Renginiai Kultūra, menai Lapkritis 2022

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03–06 lapkr. 2022
Creativa was born in Brussels in 1998 and since then continues to grow and gain unprecedented visibility in 22 and abroad. No less than 14 rooms welcome visitors in 22, 75, 207 and 214 for the public to discover the world of creative hobbies.
03–06 lapkr. 2022
The fair is a creative world Wiesbaden craft and creative fair. Some 400 exhibitors present at the Creative World Exhibition Wiesbaden their products from all creative fields. The range of exhibitors creative fair Wiesbaden encompasses offerings in the fields crafts, crafts, decorations, floral, fabrics, fashion, jewelry & beads, candles, dolls & teddy bears, as well as ceramics, wool and patchwork. Numerous workshops, a fun show program and product round performances on stage the offer of the creative world Wiesbaden Fair
04–06 lapkr. 2022
It was steaming and tooting, stomped and snorted at the fairgrounds. Cause was the 15th Live Steam Hall Meeting 2011, of 14 to 16 Occurred in January 2011 in the Messe Karlsruhe and has about 1,000 steam models, which were followed everywhere in the halls 1 and 2, on rails, on platforms and on the water for steam. Lots of smoke and nothing else need to exhibitors and enthusiasts for whom the real steam-hall meeting is a cult and they meet for 15 years, every January, to indulge in the hobby together steam model. Over 20,000 visitors followed on the real steam-hall meeting in 2011 banned the steam models on rail or by water, on platforms and on the "Street" and reveling in nostalgia.
05–06 lapkr. 2022
The UK’s Leading Marine Modelling Exhibition! The only 3 day marine modelling exhibition in the UK with the leading specialist suppliers and over 600 models on display from the age of sail to the present day. See the models, take to the water and set sail. Meet the clubs, talk with the modellers, talk model boats with other enthusiasts, pick up tips and share experience. The exhibition for all marine modelling enthusiasts - an event you must not miss!
05–13 lapkr. 2022
Excellence in Craftsmanship 200 exhibitors were selected by a jury, they come from all over France (16 regions represented), and this year, NIMAGINE also hosts an Italian designer and an Irishman. All documents submitted are original creations, sold directly by the professionals who have designed and implemented.
05–07 lapkr. 2022
Animal communication Aquaristic Cats Dogs Fodder & Preservative agent Shopping Feed and care products Leashes, bowls, toys, dog fashion, accessories Schools dogs and kennels Gift ideas for animal lovers etc. Information and advice Veterinary practitioners and physiotherapists Animal welfare and animal-help organizations Dogs, cats, ferrets and alpaca breeders Reading corner with sample copies of magazines of various animal
05–06 lapkr. 2022
marvel touch experience, ... it says on the popular leisure and shopping around the world's animals in Oldenburg. At about 14,000 square meters of exhibition space, family-friendly public exhibition shows for the 17th Plays a huge number of crawling, swimming, running, flying, power build construction and galloping animals. Reputable companies will present at the accompanying exhibition sale a wide range of proven products and new trends for dogs, cats and other pets. An attractive social program with entertaining and interesting shows for contributions Show Kurzweil! To answer the many information booths competent experts any question to the keeping, care and characteristics of the animals. The exhibitors offer special trade deals and present their new products! And all over 6 halls - from a weather-proof roof - the draws: The My Pet magnetized every year about 24,000 visitors from across the North West.
06 lapkr. 2022
Every first Sunday of the month invites a Hesse's largest indoor flea market in the halls Giessen Hesse: 5500 m² of hall space and 3,000 m² open space are in Giessen Hesse exhibition center hall for the "Antique & Flea Market" ready. Every Sunday: Free of new goods, regardless of the weather, with high visitor numbers, appealing restaurants and ample free parking areas on the first Sunday of the month the special market Antique & Flea instead.
06 lapkr. 2022
In our model toy markets model trains, model cars, model accessories, tin toys, Playmobil, Lego, dolls and stuffed animals are bought, traded and verkauft.Für commercial - and private providers, we offer the possibility to offer products cost-effectively. A paradise for collectors and model builders, here you are always right. In all our markets the entrance for children up to 14 years in the company of guardian is charged.
