Renginiai Mokslas, Švietimas, Išradimai Lapkritis 2022

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04–05 lapkr. 2022
Education exhibitionSecondary education         Highest education        MBA                    Master degree                                Foreign education                                         Job Seeking                                Distance education              Training                                        
The fair starts Abi Frankfurt am Main is the information session for students in high school. Approximately 20 - 30 renowned private high schools, exciting companies and universities the opportunity, the university and business representatives to ask their selection criteria. Several experts pass on launch Abi Messe Frankfurt am Main in workshops and lectures, the most important information. An application for participation is required.
05 lapkr. 2022
<span>Students, their parents and teachers also took the opportunity to communicate directly with universities, colleges, vocational schools and private institutions in the study region, the whole of Germany and the neighboring countries in touch.</span> <span>The bulk of the Rhineland-Palatinate universities presented itself at a community area and placed in the Framework Programme, the benefits of studying in Rhineland-Palatinate.</span> <span>Issues such as financial support, application procedure and the variety of voluntary services under the program were also taken as the possibilities of studying abroad.</span> <span>The patronage of the</span> <b>horizon 2011</b> <span>in Mainz took the Mayor of Mainz, Jens Beutel and the Minister of Education, Science, Further Education and Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate, Doris Ahnen.</span>
05–06 lapkr. 2022
Target group • Young Professionals • Professionals, Professionals, 50plus, returnees • professionals and managers • Students and graduates of all disciplines and semesters of universities, universities of applied sciences, career academies • Students in their final year • training prospective Structure of the job fair • Unique, multi-generational recruiting concept for ages Objectives, content deals • Contact between regional, national and international companies and interested trade fair visitors • arrangement of vacancies • provision of training places • Offers of graduate programs, internships and projects for Theses • Offers wide range of training opportunities • Free resume check • Free presentations of various speakers • passport photo service
For the fifth consecutive year engineering students at the Ecole Centrale de Marseille organizing a Forum meeting designed to bring students from the school and businesses. Forum Centrale Marseille, Companies will again be held at the Palais des Congrès de Marseille, 4 December 2012, in order to provide businesses and students alike, a reception area bigger, better accessibility and improved comfort .
This conference will look behind the headlines of the key investment challenges that currently face the industry, examining the crucial issues, considering the implications for pension funds and determining how funds can meet these challenges in 2012 and onwards. We will seek to identify best practice and leading edge solutions.
12–30 lapkr. 2022
A wide range of training You want to integrate the university, offering a college preparatory classes or BTS, a business school or engineering, a special school? Valuable information you are issued to get full player in your direction, and this by allowing you to make the right choice between short or long studies, general or specialized (in the health sector or artistic, for example), in training or alternating / learning. Universities in your area is also mobilize to bring you the information needed to succeed in your studies.
12–13 lapkr. 2022
On 17 and 18 November 2012 was the premiere of the horizon at the Messe Augsburg and thus for the first time in Bavaria. 46 exhibitors presented their products and their offerings the 3,200 highly motivated and well-informed visitors. With the horizon was the University Information (HIT), which was organized in recent years successfully in Augsburg of the Agency, its new background: In the form of a presentation forum of HIT mediated within the exciting horizon visitors with information, at the very popular the visitors were - the lectures were very well attended. For students of grammar school students and young professionals from the region, opened this opens the opportunity for concentrated information on the topics of study, training and study abroad, volunteering and much more! Individual consultations with counterparts from universities and businesses and many organizations were accompanied by lectures, workshops and expert talks on important issues of the world of education.
18–19 lapkr. 2022
Of 16 to 17 November 2012, the Fair Employment and Skills in South Baden for the fifth time in the Messe Freiburg. The exhibition focuses this year on study / job training for high school graduates and continuing education for professionals. As a visitor, you will find a wealth of information from the fields of education, training, studies, training and labor market Südbaden. The Service Center provides free individual counseling to many topics related to career, education and job. On a job wall you can find out about the latest employment opportunities and with the formation of exhibitors Navigator you quickly find the right for your continuing education. Exhibiting companies informed personally about training and jobs. Institutions, associations, educational institutions and labor market experts will provide you with help and advice page.
18–19 lapkr. 2022
The high school exhibition ENTRY Abi INFORMS school students on educational and study opportunities for THE high school. THE LOW range of exhibitors to 340 THERE IS A comprehensive information and guidance Program: In present, presentations and panel discussions are apprenticeships, courses and professional worlds presented.
