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02–05 vas. 2023
Bisutex will once again present its extensive exhibition of fashion items with the most innovative ideas and collections for Spring-Summer 2012. This completely up-to-date exhibition will enable professionals to gain a comprehensive overview of the latest cutting-edge trends. Design, innovation and quality are the concepts that most successfully define the BISUTEX exhibition, endowing the fair with a competitive image that has progressively enhanced its positioning on the European circuit, where this event is considered to be one of the leading forums for information and an indispensable date in the diaries of an increasing number of buyers. The participation of the leading manufacturers and brands in Spain, together with a number of renowned firms from the international scene, guarantee the presentation of a dynamic and original event at each edition, one packed with new features and developments.   The exhibition presented at this fair is completed by the Archi Section, featuring a selection of high-range ideas from different brands. These products are shown in a special area, one that also prescribes the latest trends.
02–05 vas. 2023
IBERJOYA will present a comprehensive exhibition committed to the idea of fashion, one that maintains a perfect balance between mass-consumer collections and exclusive items, as well as offering pieces made of innovative materials and designs that offer an alternative option within an ever-changing market. The fair will also present the latest new developments in silverware items, not to mention multiple solutions and services from related industries that can be applied to the jewellery industry. All this within a setting designed to promote trade contacts and the exchange of information, based on a forum where professionals can discover the latest jewellery collections and try out their latest products in the most secure environment possible
02–05 vas. 2023
INTERGIFT has established itself as one of the most outstanding trade events on the European circuit, thanks to the high stature of the participating companies and a high-quality exhibition that is always innovative. An extensive range of ideas and product lines based on an integral presentational approach designed to promote sales and disseminate new trends, both in the halls devoted to home decoration - Ambience, Textiles, Decorative Items, Tableware and Home Furnishings -, and in the sections devoted to Fantasy Items, Travel Items, Leather Goods and Miscellaneous Gifts.   
21–23 vas. 2023
GENERA 2012, the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, confirm as the benchmark platform for the renewable energies and energy efficiency sector. The 15th edition of the trade show will be held between 23 and 25 May in Feria de Madrid and will, once again, be the main meeting and business point with regard to the sector The different and numerous TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS, organized by the industry's main organizations and companies, will offer a very broad vision of the current situation of the different fields making up the renewable energies and energy efficiency sector. Furthermore, the GENERA FORUM will be again the space chosen by companies to explain their innovations and services. We might also mention THE INNOVATION GALLERY, a showcase for R&D&i, forming a broad range of the most cutting edge proposals in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection
22–26 vas. 2023
With the collaboration of the Mondriaan Fund and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Spain, ARCOmadrid hosts a representation of Dutch art organisations convened by the Barcelona-based curatorial office Latitudes. The Dutch Assembly is an accumulation of thirty hourly talks, readings, artists presentations, performances, book launches, conversations and screenings throughout the five days of ARCOmadrid which take place within a specially-commissioned spiral "Superstructure" by artist Jasper Niens and designer Thijs Ewalts. As well as featuring the most important Dutch contemporary art venues and exhibition spaces, the events include those led by artists, commissioning agencies, academies, research programmes, and magazines and form a series of ‘depositions' highlighting the exemplary work being done in the Netherlands. The Dutch Assembly seeks to address cultural practice in a rapidly-changing economic and political climate from the Dutch perspective in an international context as well as reflecting on the artistic links between Spain and the Netherlands. Participants include: De Appel arts centre, Amsterdam; Marres, Maastricht; Museum De Paviljoens, Almere; Wendelien van Oldenborgh, artist; If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam; Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam; TENT, Rotterdam; Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte (SKOR), Amsterdam; BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht; De Ateliers, Amsterdam; Jeremiah Day, artist; and many others.
05–06 kov. 2023
Welcome to the 7th annual Advances in Microarray Technology (AMT) conference where you will hear about the latest developments and applications in the rapidly expanding field of microarrays.This year's event will be held in the historic city of Hamburg.The conference will be part of the European Lab Automation event. Registered delegates will have access to up to ten conference tracks ensuring a very cost-effective trip.