Rock lovers and scholars, collectors, amateur and professional mineralogists meet in November at the MAGDEBURGER MINERALS FAIR. Crystals and gemstones from around the world, performed by a diverse people scratching that encourages the purchase, sale and barter. This ensures everyone can find their own lucky stone, whether Amethyst, rock crystal or rose quartz. Or should it rather be a coral necklace?
09–11 lapkr. 2022
Vor über 20 Jahren haben wir die ESOTERIK-Tage ins Leben gerufen. Seitdem organisieren wir in vielen Großstädten in Deutschland und Österreich diese Publikumsmessen, die öffentlich und für jeden zugänglich sind. Lassen Sie sich mit unserem IMAGE-Film von den ESOTERIK-Tagen in München ein wenig “inspirieren” und freuen Sie sich auf unsere spannenden und informativen Veranstaltungen. Amulette, Aromaöle, Asiatika, Auraphotographie, Aura-Soma, Aura-Chakra-Analysen, Ayurveda, bioenergetische Produkte, Bücher, Duftöle- und Duftlampen, Didgeridoos, Engelbilder, Edelsteine, Essenzen, Energie- und Schutzamulette, Edelsteinschmuck, Feng-Shui Produkte, gesundheitliche Produkte, Himalayasalz, indianisches Kunsthandwerk, Klangspiele, Kristalle, klassische Klangschalen, Kräutermischungen, Kristallklangschalen, kolloidales Gold und Silber, lebende Hölzer, Lichtwesenessenzen, magische Öle und Gewürzmischungen, Meditationsmusik, Magnetfeldtherapie, Nahrungsergänzungen, Naturkosmetik, Ohrkerzen, Pendel, Pyramiden, Räucherwerk, Reisen, Runenorakel, Ruten, Salzkristalllampen, spirituelle Kunst, Steinheilkunde, Symbolschmuck, schamanische Produkte, Tachyonen, Tarotkartendecks, therapeutische Musikinstrumente, Traumfänger, vegetarische Spezialitäten, Weihrauch, Wellnessprodukte, Windspiele, Zimmerbrunnen ……
10–14 lapkr. 2022
Range of Modern and Contemporary Art, Asian Art, antiques, paintings and Graphics, glass, furniture and crafts Jewelry, carpets, sculptures, Collection, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Event Profile The exhibition for art and antiques is an exhibition for the propagation of u the sale of internationally recognized Art, on the excellent, both regional and national acts Galleries, whose rank and importance international standards stand up, can participate. Commercially-run target galleries Exhibitors Only-pending Program and presentation form both in the gallery space as well at trade fairs and exhibitions required excellent quality . Correspond
11–13 lapkr. 2022
Can be found on most stands up to various ancient elements: furniture, paintings and prints, pottery, glassware and silverware old, ceramics, dishes, objects of charm, old linen, tablecloths and beautiful old covered ... Entrance fee: € 6 to 15 years Free Service: Restaurantion available on site. Contact: 01 56 53 93 93
11–13 lapkr. 2022
The major event for lovers of art and antiques southwest "The National Antiques Show" will be held from 9 to 11 November 2012 at the Parc des Expositions de La Rochelle. The National Antiques Show is a journey through history and time ... With over a hundred exhibitors on 3,000 sqm of exhibition stands with pleasantly arranged on their finest pieces: furniture, jewelry, pottery, ornaments, silverware, tables, linens, glassware, ... An expert throughout the day to show the authenticity of the goods on display and advises visitors in their purchases. And as every year, to the delight of hunters, the event will end on the last day by a flea market.
Organized by the association ACDC (Collectors Association of Central Records), this exhibition brings together enthusiasts for 17 years. BD discs and new, used or vintage touch across dozens of stands. There are all styles at all prices and there through all periods of the current CD 78 T through the T and 45 inch 33 rpm, but also comics, Manga, DVDs, videos, magazines, pictures , sheet music, posters and other figurines.
