Renginiai Nafta, dujos, kasyba Gruodis 2022

2 events
01–02 gruod. 2022
Experience Nature would not be complete without  Bio "BIO and natural products at the center of Paris just before Christmas and the holiday season," just to be able to please, but also Christmas Eve and organic nature. CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES soon and year-end, for your gifts and meals in the colors of bio rememberFind all the practical information to get to Salon 2012 Bio Live in the heart of Paris. Hours: daily, 11 am to 20 pm Free admission Location: Space animated white coats, 48 ​​rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 4th
07–08 gruod. 2022
The International Exhibition of Renewable Energies in Montpellier is a meeting place and a professional fair Where innovations, exchanges and solutions come together in a global approach to the renewable energies market is a local and international level. "Together, let's Federal the energies of the future"