14–16 kov. 2023
EUROPEAN PHARMACEUTICAL AND PARAPHARMACEUTICAL CONGRESS AND TRADE EXHIBITION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
15–17 kov. 2023
Now more than ever, PROPET is an efficient tool designed to make profits for participants and energise the pet industry. After the success of the last edition, which welcomed 12,569 visitors and 239 exhibitors, PROPET is still evolving into the key event for the entire sector in Spain. PROPET is a trade fair concept tailor-made to satisfy the industry's needs. It is the ideal venue to: Promote products and servicesReinforce and renew business contactsStrengthen client relationsLearn about the latest scientific innovations
18–26 kov. 2023
ALMONEDA, Antiques, Art Galleries and Collectors, will bring together the largest and most comprehensive range of objects with history, and at least 50 years old, during the celebration of the twenty-second edition. Around 130 galleries, antique shops and auctions, from all the Spanish provinces and neighboring countries, more than 25,000 objects displayed genuine and unique. ALMONEDA, a space must for those interested in unique and unusual pieces, collecting affordable art and antiques. About 5,000 square meters of exhibition to enjoy antiques with over 50 years, plus furniture and original author of the 60 and 70, collectibles, archeology, silver, jewelry Elizabethan, watches, crystal, dolls, clothing and jewelery vintage shawls, canes, rugs, lamps, tribal art or books ... Unique pieces of the past, full of history, memories and contrasts, which adds an interesting proposal of painting and sculpture by contemporary artists. With all this, is an interesting proposal ALMONEDA cultural interest.
21–23 kov. 2023
The next edition of RES-INTERAZAR be held in Madrid on 28, 29 and March 30, 2012, dates that are already in the Official Calendar 2012 IFEMA Trade Fair. The decision was taken after consultation with exhibitors from the last edition, this time by being more in line with the international fairs of the game's most prestigious worldwide. The success of the first thirty years and the substantial increase in global reference foreign exhibitors were recommended this change, which also result in better marketing of exhibits, as had been advised by many members of Facomare.
22–26 kov. 2023
Official organisations related to the education and employment of students not only at a national level but at regional and local levels will participate in the fair.  International Schools for High and Professional Education. Public and Private Universities Non-University Graduate Programmes and Middle and High Grade Training Courses Business Schools Masters and Graduate Studies Programmes Foreign Language Schools and International Study Abroad opportunities Learning Organisations Student Services and press and mediaspecialized in the educational Training First time employment  
23–26 kov. 2023
The hunting Convention, VENATORIA SUBARU & FITAC is an exhibition oriented to offer quality, as the Madrid’s Convention Center has, as soon as the hunting season is over. Usually is inaugurated by a member of the Spanish Royal Family, or by a minister of the government. In addition other personalities of the business world, banking, and big corporations attend, along with the most well known hunters in Europe.The show, which has been growing year after year, has over 15.000 visitors, and presents the whole range of hunting activities and products: Companies that offer hunts in all parts of the world, all wheel drive vehicles, artists, sculptors, and painters; all the different kinds of fine guns from Spain, Austria, or from England, leather goods, specialized book shops, jewelry, taxidermists, etc. We would like to point out the different institutions represented, like the International Counsel for Hunting and Conservation (C.I.C.), the Safari Club International (S.C.I.), the Spanish Hunting Federation, the Spanish Association of Hunting Producers (APROCA), the Environment Agencies from the different regions, the National Taxidermists Association (ANTAX) among others.
25–26 bal. 2023
For the sixth year in a row, we organize OMExpo Madrid, the leading trade fair&congress for digital marketing and online business in Spain.  The ideal space for networking, with 100 exhibitors and 6.000 professional attendants. FREE CONGRESS with 4 conference rooms for 900 attendants. With the participation of more than 80 national and international referees.
18–20 geg. 2023
The International Franchising Trade Fair, EXPOFRANQUICIA, has been awarded the category of "UFI event" by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. This is one of the most prestigious categories within the international trade fair circuit, as it is associated with excellence and is recognition that the trade fair is experiencing growing international projection. EXPOFRANQUICIA gives support to the sector in its focus on the global market.The increase in the number of Spanish flags with presence in other countries has risen from 234 to 242, a 3.4% increase.The 112 host countries with Spanish concepts currently have 11,178 establishments, which represents a significant increase with respect to figures from the previous year. This trend favours the continuity of the Spanish franchise in international markets. EXPOFRANQUICIA will contribute to this development with its contribution to The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
25–28 geg. 2023
SIMA 2012, from 19 to 22 April is an indispensable tool for generating sales and qualified trade contacts. By participating in SIMA, promoters, agencies and related-services enterprises have the chance to access high levels of demand from tens of thousands of visitors interested in a first or second home either for their own enjoyment or as an investment option. Do not let your company get left out of the action at the top event in the real estate market. If you want sales, this is the place for you. This is your trade fair.
