I ardhshëm ngjarjet Avinjoni, Franca

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10–12 Maj 2023
Few contributors to the conference ISHEID take this year's theme "The Search for a Cure" as much to heart as Dr. Santiago Moreno, who is Trying to make real progress in finding a way to Eradicate HIV. He Has Attended Several Editions of the conference in 2012 and join the scientific committee ET for a second time, Helping shape the program. "The program is very Clinically oriented so That Cdn Physicians find Exactly What They Need for Their practice, particularly for young Practitioners looking for solutions In Their clinics. ISHEID HAS strong scientific focus with presentations dealing with Many advanced research. We appreciate Being updated in a single conference with current research To Be Used To treat patients Immediately. Most Other conferences do not address this aspect of scientific Higher level. There is nothing related to HIV ...