Мероприятия Болгария 2022

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13–16 сент. 2022
Ladies and Gentlemen,We are pleased to inform you that from 28 February to 2 March 2012 in Inter Expo Center – Sofia, 34 therewill be held the next edition of the International Exhibition MachTech Expo.Organizers are 34n Branch Chamber “Machine building”, Bulgarreklama Agency and ICM d.o.o. - 201 -companies with rich experience in organizing international technical exhibitions in EU.Purpose of the exhibition:• Create the perfect platform for experts• Global exchange of ideasADVANTAGES:MachTech specialized exhibition is held in perfect location - Sofia. The city offers a unique opportunity to:• Promote high quality production • Numerous professional visitors• New prospects for sales in 34 and the region • New contacts with potential business partners• Change and Innovation • New informationBUSINESS FORUM FOR YOUR SUCCESS!During the exhibition there will be organized a Business Forum, which will be mainly practical. Exhibitors willhave the opportunity to present their products, innovations, services and best practices in the field. The aim is toachieve efficiency and flexibility in production processes and quality improvement.VISITOR PROFILE• Engineer - metallurgists • Foundry Specialists• Inventors and Engineers• Mining engineers• Mechanical engineers • ManagersOur ambition is to turn the event into the largest technical exhibition on the Balkans. Therefore, at the sametime in Inter Expo Center – Sofia there will be held 5 forums on similar topics: IFAM (automation, mechatronicsand robotics), Intronika (electronics, professional equipment and energy), PLAST (plastics, rubber, chemicals andecology), Safety & Security, Transport & Logistics. They enable visitors to get informed and acquainted with alldevelopments in the sector.On MachTech Expo in 2010 there were presented products of 149 exhibitors and sub-exhibitors from 17 countries,including 34, 82, 107, Poland, 214, 109, Turkey, Taiwan, China, 233, UK, Korea, 75,207 , 201 and others.We expect you to book your place among the leaders!Sincerely,Department “Exhibitions”Bulgarreklama Agency Ltd.  
23 дек. — 24 нояб. 2022
Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo - the leading event at the Balkans for the leisure, gaming and entertainment industry . The Expo gather together exhibitors and visitors from various related sectors offering leisure industry products and services from different parts of the world The exhibition is business orientated and provides opportunities for commercial contacts and product presentations for the leisure, gaming and entertainment industry as well as technology products for optimizing the operation, management and control processes. The represented sectors include products and services used in the operation of hotels, entertainment centers, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, casinos, etc. along with additional products from the marketing sector, digital technologies, mobile applications, security and control systems, vending equipment and others.