25–26 geg. 2023
The Government of the Comunidad de Madrid presents this show that has the dual purpose of providing solutions to companies in selecting technical expertise, and also put in Vocational Education to the fore as more suited to market needs working. In keeping with these priorities, the Department for Education and Employment is firmly committed to this project. This time the fair is co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Programme 2007-2013 European Social Fund, Axis 2, priority 66: implementation of active and preventive labor market. The VII Fair Employment Training Community of Madrid will be held on 14 and March 15 in Hall 2 of the Madrid Trade Fair in Campo de las Naciones. This fair is home to companies and organizations from various economic sectors for two days, mainly to promote employment and business cooperation in vocational training. Do not forget to bring several copies of your resume for companies that interest you! The fair is not reduced only to stand face, but also organize company presentations, information days with human resources managers, seminars ... Upon arrival, go to the information desk and ask our volunteers to give you a company official guide of the Fair, where you will find all information of companies and entities. And do not forget to leave your CV via this website. All participating companies will have access to your profile and contact you
26 geg. — 04 birž. 2023
Between 15 and 24 June 2012, the 16th edition of the Used Car, organized by IFEMA and promoted GANVAM, become wards 1, 3 and 5 of the Feria de Madrid in the best place to buy an employee's all guarantees. The data confirm the latest edition gives the public confidence that the Hall VO and its importance as reference platform for the industry and, in the call 2011, one of every 22 visitors you purchased your vehicle in the Hall: In total, 2,065 cars reached a turnover of almost 41 million euros. The presence at a trade show can bring important benefits to a company, however, the success of participation depends on the preparation you have made. Through this simple scheme, we propose, in a very general statements, the steps that must be addressed. In this sense, the Feria de Madrid, through the support they provide their sales teams, and its Portfolio of Services, offers the ideal framework to facilitate their participation in our events.
01–02 lapkr. 2023
Pulire España 2010 is to take place in the prestigious Parque Ferial de Ifema in Madrid, from 23 to 25 March, during which time the exhibition will be flanked by workshops, seminars and meetings on current issues of great importance for the sector, presented by qualified speakers and by the most representative sector associations. Pulire España has once more consolidated its role as reference trade fair for the Spanish Professional Cleaning market. Figures from the 2008 edition are clear indicators of the event success and of the growing importance it has acquired since its onset in 2002. With an 8.9% increase in visitors and a 20% increase in exhibitors, Pulire España remains an extremely important event for all Professional Cleaning operators and users, bringing together all the main sectors of the Professional Cleaning industry.
27 vas. — 01 kov. 2024
Security against Intrusion, Robbery & AggressionFire Prevention, Detection & ExtinctionSicur Prolabor, Safety & Hygiene at WorkTraffic & Transport SecurityNatural Risks ControlNuclear SafetyComputer SecuritySecurity against TerrorismEmergenciesInsurance in Safety & SecurityAssociations & Organisations
14–16 kov. 2024
The best “Supply” represented by the manufacturers, exporters and distributors of dental products, equipment and services, and the “Demand”, made up of professionals who are anxious to discover the latest innovations, products and new technologies, assemble in a perfect setting.  EXPODENTAL seeks highly profitable results for all of its participants.
01–02 bal. 2024
Last March, Messe Frankfurt and Ifema signed an agreement that would reposition the event. Motortec Automechanika Ibérica will henceforth be part of the International Automechanika brand under the umbrella of the world's leading aftermarket sector trade fair brand, with a global network of 52 partners, in 150 countries and with an international promotional calendar differentiated by markets. This strategy will be extremely effective for attracting big international groups and buyers to Motortec Automechanika Ibérica The Iberian Market offers significant competitive and differential advantages for the Aftermarket sector. Together we will be able to show the sector these advantages and the strength and dynamism of the sector in Spain, Portugal, neighbouring countries and the Latin American Market; in short, the Iberian Market. We have a group of professional staff ready to help and advise you before, during and after the Trade Fair. Personal service to make sure everything goes smoothly and to organise your presence at the event, helping you to achieve everything you have set out to do at the trade fair and ensuring the whole experience is a real success. The organisation of Motortec Automechanika Ibérica is deeply grateful for the commitment you have all shown to this new project.
12–14 bal. 2024
The most powerful tool to get to know all the lates news in the field.LensesFramesSun glassesOptical instrumentsRaw materialsOptic shop equipmentFurnitureMachinerySpectacle casesAccessoriesPublications
11–14 birž. 2024
TECMA, the International Town-Planning and Environment Exhibition, represents a unique opportunity of getting to know first hand the products and services offered by the environmental industry, from the well established to the newest.The events and technical conferences taking place simultaneously in the business convention are a perfect complement in order to obtain information, get to know new trends and adapt to the future requirements of a market place that is constantly changing and is very demanding.All of this will be complemented by the staging of SRR, the Second Recycling and Recovery Trade Show, an event promoted by the Spanish Recovery Federation (FER) and the Spanish Automobile Scrappage and Recycling Association (AEDRA), which will take place within the framework of TECMA. Based on the success of its last edition, SRR will bring together an entire range of machinery and technological services for the decontamination, recovery, fragmentation, recycling and reuse of all kinds of waste, as well as presenting various environmental consultants and other activities relating to this business sector.