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12 октябрь 2022 - 13 октябрь 2022
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О событии
Appointments between exhibitors and project innovation:
Optimal quality:

• Identification of projects and complete the double validation method ensures a total match between the skills needs of exhibitors and visitors with innovation projects.
• The exchange of information prior guarantees only meetings between professionals identified and motivated.
• 35% of additional appointments are held on site between visitors and exhibitors.

Also by appointment between visitors with innovation projects: Identifying new opportunities:

• In addition to meetings with the exhibitors, the holders of innovation projects access to the profiles of other visitors through cross-appointments of technological or industrial partnerships.
• In 2010, almost 500 companies have thus encountered in a space dedicated to rendezvous between project innovation.

A validated quality of participation:

By adhering to your selection criteria, and adapting your schedule based on the number of appointments you have chosen, we guarantee the profitability of your participation.
Место проведения
Адрес: Paris, Франция