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О событии

Gourmet eat organic, grow our welfare, protect our planet, promote ethical and responsible use bio ... adopt a more harmonious lifestyle begins with simple and daily gestures. The lounge and Zen Bio takes you to explore this new lifestyle. Themes Food, Hospitality Environment and Energy Fairs multisectoral Health, beauty, wellness Textile, clothing, fashion accessories.

Protect the planet, responsible consumption, feel good in her head and her body, share ...

All keys to adopt this life and nature are on Zen Bio:
Organic Gourmet Market Road wines, natural cosmetics, ethical fashion, crafts, eco products, eco-housing, therapies, personal development, training ...

The lounge and Zen Bio you will discover a world, more zen, more organic, more ethical and solidarity.

Место проведения
Адрес: Nantes, Франция