18 lapkr. 2022
The Exhibition Tour 2012 Moovijob is a regional event size that will allow all new graduates, novice youth labor market and experienced looking for a new direction to find a job that suits them. The happiness of his visitors, this exhibition will bring together hundreds of companies in various sectors such as trade, insurance, finance, photography, aviation and national security, marketing, law, management or still decorating. This event is a great place to take a chance and submit a CV in one of the stands. It is the ultimate job fair across eastern 75. Organized by Moovijob Tour, it is open to everyone and expects the arrival of a minimum of 5000 visitors.
23–27 lapkr. 2022
Accompanying the BUCH WIEN this year from two prestigious bloggers: The Serbian writer Barbi Markovic reports mainly focus on Southeast Europe and the young 15n author Cornelia Travnicek trying to figure out what has to offer BUCH WIEN young writers. Here they share their view from tomorrow with their readers on the net.
24–27 lapkr. 2022
In 1991 the Work-Info-Fair has taken place for the first time in Salzburg`s Exhibition Centre. In recent years, the educational information for people got always more extensive. The fair includes informations about different training facilities in schools and apprenticeships, additional it offers informations about education across the Salzburg-Bavarian border, adult education and university education. And the focus "technology rocks" is also a special highlight of the Work-Info-Fair 2011 in Salzburg.
25–27 lapkr. 2022
The Student Salon de Paris Do not expect your results to prepare your 2012 school year! The lounge of the Student, "Where to register with or without the tray," "Changing Career after 1 or 2 years of college" and "Find a sandwich course" offers for two days, to meet with specialists orientation.
25–26 lapkr. 2022
For two days, the Franco-German Forum is the platform meeting: Responsible for higher education programs Directors of Human Resources (HR) Managers and international business schools Students wishing to follow an academic international Students wishing to optimize their integration into the labor market Graduates looking for an international career
26–27 lapkr. 2022
The Student Fair Invite you, pendant three days, to do the Full info and recommendations tailored to your profile. Program, UN large Range of training: short courses Superiors, sucks, ou Initial training in alternation, in college, in preparatory classes, In large schools of engineering and business, e Still Sein AU special schools (Communication, arts, tourism ...).
26–27 lapkr. 2022
"Strange forests?" In 2012 in honor of the International Year of the Forest launched by the United Nations and as a tribute to those who tell. Haunted or enchanted, threatened or threatening, or dream place of solitude, away from wild animals and elves, shadow and green lung of the world, it is a world widely treated in the literature including the nature writing, the black novel and fantastic stories of soils, or fairy tales and sagas of vampires. Writers, illustrators and storytellers will be invited wood letters of the event. While it is too early to call the guest list, the writer Pierre Pelot Vosges has already agreed to be the guest of honor. With this 23th edition, always a development of chain business book authors, illustrators, publishers, book regional centers, bookstores and associations.
The fair JOBcon Finance Recruitment Fair Frankfurt is the financial industry. Numerous human and technical managers from leading financial firms are the young professionals, young professionals and students on the JOBcon Finance Messe Frankfurt currently vacant positions and all information. As an open and fair candidate without authorization or notification, the condition JOBcon Finance Frankfurt fair is an ideal platform for your personal career network.
30 lapkr. — 02 gruod. 2022
Organised by the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS), the scientific programme committee has put together an exciting programme which covers all recent developments in the three major areas of instrumentation and methods, materials science and life science. Plenary and invited lectures will give overviews on exciting new developments and state-of-the-art research in the field and will be delivered by the worlds leading experts. 
30 lapkr. — 02 gruod. 2022
What career opportunities are open to me? How can I make my future career? More than 35,000 high school graduates, students and interested in further training per year is available in 15, the challengeto plan their education and careers. The range is wide like never before, the chances on the labor market difficult. Therefore, goodadvice is sought. At the BeSt ³ - Fair for work, study and training - but good advice is not expensive. With admission free is the largest education fair in 15 a first point of contact for people seeking help. For three days - from17.10. to 10/22/2012 - Interested in the Exhibition Centre of Innsbruck find all the answers to their questions about the topic and training. With over 150 exhibitors from home and abroad will offer a unique platform to be able to get a comprehensive, objective, andmake first-hand picture supplied. By splitting up into different subject areas, it is easy to orient and receive the desired information. Opportunities and developments, current trends in the labor market and education but also important and far-reaching questions about the future as "Matura - What Now" were discussed in lectures and discussions. There is the possibility of experts answered questions to get. Since the fun should not be neglected and education should also be exciting, there will again round out an attractive program ofthe visit.