Мероприятия Алжир 2023

1 мероприятий
22–25 май 2023
SIPSA is the trade show must for all players in the world of breeding. This is a unique event for everyone involved in lous animal products in all their diversity: poultry, milk, beef production, or sheep and fish.SIPSA-AGRI’SIME, the unique exhibition covering all the agricultural sectors (equipment, breeding, machinery…) will be held from 19th to 22th May 2012 in Algiers- Palais des Expositions des Pins Maritimes- SIPSA-AGRI’SIME in brief : - 20 000  visitors*   -  400 exhibitors* - 175  international  exhibitors* from 20 countries* : Allemagne,  Argentine, Autriche, Belgique, Canada, Chine, Chypre, Danemark, Egypte,  Espagne, France, Hollande,  Hongrie, Italie, Jordanie, Tunisie, Royaume Uni, Etats-Unis….  - International exhibitors*: 30% increase  The unique showcase to highlight your products                                                                                            *SISPA 2010 figures                                                        THE BEST PLATFORM FOR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS !   Thank you for noting that there are fiew available stands.  A high level of satisfaction to exhibitors and visitors:(Source: adquate investigation during the SIPSA 2011) For 92% of the exhibitors, the SIPSA is a high quality trade showFor 89%, the SIPSA to establish useful business contactsFor 96% of visitors, the advantage of SIPSA is to gather in one room all the exhibitors that interest71% of them have discovered techniques, products or equipment they did not know  The cost of the invitation (fair access 4 days fair, conferences ...) and the official letter to obtain your visa for  payable here : http://www.amiando.com/WGROOCXl .