Renginiai Sveikatos priežiūra, vaistinė Vasaris 2023

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03–05 vas. 2023
The trade fair MEDICINE, southern Germany's most important event for the health, took place at Messe Stuttgart and was the meeting place for doctors and practice staff. The wide range reflected in the trade fair as well in the 46th South German Congress for the current medical district medical association building (GMA NW), the Sponsors and Partners of the event, the increasing integration of the supply chain for the NHS resist.
14–17 vas. 2023
All exhibited organic foods are certified under the EU Organic Regulation and the IFOAM accreditation guidelines. Admission for trade visitors! Visitors identify themselves with a business registration or other official document. The access permission in advance online and at the box office
15–17 vas. 2023
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Das Symposium Intensivmedizin + Intensivpflege in Bremen ist ein Medizinischer Fachkongress mit den thematischen Schwerpunkten.Im Kongress des Symposium Intensivmedizin + Intensivpflege werden die wesentlichen Entwicklungen der modernen Intensivmedizin vorgestellt und die Probleme unseres Gesundheitssystems mit den thematischen Schwerpunkten Intensivmedizin, Intensivpflege, Anästhesie, Notfallmedizin und Perspektiven im Krankenhaus diskutiert.Der Fachkongress Symposium Intensivmedizin + Intensivpflege wird von einer Aussteelung begleitet.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
ADMET studies perform a vital role in the drug discovery process. Early stage In-Silico models can predict the viability of a new novel drug before anyone steps into a lab. The In-Vitro and In-Vivo models allow the testing of new molecules to discover how tell they cope in a physiological environment and save Pharma companies millions by stoping the development of drugs destined to fail. As more data is generated by the lab studies, more data becomes available for the computational scientists and so out predictive abilities improve. This conference will address the barriers that are currently faced by the PK/PD community and also how recent discoveries have improved the understanding of the mechanisms involved in ADME-Tox. It will also address the new technologies and techniques being developed to overcome the classic physiological barriers to drug bioavailability. Attendees will hear presentations from senior experts in the field on the current issues as well as case studies from recent drug development programmes.
24–26 vas. 2023
A Rennes, plus de 190 spécialistes des secteurs de l'alimentation et des vins bio, de l'habitat naturel, des énergies renouvelables, de la santé, de la forme et bien-être, du commerce équitable se réuniront pendant 3 jours pour informer, conseiller et apporter des solutions adaptées aux visiteurs. La 7ème édition du salon Bio Respirez la vie, aura lieu au Parc des expositions de Rennes du 11 au 13 Février 2011.