the global maritime environmental congress (gmec) in 2010, a second summit focusing on air pollution management will be held in Hamburg on September 3-4, 2012, on the occasion of SMM, the world’s leading shipbuilding trade fair. Organised by Hamburg Messe und Congress in association with Seatrade, gmec 2012 will bring together leading international speakers from all key maritime sectors, to discuss the challenges the maritime industry faces in developing technology that ensures its activities remain sustainable and environmentally compatible.
03–06 Sht 2024
Shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology, international trade fair. With 42,000 visitors from all over the world and more than 1,400 exhibitors, SMM Hamburg is with no doubt the leading international trade fair for this sector. SMM will once more be presenting a wide range of innovations to meet today’s rising standards for more competitive ships. SMM Hamburg is the important panel for decision makers from all shipbuilding nations: shipowner, top manager engineers and technicans meet in Hamburg to exchange the newest information and to make trend-setting decisions. SMM will be a showcase for a wide range of products and innovations.