Renginiai Pramoninė įranga, įrankiai, elektronika Spalis 2022

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04–07 spal. 2022
International Surface Technology Fair: Machinery and equipment for cleaning and treatment of surfaces Electroplating equipment and accessories Lacquering systems, enamelling systems, plastic coating systems Coating materials, putties, thinners, solvents Equipment for chemical and heat treatment of surfaces Laser and plasma coating technologies Special systems for surface treatment Robots, manipulators and accessories for surface treatment Offers of facilities for outsourcing in surface treatment sector Metal semi-products Research , consulting, services, literature, education, institutions  
04–07 spal. 2022
IMT - International Machine Tools Exhibition Previous edition featured 557 exhibiting companies from 21 countries, 19,984 sqm net exhibition area Machine-tools Forming machines Equipment and accessories for metal-working and forming machines Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) Precision tools Measuring and checking instruments for machining and forming Service and repairs of machine-tools and forming machines, reworked machines Offer of production capacities in the metal-working and forming sector Hand-operated tools Institutions, literaturature and services in metal-working and forming sector  
04–07 spal. 2022
The International Engineering Fair will deal not only with automation, but also involve ten mutually complementing branch groups. The branch Materials and components for engineering will again belong to the largest of them  
04–07 spal. 2022
Motek – the Leading International Trade Fair with Guaranteed Success. Exhibitors offer system solutions, assemblies, components and services covering all aspects of handling and assembly technology. With its focus on core areas including assembly technology, handling equipment and industrial handling, as well as mechanical, pneumatic and electrical automation, Motek has been bringing worldwide offerings to the market in a targeted fashion for more than 25 years, thus bringing suppliers and users together at eye level. For years now, Motek has been the world’s leading trade fair for components and asseblies, and in particular for complete systems in the field of assembly technology and industrial handling, whereas as other trade fairs only offer one or the other.     Assembly equipment Machines and systems Assembly workstations Handling devices for conveying Sorting Positioning Linking and feeding Industrial robots and joining technology Components for drive Control and test technology Services Dismantling technology  
08–10 spal. 2022
Die Messe Belektro Berlin ist die Fachmesse für Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Licht für die es gilt, Trends und Innovationen zu bündeln und zu kommunizieren. Mehr denn je sind branchenübergreifende Lösungen und funktionsfähige Qualitätsprodukte zu Komfort, Sicherheit und Effizienz gefragt. Zahlreiche Aussteller zeigen aus diesem Grund auf der Belektro Messe Berlin alles zu den zukunftsweisenden Messethemen Gebäudemanagement, Netzwerke, Synergie, Sicherheit, Komfort, Effizienz und innovative Energietechnologien. Das fachliche Rahmenprogramm der Belektro Berlin wie unter anderem die Werkstattstraße, Workshops und Diskussionsrunden zeigen zukunftsweisende Lösungen.   Electrical Engineering and Electronics Building Services Engineering Home Security Information Technology Innovative Energy Technologies Climate Control Technology Switch-gear Installations Aerology Equipment Regulating and Control Technology Lighting Technology
11–13 spal. 2022
Today, component cleanness is just as important a quality criterion as the actual manufacture and processing. A comprehensive study by the Fraunhofer Network for Cleaning Technology shows that cleaning time makes up 25% of cyclic production steps on average. Due to this major time factor and increasingly tougher demands on function, quality and service life, industrial parts cleaning is an important link in the added value chain of the production process. Within component manufacture, cleaning ensures the required surface finish or surface cleanness. It is frequently the case that defined residual soiling values or residual particle values have to be adhered to. In order to comply with such standards efficiently, a cleaning process tailored to the respective requirements is vital. Even accompanying processes such as quality assurance, preservation, packaging and logistics have an influence on the surface finish or surface cleanness and should therefore be considered as building blocks for an optimal result in the cleaning process.   Cleaning systems for wet cleaning processes Cleaning systems for thermal processes Cleaning systems for blasting processes Cleaning systems for special processes Cleaning systems for mechanical processes Systems and components for plant engineering Cleaning agents Systems for pre-treatment and deburring Systems for drying processes Quality assurance Anticorrosive and preservation Sterilisation and packaging Reprocessing systems Processing and systems for bath maintenance Handling and automation Cleaning products  
18–20 spal. 2022
The SIANE offers companies the opportunity to enjoy the economic boom of the Midi-Pyrenees. Besides aerospace sector must, it enables companies to meet the players other industries: automotive, medical, electronic ... An event at the crossroads of industrial competence in Midi-Pyrenees • Metalworking • Industrial Supplies • Industry Services • Processing of Contents • Electricity - Electronics • Packaging - Logistics • Machine tool • New Technology
Welcome to Elex - a ‘hands-on’ event where electricians can see first hand all the latest electrical products from leading manufacturers. • Elex has as its foundation the number one magazine in the industry – Professional Electrician. • It consistently delivers a targeted audience of active buyers by utilizing the magazine’s unrivalled reach and powerful database of responsive readers. • The technical and practical expertise of Professional Electrician is transformed into the interactive, dynamic selling environment of Toolfair. • As a regional show, it also gives you the chance to introduce potential customers to your local distributors, building key relationships for continual business. Elex is a unique and dynamic regional tradeshow that is specifically dedicated to small to medium sized electrical contractors. It offers exhibitors an unrivalled opportunity to meet new customers face-to-face and demonstrate the benefits of their products in an exciting hands-on environment.
22–23 spal. 2022
The Stock Exchange of material for collectors, second-and liquidation stock Machinery of all kinds Meters Watches physical apparatus medical instruments Steam engines Household Appliances all kinds of engines Music and gaming machines Jukeboxes Barrel organs Radio, radio, television Turntables, records and tape recorders technical models and toys Pinball Machines (pinball) Optical Instruments Photographic, film and video equipment Electrical Electronics Office machinery and computers Accessories Tools and spare parts Management material, building instructions Literature of the art and much more.