11–13 lapkr. 2022
45 exhibitors, 6,000 visitors, 3,000 m² of exhibition space. Actual appointment of regional art lovers, the show hosted by Antiques-Besancon Micropolis is of course known for the quality of the staging of the stands but also and mainly for the character of the goods on display. The professionals of the show presents a remarkable variety of quality pieces: furniture, carpets and antique jewelry, bronzes, ceramics, paintings and drawings. The exhibitors are present for 5 days to share their knowledge and give you their advice.
13 lapkr. 2022
Flea markets are held monthly at Besancon Micropolis-the second Sunday of each month and include nearly 85 professional exhibitors on a covered area of ​​3000m ². 3000 visitors are expected to find furniture, ornaments, books and other objects filled with history and from another time. Opening hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Location: Concourse C Parking Entrance: Free entry Evil: to pay € 3, take a season pass! Learn more
16–20 lapkr. 2022
Created for all enthusiasts of 'do it yourself' Designs & know-how, is the No. 1 show of the hobby since 1996. To accompany us for many years or discover Creations & Know-how & Marie Claire ideas, living will naturally take its place in your agenda from Wednesday 21 to Sunday, November 25, 2012 in Paris, Porte de Versailles. Celebrating 15 years! Artichoke heart a bit rebellious and visionary, the show enters the prime of life and invites you to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The happiness of creative! The happiness of embroiderers, knitters, scrapeuses, and other passionate fashionista ... creative activities. Stimulate your creativity! Fairs and events unpublished! Reveal your talents Unique in 75 and Europe, creations and know-how is also more than 400 workshops!
17–20 lapkr. 2022
Organizer: Stuttgart Exhibition GmbH Frequency: annually Venue: Stuttgart (Airport) Main product: Hobby and Craft Supplies Painting and art supplies Handmade, fabrics, wool, patchwork Glass Art Jewellery Teddy Bears Dolls Literature Floristry Arts & Crafts Home Improvement Home Decor Airbrush Art schools and artists Scrapbooking Card design
The Knitting and Stitching Shows are the definitive and best exhibitions for lovers of textiles in the UK.
18–20 lapkr. 2022
Organizer:   Stuttgart Exhibition GmbH   Frequency:   annually   Venue:   Stuttgart (Airport)   Main product:   Dog ownership Cat stance Aviculture Small animals Aquarium / terrarium Pet food, animal welfare / animal health Services Factual and technical literature
18–19 lapkr. 2022
More than 180 markets in 15 years speak for themselves: the antique, collector & flea market in Alsfeld has established itself well for lovers of ancient and rare treasures of Central Hesse borders. With an average of 250 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors, this event is the largest antiques market in Hessen! Two warehouses with over 4,000 square meters of exhibition space offers a weather-independent pleasant atmosphere. The sale of open space with 6,000 square feet added to the two halls and offers all of the little walk in the fresh air. For regular customers and visitors are 2400 free parking spaces at the event grounds.
19–20 lapkr. 2022
Market history. Fools of History (ex Historissimo) is the largest event in 75 (Europe?) Devoted to the history alive. It brings together artisans pageant from all over Europe and entertainers history. The period of history represented extends from prehistory to the Belle Epoque, with a large part dedicated to the Middle Ages. Come and take yourself back tens, hundreds or tho233nds of years back! More than 150 artisans from all over Europe Nearly 100 companies pageant
19–20 lapkr. 2022
ID of Art is an exhibition that brings together some fifty creative professionals from all over 75 in the areas art deco, fashion and design. Exhibitors offer for sale to the public their unique pieces or limited edition pieces. The idea of ​​spring-summer season arouses in Art ID of desires to take the air. On the occasion of the 13th Exhibition of Creators, we enjoy the spring to develop a theme "Outdoor". Always on the premises of the pier, this edition will be synonymous with "vitamin ID" to decorate his garden, to dress light, discover materials suitable for outdoor, organic fashion, eco-friendly concepts etc.. Come soak up the sun and make a shopping season, prepare for the spring and summer occasions: celebrations of mothers and fathers, communions, weddings etc..