Мероприятия Соединённые Штаты Америки 2022

3 мероприятий
BalPEx - residential property exhibition will take place from 12th to 18th May at The Mall, Sofia, 34.The event aims to increase the information and to mobilise the potential end-customers towards new opportunities to buy a house at a reasonable price and to find financing at good conditions, by presenting a selection of the most active projects on the market and the most attractive mortgage loan offers.
The World MoneyShows empower and educate investors, active traders, and financial advisors around the world. With annual events in four countries, these shows bring globally-focused expert insights specific to your interests. Discover stock picks and investing recommendations for profit and safety; Get cutting-edge trading strategies and techniques to stay ahead of the curve; Plus test-drive products and services from leading global companies-all under one roof!
Core to EMBO is the recognition of excellence. The EMBO Meeting highlights the latest scientific contributions advancing the life sciences. During the conference, an EMBO award presentation will recognize an example of excellence from the life science community.EMBO Gold Medal 2012 - winner to be announced in spring 2012 Awarded annually, the EMBO Gold Medal recognizes outstanding contributions of young researchers in the molecular life sciences. The recipient is awarded the Medal at The EMBO Meeting and gives a talk.