Renginiai Kita Rugsėjis 2022

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07–09 rugs. 2022
The regional union will be alongside the National Federation of French Mutual to host this national event that brings together between 3500 and 4000 delegates mutual. This is a major event for the mutual movement and especially this year marked by the presidential elections this spring. Held every three years, this event aims to define the strategic orientations of French Mutual and express its proposals on the necessary changes in the health system and social protection.
07–09 rugs. 2022
The spirit of the Congress has always been and especially this year will be to ask ourselves a lot of questions. We should not be afraid of questions and we should be not afraid of the answers. The 2012 Esmint congress is going to repeat the success of the previous editions. This year we really want to dedicate much more time to the discussion. Firstly discussion of cases. Cases presented by the participants and discussed by everybody else. The main topics will be the usual: Aneurysms and Flow-diverters. AVMs and their problematic management. Stroke: the technical advancements and the latest results of Randomized Trials. Secondly we will try to approach controversial issues. We will see if there is anything proved in the relationship between venous insufficiency and Multiple Sclerosis. And we will try to understand our role in the field of Science. Science is a big word: are we ready for that? The most important part of the Congress will be the presentation of cases: they must be single case reports (two or three cases when a certain point has to be stressed). They have to possess interesting features: bad outcomes and device failures will be privileged new, provocative, conflicting ideas will be favoured We do not like presentations with case series, numbers, statistics, which show just a few images quickly disappearing. We will make a big effort to accommodate all. We will try to favour the youngest among you and of course the first who will respond. First come, first served: the sooner you send the presentation the higher the probability of showing it. In order to promote discussion there should be somewhere in the presentation, ideally when questions start to rise, a slide that makes a stop and permits the moderators to take charge and involve the floor. That slide can always be added later by the Scientific Committee.
10–12 rugs. 2022
An international exhibition of materials, production and equipment for hairdresser's art. 9 sectors are presented: Lay-out and furniture Enterprise organization Equipment and materials Editions - press - magazines Wigs, hair escalating Cosmetics for hair Make-up - manicure Training Computer science
15–16 rugs. 2022
280,000 inhabitants, 30,000 students, 1,200 researchers, Angers has all the advantages of a major city in a privileged environment 90 minutes from Paris by TGV. The economic dynamism of Angers is based on networks of excellence combining research and business. European Pole Plant, Angers houses a nursery and gathers leading player in the plant sector. Seeds, plants, flowers, fruits, vines ... Anjou has a green thumb and expert.
15–16 rugs. 2022
1999 - 2012, 13 years ago, we had previously met in Strasbourg. Since then, many advances have emerged in the Cardiac Rehabilitation. It seemed appropriate to repeat this year an update on the new Rehabilitation and Sport Cardiology, think about how best to implement the patient education, to develop our practice towards more rehabilitation and outpatient organize a short follow-up throughout. We will also discuss the role of MRI in the exploration of our patients and cardiac problems in the workplace. It is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome you again in Strasbourg, Heart of Europe, for our 16th National Day.
18–22 rugs. 2022
MICCAI 2012, the 15th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, will be held from 1st to 5th October 2012 in Nice, 75, organised by Inria (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics). MICCAI attracts annually world leading scientists, engineers and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical imaging and computer assisted surgery. The venue for MICCAI 2012 will be the Acropolis Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is located in the heart of downtown, just 15 minutes from the airport.
The association organizes railway of its CAEN 32 ° LOFTS FAIR EXPO Park outdoor Boulevard of Ballads in CAEN. * Drinks - Sandwiches - Catering * Sale open to individuals and professionals * Organizers Association of Railwaymen of Caen 41 Fourth Street BOLT 14220 Email: @ amicalecheminot.caen Tel. :
20–22 rugs. 2022
Trade Fair The show's point of sale, retail and distribution. Themes of the exhibition Trade Logistics From 11/09/2012 to 13/09/2012 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, 75 Synopsis The show's point of sale, retail and distribution.
Public fairs and professionals are at the exhibition center of Le Mans space in which to flourish. The first benefit of a diverse population base and large where everyone is waiting for an offer that corresponds to it. The second benefit from the ease of access, the modularity of the site and local economic development (food processing, automotive services, call center, international engineering ...). Coaching and a personalized Customized services A perfect match to your event site Recognized expertise in the hospitality and organization A potential audience large and varied
22–23 rugs. 2022
The 15th Congress Genesis welcomed nearly 500 participants over two days of dynamic exchanges around a high quality program appreciated by all. Dr. David Elia thanked the participants, stakeholders and partners who contributed to the success of this edition. All presentations of the program, authorized by the authors, are available on the site. Check! Stay tuned for the 2012 edition!
Flea markets, antiques, furniture, ornaments, objects of vertu and curiosities ... Markets celebrate the site of the Park a tradition for more than 30 years. There is a very wide range of goods mainly late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is the monthly meeting of the lovers of antiques, antiques and collectibles: ornaments, furniture, paintings, decorative objects, curiosities or showcase, lithographs, bronzes, porcelains, enamels, postcards , stamps, coins ... At their origins, the Markets were held on various public places in Metz. Since 1978, the Parc des Expositions de Metz Métropole that welcomes Markets on its website. 90 exhibitors at the origin, these markets have increased to over 300! The majority come from the Big East but also in Paris and Lyon regions, Northern France, Central and South occasionally or Britain. Second regular market after St Ouen, it has become a must for those who love antiques. Total and the year, more than 150,000 people attending each year Metz Flea Markets.
27–30 rugs. 2022
Welcome to Micronora Biennale of microtechnology and precision The exhibition dedicated to advanced technologies Micronora meets an essential need of the industrial microtechnology: approach by business, whose common denominator is the hyper-precision or accuracy combined with increasing miniaturization. Opened in 2006 to nanotechnology. This organization promotes cross the intersection of technology and microtechnology applications in different areas in search of advanced technologies: medical, aerospace, armament, automotive, telecommunications The trade show multitechnological, highly targeted microtechnology, offers a large range: R & D outsourcing, to production technologies. Created forty years, has Micronora dun steady development, and of a strong reputation, including linternational. Living standard in Europe, in the field of microtechnology.
28–30 rugs. 2022
CONGRESS hetero-epitaxy - The 7th International Workshop on Zinc Oxide and Related Materials Industry: High Technology Number of visitors: 200 1 KENNEDY PLAZA 06300 NICE Website: The Acropolis convention center has started a wide-ranging modernization and beautification. The edifice, built in 80 years is reviewed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.
28–30 rugs. 2022
The French Society of Radiation Oncology was created in 1990. It followed the Radiotherapy Section of the French Society of Medical Radiology; this group already structured and dynamic wished, after the success of the Congress of Radiation in the World Congress of Radiology in Paris in 1989, become independent. This fulfilled a need to group therapy professionals including education, qualifications, interests and conditions of practice were very different from those of their colleagues radiologists.  SFRO open to doctors, physicists, biologists, whose main business is oncology and radiotherapy, in 2000 includes almost all therapists practicing French. An annual conference has been organized since 1990, its audience has grown, it is followed by an increasing number of French-speaking physicians or not.
29 rugs. — 02 spal. 2022
The Housing Exhibition in Toulouse: Visit the House of the Region! Referent on complementarity of supply, the Housing Exhibition stands out as the Rendezvous House of the Region and was held at the Parc des Expositions de Toulouse to equip, eco-design, renovate, furnish, decorate ... This is the appointment of Envillexpo 2012, the Fair Housing and Living Well!